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My name is Gabby! and im from the New york. I'm 21 years old! my birthday is on may 12. i'm also a full fledge band geek being able to play instruments from Trombone to flutes to drums! i love music! its my life. no matter what my mood is you'll always find me with my ipod on me. i'm a parawhore. im a caring and loving person. my friends and family mean the world to me! Without them i wouldn't be who i am today. i love to read! some of my favorite series are twilight (DUH!!), harry potter, gossip girl, and many more. i'm Team Edward. My favorite shows are gossip girl, Instant star, 90210, supernatural, Family guy, Mind of Mencia, South Park, Degrassi, and anything else thats instresting.

I started Writing Fanfictions when I was in 8th grade. I started out with instant star Fanfictions. I'm currently writing two Twilight Fanfictions.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: I have deleted the 3 stories that I had originally published. The reason for this is because not only have I not been on this site for a while but because as I was re-reading them I realized that I wanted to re-write them. I will publish them again at a later date. I have many stories and ideas in my head and I hope to be able to get them all written out at some point. I will publish one other story which I have been working on hopefully soon. Updates for my stories may not be regular once posted because of school. But please bare with me and I hope not to disappoint.*

WHAT I LEARNED FROM INSTANT STAR (boy do i miss that show):

• You can't defeat Psycho Barbie by throwing her into the pool
• Don't mess with Sadie
• You can't replace Spiederman
• Rules are meant to be broken
• Birthdays aren't always a good thing
• If you are going to jump into a pool from someone's roof, make sure there is a pool
• I'm not the only person who obsesses over their sandwiches
• Not everyone loves how they look on camera
• Don't let guys with markers near your butt
• If you're wearing the necklace, it can't see you
• Just because a booth is soundproof, doesn't mean someone won't find out what you said
• Divas have feelings too
• There will always be someone there for you
• Always double check the dress code of the party
• You can find paradise in the most unlikely places
• It's ok to wear shoes that don't match
• A good backup band is pretty much your own personal team of superheroes
• Cat fights are not advisable when you're wearing a wig
• Check everywhere for a missing earring before dismantling the toilet
• Everything happens for a reason
• Wear mud safe clothes when hanging out with the guys
• When it comes to kissing, anything over five seconds is mutual.
• A show can never have too many blatant Beatles references.
• Picking one's nose with a drumstick can be incredibly sexy.
• With a good imagination, saltine crackers can become bacon cheeseburgers.
• A first kiss isn't a physical thing, it's emotional.
• If you build it, babes will come.
• Pop-tarts are the food of the gods.
• If someone's last name is "Sewer", things are going to end badly
• The protagonist is ALWAYS right. Unless, of course, she does something that actually makes sense.
• The perfect man isn't always the perfect boyfriend.
• Don't Believe every person that says there friends with tommy Q
• Tattoos can randomly disappear.
• In Canada, they chug maple syrup instead of beer.
• In Canada, students graduate during the middle of winter. Actually, there is absolutely no concept of space or time.
• Don't ever cut your guy's brakes. Someone just might die!
• Revenge is the best revenge.
• Never befriend a fan. Otherwise you'll end up being blackmailed for 50,000.
• Rappers aren't all blingity bling. They are capable of doing advanced calculus.
• Singing a cover song is apparently a really bad thing.
• It is possible to dye your own hair on 67 hours of no sleep.
• Beer makes your hair softer.
• Bad things come in three's.
• If your best friend is hanging out from your window...let go.
• Never befriend a fan. Otherwise you'll end up chained in a basement with a staple gun in your face.
• If your guy disappears with no explanation and then returns with a child, don't assume it's his and then trash your own dress room. Come on. Grow up.
• It is possible to be failing music class while recording your sophomore album.
• There are things funnier than squirrels on water skis.
• Kettle drums are bad, very very bad.
• If you're about to die, make sure there's someone around to fix your eyeliner.
• Meat night rules all.
• Getting married solely for the rock-climbing wall is perfectly acceptable.
• Don't be the first one to enter a building if a black cat crosses your path
• Chutney is a tasty pickle jelly
• Chicken-jackass exists outside of Canada as well
• Every kiss means something...kinda.
• Standing on one's head to record a song is a part of the creative process and helps oxygenate the brain.
• Somehow other people end up with the exact jewelry/pins you had a few years ago
• You can't runaway and hide in Mason's guitar case
• It's not a legit singing contest without space prostitutes
• It's ok to be a closet boyz attacker
• It's possible to be a best man who's woman
• Forget the boyfriend, give me a killer backup band anyday
• Poker involves actual math
• When restaurants close for you because you're famous, you left normal eating your dust
• You can't be a rockstar and have a normal life
• It's possible to have over 100 boxes of manjello max hold hair gel
• Your back-up band should always make you a little cooler.
• If life is a journey, the real question isn't where you're going... it's who's coming with you
• When planning a surprise birthday party, it might help to ensure that the guest of honor will actually be there.
• Jello wrestling is best done with green jello in a kiddy pool
• It's possible to get 6 as a final grade in math
• Guitar gods think oboes are for losers
• Don't smash a stolen guitar
• Throwing eggs at a hot guy's wife will not make the hot guy like you
• Unnecessary drama can be avoided if you just keep your cell phone with you
• Recording a bootleg isn't complete without a naked mannequin
• There is a patch for model addiction
• Leopard print thongs deafen casting directors
• Sleep is a good thing
• Pancakes make any day better
• Don't be mad, be merciless
• Not every kiss counts
• Never prank someone known as the prank king
• Don't let your lead singer find out you're playing a gig without them
• Thunder Cats pajamas are cooler than Ninja Turtle pajamas
• No matter what happens, don't stop playing
• It's freaky when people dress like their dogs
• Being afraid of rubber gloves isn't weird
• Watch your shoes around drunk people
• Some guys even look hot in lingerie
• Don't use your friends to make good TV
• Never ask anyone else's permission to like your own song.
• Staple guns are good inspiration.
• If you use the word "sexmergency" when trying to seduce your boyfriend, it's gonna kill the mood.
• Speid hates losing
• White jumpsuits and bandannas can be hot if worn properly
• You may end up dating that kid who you made fun of in kindergarten for eating paste
• One man can never have too many cars
• Never let Jude Harrison drive your viper
• Karma really is a bitch
• Take all the guys in the world and genetically modify them...they'll all still be dogs
• Stay away from the nachos at school dances. They could possibly give you dysentary.
• Hey what happens on tour...doesn't stay on tour.
• Freedom is better than sex.
• Some of us really do go to our graves with our music still inside of us.
• A girl really can't have it all
• I now know the sound of badgers mating.
• Tommy doesn't skip work on bad hair days. In fact, he doesn't have them.
• Saxophones are due for a comeback. From hell.
• Kwest can identify perfume. And coordinate blush and lipstick.
• Rock gods live in storage units.
• The "quicksand" hates onions.
• Guilt is for the little people.
• Unexpected apology flowers from your ex are sometimes set-ups made by crazy psychos out to get your ex.
• When you emcee a party, watch out for people who randomly grab the mic from you.
• Lost puppy dogs turn into full-on stallions. Seriously.
• Herding goats and waiting tables are just as awesome as making music.
• Sleep deprivation may cause your hair to become blond
• Singing isn't genetic
• Don't let the headmistress catch you
• You can moon people out the window of your tour bus with your pants on
• Backup bands are really into Jell-O
• When you've lost everything, play with legos!
• Don't take dares with SME boys
• A new word..sexmergency
• Don't miss your girlfriend's fashion show
• Don't play guitar while driving
• You can't get over the girl you like by dating her sister...Although you can get over the guy you like by dating his best friend.
• Always knock before entering, even if it is your own house
• Don't cheat on Portia
• During discussions in Jude's basement, you go around and around...
• When confessing your love on national television...don't jump on couches.
• When you get a rapper learn how to dance.
• You can still get an F on a music test and be a rockstar
• When looking out for your friend, its always good to hold them hostage
• Face your fears head on
• When you're bleeding always consider if its enough to fill a bucket
• Every question you have in life can be answered by Joey Ramone lyrics.
• Serenading your producer on your birthday is probably not the best idea
• Tommytown and Jamieville exist
• Don't leave Portia. She'll slash your brakes.
• There may be hidden police reports under gold records.
• Posting drunk pictures of yourself can lead to press conferences where your virginity is questioned.
• Japan LOVES Tommy Q.
• Staple guns are great interrogation tools.
• Canada has a black hole that television characters often fall into
• Space prostitutes wear blonde wigs
• It's not weird to be known for your jewelry
• Chinese restaurants don't serve squeegee kids
• Tubas are not cool
• Musicians age is measured in dog years times 5
• Kissing someone and then saying it doesn't count is lip abuse
• Sixteen isn't always sweet
• Hell is a dry heat
• Sometimes, things sound better in your head
• Wally and Kyle were made to make supermodels cry
• Red licorice is an addictive substance
• When being honnered for an award, make sure the company's name that awarding you, doesn't spell out your hair style.
• never go all in on the first hand
• Well documented breakup rule: all nonessential purchases made during the relationship transfer to the girl...unless the purchase falls under the category of cool rock 'n' roll paraphernalia
• Chunky necklaces are so Cameron Diaz 2004.
• Nothing says legitimate singing contest like space prostitutes.
• Doing it alone in the alley is the first sign of addiction.
• Drummers don't speak with words.
• Fame is like a drug: one taste and you're hooked.
• Speed must have been scrambled to marry her.
• When the dealer is referring to chips, he's not offering you a snack pack.
• Breaking up with your girlfriend who died shortly after is like breaking up times a thousand for eternity.
• Patsy's ghost going around and giving supernatural wedgies is not a laughing matter.
• There's a 90 bounty on Spiederman's head.
• A solo demo is indeed recorded by yourself.
• When someone gets their wisdom teeth taken out, they tend to look much less smart. And more puffy.
• Even if they're sisters, a boy can still dream.
• After you strike it rich, you can outfit your boys the finest jumpsuits money can buy.
• Confidence is like the best bra you've ever had
• Latex gloves are scary
• Before you get caught up in your work, keep in mind your friend's feelings.
• Check the map before you make a wrong turn
• Don't hike in flip flops
• Don't freeze up during a radio interview
• Don't engage in a cat fight near a pool
• Insulting your best friend's song is a bad idea
• Make sure your car is up to it before driving long distances
• Don't spend all your sister's money and then let her believe mom took it
• Travel agents are sluts
• Opposites do attract.
• Some people actually believe that "acoustics" is the name of the studio.
• Don't make people mad, they could write a kickass song about you.
• Don't sneak into Tommy's recording room at night without his permission.
• Don't ask people who are going to London to launch mega rock careers to marry you.
• Don't trust Instant Star Sisterhood.
• Don't spray paint people you hate's billboards.
• Sometimes you can be so seventeen.
• It's ok to be a Tommyholic.
• It's possible to have too many hot guys on one TV show
• It's ok to be a closet Boyzattacker
• The phrase "Go to Hell" counts as advice
• Females have a secret language that consists of things like "ratta tat tat"
• If you start getting-it-on on a couch, you will be caught by Jude
• Find your inner Sid Vicious
• Always do what the girl with the staple gun says
• Darius is not down for getting calls while he's at the dojo, but for certain special occasions, he's ok with it.
• Don't do something for the wrong reason
• Make sure you check your clothing for lost jewelry before you assume its in the toilet.
• If you are intoxicated, someone you trust is around to save you.
• Stand up for what you believe in
• Don't tell someone you hardly know where your house key is.
• Fame can make you or break you
• Simple things are the best, don't over-do it.
• That sometimes you have to play ball. You have to do certain things you don't want to in order to get closer to your goal.
• Don't let anyone tell how to like your own music. Or the music you listen to. Don't let anyone control your taste in music basically. but this can be used in many different ways. Don't let anyone tell you how to think.
• Bad things are going to happen, but you have to keep moving forward.
• Fame is a lot like high school, but with better clothes and skankier chicks.
• One can go from musical Gandolf to Aragorn in a span of 4 years.
• Taking a fish out of the tank in a Japanese restaurant counts as take-out sushi.
• To excuse the leaked pictures of drunken you that you then posted on your own website to foil your blackmailer, quote Kurt Cobain.
• Getting kidnapped/almost murdered boosts album sales.
• You can get dysentery from a school function.
• Hankering is the coolest word in the world.
• Don't let the dinks get you down.
• Your birthday sets the tone for the entire year.
•If you have boyfriend,you have his signed photo.


"Yeah... gotta start
lookin at the hand of the time we've been given here
this is all we got and we gotta start pickin it
every second counts on a clock that's tickin'
gotta live like we're dying

We only got
86 400 seconds in a day to
turn it all around or throw it all away
we gotta tell 'em that we love 'em
while we got the chance to say
gotta live like we're dying"

"I'm the girl with the worst attention span"

"Like romeo and juliet, families can't divide us"

-The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

-Everybody wants to go to heaven; but nobody wants to die.

-A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.

-"Marriage is give and take. You'd better give it to her or she'll take it anyway." - Joey Adams

-If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

-Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

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