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Hi. This is Sorina DiMai and Wuh McBuh aka Maria and Melanie. We're twins. Seeing as we spend most of our lives coming up with weird hopefully FanFic worthy scenarios anyways, we thought we could give writing them down a shot. Yea...! We're going to try our hands at some Twilight stories (as if the site needs anymore) and just SDM is going to attempt a weird vampire Robin Hood story. Our stories will include a couple crossovers such as Star Trek TNG and probably a Voyager too. We are planning on writing another story involving the Cullen's "sickness."

By the way we have OCRP sickness. (Obsessive compulsive role playing) But no one else knows what we're talking about most of the time. Twin telepathy. Tis great! We seriously have conversations just by looking at each other. Now for some random words. Catfish. Buffalo Snowcones. Losing Streak. Geonosian. Pudding. Fromage. MOW. We promise they will all be explained at sometime.

Wuh McBuh
I'm super bored, so I gonna tell you peoples about myself. (Not that you care, but like i said, I'm bored.)
Favorite colors- purple and black
Favorite books- The Twilight Series of course, Harry Potter, anything I've read by Ted DekKer (Skin, Obsessed, Thr3e, Black, Red, White, etc), Star Wars and Star Trek books, The Princess and the Goblin, the list goes on and on...
Favorite TV Shows- I don't watch TV much anymore, not since I discovered Fanfiction, but I like Psych, Monk, In Plain Sight, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, NCIS, Avatar, game shows, Judge Judy, Cops, Primeval, all the Star Trek series, and most cartoons. I despise the Wonder Pets. One can only take so much of their mother saying, "This is serwious" in that voice before they go insane.
Favorite Movies- Twilight (though it could have been a whole lot better), Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lost Boys, Titanic, Spaceballs, Mulan, Bambi, Disney cartoon movies in general. I Hate High School Musical. The Stupidest movie ever. I wrote a parody poem to We're All in This Together for English last year called We're All Gonna Die Together. (Killing them is so much fun.) I've been debating posting it. Probably will.
Favorite Music- Pretty much only country (except Carrie Underwood BLEH!) though it has gone down hill in the past couple of years sadly. The nineties were the best, along with the sixities. (Still talking country there.) There are a few exceptions I like, the Twilight and Lost Boys soundtracks, Celine Dion, Josh Groban, FFH, Over Occupation by Renfey, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Kryptonite, a few others maybe. My favorite song of all time is Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss. I wrote a Twilight fic to it, you should check it out, possibly review it...(Hint hint, wink wink, bleh bleh , rantk rantk, duhn duhn) I have a strange fascination with cheatin' songs.
Favorite Candy- Twerps, though they stopped making them. How could they do this to me??
Favorite Soda-
I love the Jones Sodas. All so tasty. But Coke is still the best.
I am Team Virgo. Us crazy Virgos are so much cooler than vampires or werewolves.
Siblings- Sorina, my twin, is my only sibling as far as I'm concerned.

Personality wise, I am shy, quiet, self-concious about my writing (In fact, no one I know in real life has read these.) I have a temper that I'm not allowed to express, an overabundance of sarcasm, and an annoying laugh that can often be found echoing through the house because of something only Sorina and I would find funny. I like writing poems, but mine are nowhere as good as Sorina's. Actually, she's better than me at everything. I'm in my school's marching band. I play the flute. I'm not a prep like most of the flute players I know. If I were to be labeled, it would be Weirdo or Geek.

Geuss what?! I've figured something out! This is also a semi-formal apology for my non-existant updates. When the sixth Harry potter movie came out, Twilight got replaced at the forefront of my mind by Harry Potter. I've written some unposted HP stuff. And I'm not gonna post it as of now because as soon as I see the New Moon movie in a couple of weeks, my mind will be back on Twilight. And Bloodied Halo and VHS will be receiving updates some time in the next few weeks. Hopefully...

My Stories
I wrote There Goes My Everything and Whiskey Lullaby.
The idea for Bloodied Halo is mine, though Soprina is helping me with the fluff.
VHS is going to be all mine, since I had it planned out completely before hand.
We wrote Sickness de la Cullen and A Cullen Truth or Dareness Type Dealio together.
Two Crimes...I know what's going to happen, but I have a really hard time writing it. Sorina is doing the Alice POV chapters.

So that's me. I'm shutting up now. Not that that's a difficult thing to do. i don't talk much. 'Cept here. But i don't think you people will make fun of me.

Sorina DiMai

I co-wrote Sickness and Truth or Dare with Wuh. I've been writing Luna and Draco fics now. I hope to finish them. Eventually. It's going very slow.

I am writing the Robin Hood story, but it probably won't be up for... years... The characterization Wuh has given me leaves something to be desired. I play the oboe. And the clarinet. And the piano. Well, flute music on the piano. I love my sister; she is my favorite person in the world. My favorite real person at least. Wuh- Help! She's hugging me! She's molesting my thoughts! She's nuttier than a fruitcake. Which i never did get because fruitcakes should have fruit in them. Speaking of fruitcake, Fruitcake by Jimmy Buffet is very interesting. Particularly the music video, which has dancing fruitcakes.

Dream Flashback. Holes in the driveway lead to a toxic waste dump. Where there is a hideout. My sister is there; she has purple hair. Over the toxic hill is the line of shops with the barber shop at the end. And then there's a big flash of... glasses? Then I wake up. Now wasn't that interesting?

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