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I was in middle school when I watched The Adventures of Sinbad. When I saw the preview of the show, I was first, why bother watching this, it is probably another version of Hercules and Xena. But after finally watching the actual episode, I said, hey this is nothing like Hercules and Xena, except by the fact that all the shows had a comical bad guy. For Xena and Hercules, it was Ares. For Sinbad, it was Rumina.

Anyway, I liked the relationship/battering between Maeve and Sinbad. But what really drove me to the show was Maeve. She was different. She was strong, independent, and did not take the crap from men. And she actually fought back. That was ammusing. She was everything I like in a woman.

Also, I was interested in the fact that she had a mission. Don't worry, I don't have a brother and my sister is fine, or at least I hope so. But, to tell you the truth, I am disabled. I nearly died at the age of six. I had a vision from god that he wants me to do something for the world. Thus, he gave my life back. I was literally dead, my heart stopped, for about a minute. Therefore, I say I have a mission (to save the world), and whenever I loose hope, I look to Maeve for support. It just so happened that the show came on when I was regaining my mobility (I was totally paralyzed). I regained the ability to walk at that time, although I still fell here and there. I looked at Maeve, her mission, and said "hey, I may not become an athlete, but I can become exactly like her. I can follow her footsteps." From there, I observed how she walked and her fighting style, and virually tried to mimic her moves. I learned her expressions, how she talked. Thus, Maeve provided me both physical and emotional support, and she still does. She was like a second mother to me.

Some people say Maeve was hot, but sorry I think Rumina was hotter. Sorry Jacqueline Collen.

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