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First, never underestimate the power of a well placed expletive. I have to agree with Little Miss Whitlock that you can never have enough victory fist pumps! I intend to use them often for her and all of your enjoyment! :)

Second, I have not written anything on here yet. I have a lot of ideas and just need to find the time to actually start writing instead of reading. Confession: I also have to figure out how to tear myself away from a certain Fic called Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003 so that I can actually write my own Fics! To be honest, I started a little smidge of my first fic.

Third, I forever love my soon to be beta, fantastic writer I beta for, and most importantly, my best friend Little Miss Whitlock.

Finally, and possibly most important, a unicorn from Edward Cullen is MY dream come true.

~I wish there was never a time, but I suppose now I have to be serious.~

I'm a recently turned 22 year old living in Florida. I've lived here my entire life, minus the first 3 months of my existence when I was born and lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia - but let's be real, like I even remember that portion of my life, right?! I honestly love it here and can imagine living somewhere else, but I doubt I will actually do that. Though, you never know where life will take you! I have traveled to quite a few places and absolutely LOVED them all, but my most favorites were Las Vegas, Southern California, and New York City. However, I have never traveled outside of the Continental United States, which I find silly because the Bahamas are like right there! One day I would be ecstatic to live in a grimy studio apartment in the middle of NYC just for one year, enough to see all the real seasons. I am just now (in May) getting my Associates Degree, and I'm not a slacker I just had a kickass full time job that took time away from school. I am one of those unfortunate people who has gotten laid off, so I have recently redirected myself to finish my education. Hey, but I have more time to write stories without work getting in the way! :)

I started reading Twilight in July 2008. However, I did buy the first book in June 2008 while on vacation. I was reading something else and wanted to finish it before starting Twilight, because I have a habit of never finishing books if I start a new one. Anyway, Little Miss Whitlock was relentless in trying to get me to drop what I was currently reading and start Twilight. One late night in July on the phone she finally convinced me - she read to me a page of the book (page 362 to be exact).It was one of the subtlest yet hottest things I've ever heard, and that night I dropped what I was reading and picked up Twilight. I still haven't picked up or finished the book I was reading before it lol! Much like Little Miss Whitlock, I am one of those people who liked Breaking Dawn (even though it made both of us truly nauseous to read), and I also happened to enjoy the movie (which we saw together far too many times to count). I'm forever grateful that she deviously read me some of Twilight. They are by far my favorite books and I've never had a book series affect my emotions so drastically. Then of course you know she had to go and get me hooked on this website as well. I truly believe that my best friend does know best! ;) I also got everyone I know to read the Twilight Saga as well.

Since the Twilight series, I have been inspired to read a lot more. Believe it or not the most exciting gifts that I got for Christmas and my Birthday were books (The Host by Stephenie Meyer to be more specific), including the special edition set of the Twilight Saga with shelves and book ends for my Twilight display in my room! I know I'm a dork, but people tell me they love it. I'm also a huge fan of the Harry Potterbooks, so you see it's not just all Twilight for me! I also love music, it is my boyfriend at the moment (along with Edward Cullen in my mind). Some of my favorite musicians are Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake, Panic! At The Disco, Onerepublic, Paramore, Kate Voegele, and Muse (thank you Stephenie Meyer!). Of course my iPod is stacked, but those are my absolute faves! I have also recently become obsessed with the Kings of Leon.

Well I feel like I just wrote a novel, so I'm gonna stop now. Like I said before I haven't written anything YET, but I am being inspired by being a beta for my bestest. You know I just have to tell you to go check out stories by my friends! Little Miss Whitlock is writing a very witty story called The Right Side of Wrong and her other stories aren't anything less than amazing. As I mentioned before I am very much enjoying Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003. Hammondgirl is making me smile with Resident Advisor. AHelm's oneshot Afternoon Delight is hot and steamy in all the right places. I'm looking forward to reading Tahoe Tanglings a joint venture by hammondgirl and AHelm. Please go read them all and review!

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