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Welcome to my page. Well, I love writing as you can tell. I have written "The Next Dragon Warrior" my story of Jo for the movie Kung Fu Panda, the best animated movie eva!

As much as I love writing, my #1 dream is to make it as an actor. It's been my passion since I was young and still is.

I'm really interested in what my readers think, so review, and if you don't like reviewing send me a message.


About Me

Gender- Male
Date of Birth- August 29

Favorite songs

The Traveling Song (Alex on the Spot)- Will I. Am

Feeling good
- Michael buble

Beat it
- Michael Jackson

Money Money Money
Gimme Gimme Gimme- ABBA

Coyote- Jason Mraz

Upside Down- Paloma Faith

Down by the Water- The Decemberist

no one artist imparticular

Favorite movies

Kung fu Panda 1 & 2 (you noticed?)
Tropic Thunder
Sucker Punch
Stand By Me
Horton Hears a Who
Shark Tale
Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

I'm a HUGE Jack Black Fan!

Favorite Tv shows

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
Penguins of Madagascar
Bob's Burgers
Saturday Night Live
Project Runway
Swat Kats
World's Dumbest...

Favorite Books

The River
And Then There Were None
The Harry Potter series
The Hunger Games
Red Riding Hood (movie novelization)

Favorite Plays (yeah, I read alot of plays)
And Then There Were None
The Glass Menagerie
An Inspector Calls
Moose Murders
Other Desert Cities
Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

random stuff about me:

I’m a guy who loves hugs
I’m a little colorblind, so I can confuse deep blues with purple and light pinks with grays
I am a Theater major
I like to sculpt. I mainly do cartoons characters but have on rare occasions done real people
My favorite drink is Mr. Pibb
I collect shot glasses but I don’t drink much
I’m a Christian and proud of it.
I impress (and annoy) my friends by knowing random facts about EVERYTHING
I will pick Dreamworks over Pixars any day
I have a green belt in tae kwon do
I hold a perpetual grudge against WALL-E after it won the 2008 Oscar (and every other award) for best animation
I love writing about Friendship. It's something thats very important to me.
I have a youtube account at (again random stuff)

Some people on this site I'd like to thank.

I know I drive you crazy with my cliffhangers and I don’t review your stories as much as I know you’d like, but thank you for being so consistent with mine. You are truly an imaginative person.

You’ve probably been the best friend I’ve ever had on the site. It’s been great getting to know you. I love how you dig deep into your characters (and mine as well). You have helped me out of more problems and writers block than I can remember. And if I may say, you did a great job having both our OC's in a story.

Animation Universe 2005
We’ve had our ups and downs before but you’ve been a good friend on this site. I appreciate that you brought our OC’s together for a fanfiction. It was like pieces of us meeting together.

Kool Kat
I'm glad we became friends. I get some of the most in depth and intuitive reviews from you. You're definitely a person who makes me think, which I really like.

My O.C.

(not the tv show like I thought when I first joined this site)

Name- Jo Dakota Crevan
Age- 11-13 (depending on the story)
Animal- Badger
Appearance- Fur mostly gray except for whiter underside. A Black verticle streak over each eye (turquoise). Often wears purple or black silky pants.

Jo is sort of a loner looking for a purpose. He is plagued with the memories of bad luck in friendship and wants more than anything to be accepted. Which isn’t easy when he’s the only Badger in the Valley of Peace. He has lived with his foster parents (Foxes) since he was three. He feels slightly distant from them because of their animal difference. He writes poems which he has kept a secret as he feels it’s another thing that makes him different.

After witnessing the choosing of the Dragon Warrior, Jo is instantly impressed and officially makes Po his idol. Po is everything Jo wants to be and more. Having had a passion of kung fu before Jo is driven even more to be like Po.

When his parents tell him the Jade Palace is holding a Kung Fu training summer camp he immediately jumps at the opportunity to improve his skill and possibly have a chance to meet the Dragon Warrior in the flesh.

Name: Lucas Everette Zhangji

Appearance- Light creme-colored fur, blue robes
Having been considered Park’s lackey/friend for a while Jo is a breath of fresh air in friendship to Lucas. While initially shy Lucas opens up more in Jo’s and his friendship. He becomes Jo’s source of information on Park.

Name: Dew River Teng

Animal- Rabbit
Appearance- Light gray fur with virescent tinge, short stiff whiskers, grass-green robes
Another friend of Jo who he meets through Lucas. He is very friendly who is often the one cracking jokes. Dew is a little more outgoing than Lucas is.

Name: Park Garfniec Ciepfoe

Animal- Rabbit
Appearance- Dark gray fur, Black spot over his left eye, Slate colored robes. (Park’s character and appearance is based off a rabbit seen in “The Secrets of the Furious Five.” )
Park is one of those people who always thinks he’s in charge. If anything disrupts that he belittles it or finds a way to get rid of it. Park and Jo had a small run-in a month before camp; one that ended with Park calling Jo “Streak-face” and telling him he had no friends. They have since become rivals at the Kung Fu Camp. while Park continues to show-off his hatred toward Jo he has other plans formulating that could end up being dangerous.

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