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hi! my name is... you know what? i don't feel like telling you my name. what if your a creeper? go away!

i loooove fruits basket and Twilight!!! they were the gateway drugs to my current vampire and manga addictions.

you know your addicted to when...

you begin to shirk homework, sleep and meals so you can write a new chapter.

you consider threatening you favorite author within an inch of her life if she doesn't return from hiatus.

you are reading 3-10 stories at the same time and are beginning to get the plots mixed up.

you can fully understand fanfic speak such as OOC,lemons,and slash, and have accidently used one of the terms in your everyday speech.

you scream at the computer when you begin to get sucked into a story and the chapter ends in a clifhanger.

copy and paste if you agree and feel free to add your own quotes!

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