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Author has written 26 stories for Kim Possible, and Calvin & Hobbes.

Greetings to all in the Kimmunity, and to anyone else who may have stumbled across one of my fics. I'm a 50-plus computer geek by day and a freelance violist/tenor/conductor by night, and I'm now at six years plus here on Fanfiction dot net. And my legion of KP plot bunnies are still alive and well and nibbling away.

Last year I started and/or completed 5 stories, and 3 of them are now up for a 2014 KP Fannie Award, plus a nomination for Best Author. Booyah!

1) Beyond the Stars (nominated for Best Romance and Best Series Overall)

2) The Bride of Drewbenstein (nominated for Best Comedy)

3) Tiger by the Tail (a KP/Calvin and Hobbes fic, nominated for Best Crossover)

4) Babe Magnet

5) Man in Blue

Voting is now open through June 3, so as the saying goes, please vote early and often!

And now for this year's updates... I just finished 'So Not the Drama Too' as part of Eddy13's Senior Prom story contest, which won by default as no one else entered. Not that I'm complaining, but it's too bad that more writers weren't able to get on board with their own take on this great idea. Perhaps in the future though...

As for 'Beyond the Stars,' the fourth and newest sequel to the 'Stars' series, I'm now 15 chapters into Book 1. The story so far:

The AU Ron has discovered that tampering with his timeline, even with the best of intentions (like saving both Kim and his own AU Earth), is having some rather serious consequences. With every change he makes, something else goes wrong: a few villains have been defanged, but others have only been accelerated in their nefarious attempts to take over the planet. His attempt to jump start a romance with Kim by using his MMP to become Middleton High's star quarterback succeeded, but also made him a prime target for Bonnie and that infamous food chain of hers. But her attempt at seducing the Ronster not only just got her expelled, but will also set her on a new course for evil. And it ain't gonna be just high school evil anymore for our teal-eyed temptress. Meanwhile, back in the real universe, Kim and Shego's hot dog eating contest provided some comic relief, with the surprise winner being... well, you'll just have to read! Chapter 16 is in progress and should be up before month's end.

So besides 'Beyond the Stars' (Books 1 and 2), what else may be brewing in my devious mind? Plot bunnies are nibbling away at a 'Kim turns evil' story, as well as a Groundhog Day tale. And perhaps an AU-ish one-shot courtesy of an infinity-double-dog-dare by Sentinel103 which is still in the planning stages, 'Son of Barkin.'

And if I may toot my own horn a bit, here are a few of my past Fannie Awards: my KP/Calvin & Hobbes crossover 'Tiger by the Tail' won the 2013 KP Fannie Award for Best Short Story. And as its completion 'crossed over' into 2014, it's now up for Best Crossover this time around. Coolio!

The 2012 Fannies were extremely kind as I got the nod for Best Writer. 'Between the Stars' won for Best K/R Story, Best Action Adventure and Best Novel-Sized Story, and the whole 'Stars' series tied with levi2000a1's Monkey Tail series for Best Series. Another booyah!

For the 2011 Fannies, I was nominated for Best Author, Best Original Character Name and Best Villain (Dr. Maestro in 'The Malevolent Dr. Maestro'), and got the nod for Best Villain. I may bring the mad musical Doctor back at some point, depending on which plot bunny is gnawing the most at that particular moment, and if the story can finally break the 100th review mark. (Takers, anyone?)

For the 2010 Fannies, 'Airliner!' shared the win for Best Comedy with JA of JAKT. Pretty badical since my entire output for 2010 was a whopping 3 stories. Sadly, JAKT has gone professional and needed to take down their stories, which is a great loss to us all, but I wish them both the very best of luck.

So, what got me started on Kim Possible in the first place? I started watching KP during its 4th season, and got hooked immediately on its smart writing, clever humor, and great parodies. It struck me at first as kind of a cross between a cleaned-up version of James Bond and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And since it was a Disney creation, I was given papal dispensation by my wife to watch it. Okay, so it had high school cheerleaders with bare midriffs, and then there’s that whole subtext issue. And Shego. But I soon fell in love with many of the stories and characters, both heroes and villains. But then the series ended, and I slipped back into my previous manic-depressive state, being forced to get my KP fix on the Disney Channel's 2 am reruns.

Then I discovered, and my fate was sealed.

I began enjoying brand-new tales about one of the greatest cartoon series ever. Now, freed of the boundaries that Disney and network TV had to operate under, the sky was the limit. Kim and Ron's developing relationship both past/present/future, clever what-if and AU stories, wonderfully developed minor characters, and oh my, all those alt pairings. It was heaven. Then I thought, hey, why not stop the lurking and jump in with some ideas and stories of my own? And the rest, as they say, is history.

So what do I do in my spare time? I'm busy by day with computer work at a large insurance brokerage, and by night I’m a free-lance conductor, tenor and violist, and a part-time Christian university conducting instructor, which might explain the inspiration for my first musical villain, Dr. Maestro. Which brings me to my moniker, Mahler Avatar.

Based on my favorite symphonic composer, Gustav Mahler, he’s known for his long, expressive symphonies, reaching the heights and plumbing the depths of human experience (not unlike many of our KP authors). Many of his detractors would simply say overblown and incredibly manic-depressive, but those critics have now been exiled to Cabin 13 at Camp Wannaweep where they're currently being subjected to Dr. Maestro's Mahlerinator, along with Bobo the chimp. So don't say I didn't warn you.

Besides my musical obsessions, I’m also a military history buff (especially World War II), so I may try an AU story along those lines in the future. I also enjoy classic science-fiction short stories, the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series, Babylon 5, Star Wars/Star Trek in any of their permutations, and moonlit walks on the beach. And Shego.

So keep readin', writin' and reviewin' as we all keep the spirit of Kim Possible alive and well.

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