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Author has written 10 stories for One Tree Hill, ER, and Twilight.

A little update- 2/08/10. Coming up to summer soon, which means five full weeks to have time- finally- to add to my stories. Maybe some will come to an end? I don't know whether it will be wise seeing as after the five weeks are up I will have no idea when I will next be able to update.

Two weeks left, In uni/ work. This Thursday is deadline day for 3000 wrd essay- this is what it has been like all year, sob-.

Personal update, second drafting my own vampire novel. Hopefully it is good lol. After second draft it has doubled in size, edging on 100,000 wrds. Don't know what to do once it has been finshed, and once someone has read it for me. If I get interest may let you guys read it and give me feed back!!!!

Have a non vampire book on the go, also on second draft. Anyone like books about teenage drama? Rich life styles? Relationships? The I bet you'd like this!!

Lol have a third vampire book on the go- very different from the others- which is about 1/5 done. Another vampire, romance.

Hope everyone is beginning to have a lovely start to the summer holidays!!!!!


Update 1/02/10 Sorry about the lack of writing :( Just so busy. Will have to find the time and energy to write- I miss it so much-. Do keep a look out, if I ever get a moment (when I am not working, in Uni, or completing essays) I will update my most popular stories which are Renesmee is that Blood and Bella's pregnant. Take care xxx

5/5/10- OMG three months have passed and I have not yet updated! I am such a lamo writer. I am so sorry guys. I fear that it may not be until summer (ahhhh) at least then I can have the third twilight saga movie to give me some ideas- though I do still have a few of my own.

Thank you so much for those readers who are still managing to find my stories and reading them- I haven't been on for so long that I feel I will soon be forgotten lol- All the lovely reviews just make my day!

Also I have had quite a few of you say that your friends have recommended my stories. Awe I love you all so much! We may be a small bunch but you are truly all so kind :) xx


Right before I start saying somethings- Warning this may be boring- read of your own will, and it is not as long as some- In fact it actually is, I have added to my blab numous times. This is a good profile to read if you wish to fall asleep!

for any songs used in my story I have made a youtube account, every song will be easily found on here :) /user/mslittlepinkbag (put this on the end of .com)

If you go on my twitter account and look at my profile picture (enlarge) then you will see my crap drawing of renesmee's wedding dress. This gave me a idea to work with when writting the wedding so it may help you when reading ??

Big thank you to michaela hale x as she has personally helped me with a story http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2003635/of which I am (of infact have finished writting)

My name is Laura a.k.a Littlepinksac. which has been changed to Misslittlepinkbag

GOODNESS, MORE WRITING. lol for those interested in projects outside ff, I have finished my science fiction novel (yes!!) and have started my own vampire novel (which is not like twilight before anyone asks lol) so hopefully that will be finished soon! only on 28, 000 words :(

UPDATE- finished my first vampire novel finishing at over 65,000 words (Yay :)

CHECK OUT http://twitter.com/mslittlepinkbagFOR UPDATES ON ALL MY STORIES INCLUDING LITTLE PREVIEWS TO NEXT CHAPTERS - IF YOU WANT!! XXX I waste my life on it lol. (P.S I always write little notes about my future ideas on stories so if you cant wait have a look (some times its one word when I get an idea)- so also if you go on and think why the hell has she wrote a riddle or one word- its just thoughts about future chapters lol.

Updates put here (this is new, and I will update all the time, just for the sake of it. I write too much and gives you an in sight of me lol- whether you care or not :P)


Hello, just to say have a look at a new upcoming writer xoxM'N'Mxox (changed to- shy yet cheeky) http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1924783/she is a fellow fanfiction writer which asked for my help on some of her stories. I would therefore like you to take a gander at her stories as she is a great writer especially one who is willing to take advice (not that im an expert). - hello xoxM'N'Mxox aka shy yet cheeky.

Also have a look at these stories http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1954980/Blacktreaderwolf, a young up coming writer of twilight fanfiction and writes about my two fave characters couples Jake and Nessie (because their story has not been written yet- well not in much detail). A writer who is always willing to learn is a good writer (lol does that make sense?) and was not to taken down by my critisims lol xxxx


I was hit in the head with a wet tennis ball- lol- but wasn't funny at the time. This changed my mood and put my writing on hold. Lol just thought you may want to know this fact.


Watched the movie twilight yesterday- I like to refresh my head of the story, would read the books again but with damn revision- anyway I'm Switzerland so love Ed and Jake both. But in the twilight movie I get real excited when I see Jakes character- usually because his dad (who to me is funny in the movie)-but I laugh when Bella opens the door and hits him ( the truck bit) it makes him seem so 'human' there- so I suppose it is a good change for when we see him in the next movie.

Going on to the New moon movie- is anyone like me and absolutly can't wait. I have never wanted to see a movie so much in my life. Not because Im like actor crazed- nope- but because I can't wait to see the story come to life other than my imagination. anyway.

OME I have seen the new trailer for new moon but even though I am wetting myself in impatience for the movie, I actually thought the trailer was a bit of a let down! OK so Jake looks hot (thank you Taylor Lautner) and so does Edwards (our very own Brit Robert Pattinson) and p.s I am Switzerland, but what is with Taylor talking through the trailer?


My ears are always open and drop me a message- I like to read others work, if you want a review. I am nice about it but will tell you - wrapped in fluff- what I think of it. Im not saying that I think that I am the best one to pass judgement- because I don't think my stories are perfect especially the spellings and grammar errors I make- but I am always willing to help fellow writers, on ideas and writing styles.

Drop a line on my fanfiction twitter page- deadacated to fanfic though some rants fall into it aka hit on head with tennis ball- anyway hi to all LYA xxx

I love writing and I just love the clever story of Twilight and the series- the movie is great to.


At the moment I am writing fan fiction to get my writing juices flowing, because I am trying to piece together ideas (not about vampires- if you must know) to write my own novel. I do have some ideas to work with and I have started writing a few chapters- which a personal very hard to please friend did say that it was good?? so who knows.

I love writing about anything really and I love to make the readers happy- so there is nothing more I live for and that is Reviews. To give you an example I started a story for One tree hill, I got one negative comment on my punctuation and puff that was it I had no more interest to carry on with that story. Just because I love things to be perfect...Im a worrier lol.

To my surprise I actually love writing, I just love the many characters in twilight and understand some of the difficulties they face. I should write about Bella more because I feel I relate better to her...as well as thousands of girls.

For the majority of my stories I start of with one idea, for example Renesmee is that blood (my fave and I feel best- because the others I am afraid to say were just shooting ideas I get on the spare of the moment- will go back and improve) any way this started off with Nessie just having a cut on her leg. But then it went to being bitten, nearly dying, losing Jake, finding Jake...so on and so on...

But what I am getting at is that I have no idea where my stories are going until I actually type the words on the computer- and when I get a really nice review- Boom I get a emotional kick and I immediately want to start writing...

But I do live in stories, ok so Im not the most cleavest person, nor 'popular' (hate that word), but I am happy as myself and I have a very creative imagination. I love reading stories or watching something and then adapt it in my own way. Even before writing on here I have thousands of scrap papers lying around with little stories on.

Its probably my little escape from the real world lol (im not weird)

What really bugs me is that I am shy and really want to do something with my life, as well as writing (which I am determined to write a book, whether it is published or not but because I have a story bubbling in my head) I do love drama, and I would love to write scripts as I can alway picture my stories in my head as clear as day.

Anyway, I probably delete this profile because A; no one cares to read about me lol, B; Its boring as hell, C; Im most likely a weirdo lol- brimming with self confidence. and D because it is 11:12pm at night and kinda half asleep.

If anyone is interested in TWILIGHT, i have a blog type thing (never really done one) and I talk on there about news, movies, twilight books BASICALLY ALL TWILIGHT STUFF but to my luck no one really cares what I have to say...lol also on twitter with like no friends ( because my bessies are all like totally my space) and I like twitter so if your intrested ( but probably not lo.)

Anyway, I love to read stories and I like drama- which you may be able to tell from my stories, therefore I can kinda be a hard critic. Not that I would give a nasty review but if you really wanted to know then message me and I will gladly read any story.

Im a hard critic because I know what I personally like to read and that must echo of each and every page- drama, suspence, romeo and juilet love (aka Renesmee is that blood) and all it takes is a boring first paragraph to make me tune out. Not to be harsh or anything, lol its just what I like- I mean take a look at my book list- drama, drama, drama.

This list of books starts from around feb- I think when I started reading them all to the present. I will keep adding and added though I am sure you aren't interested lol xxx

Books I have read:- Don't know why you may want to know this? But at least I'll always remember; lol (send me a message if you have read these books or have your own opinion)

BTW I read books in solid hours as I can never put a book down so these are realistic for me but may not be for you- im also a very fast reader so if your slow add on more hours/ days lol. xxx

Marley and me- John Grogan- This is a great read, especially if you love dogs. Be prepared for some shocks, laughs and tears. A great book the movie does it no justice.

Just listen- Sarah Dessen- I like this book as it deals with a few issues, Anorexia (of Annabel's sister whitney) and I suppose attempted rape of Annable. Annable is a young teen who has a lot on her plate. Prepare to fall for Owen as he is this sweet, guy- with in my opinion no taste of music (though if he were real I think it would be I with the terrible taste) he has his own problems but he is there to pull Annable out of her deep hole. This is a good read, doesn't go to heavy in the subjects and I do want to have a friend like Owen. 'Especially what he does at the end- but I don't read and tell. (two days to read)

Lock and Key- Sarah Dessen- This is another fab read, directed at young teens as all her books are. (I can't remeber the girls name) but what's-her-face has been abandoned by her mother and now she has been forced to stay with her sister- who she hasn't seen in years- and her sisters husband- which is probably the nicest guy in the world plus rich. It shows her tail of how she deals with this new life and her meeting the guy from next door- who seems too perfect- I also can't remember his name?? Bob-no, Kyle-no, hmm- memory like a fish- yes. (two days to read)

"Phew do I really have to write about all of these?" P.s I don't get better at remembering names...

Someone like you- Sarah Dessen- Pregnancy, death- though it doesn't really dwell on that- mysteroius boys what more could you ask for the main character- which is another one I can't remember the name of- her friend is pregant by her dead boyfriend, will her best friend really see her through this- at the end of this you'll get surprises as the girl doesn'ty always get the guy. (two days to read)

'Will continue later- got a little bored and should come back and add names'

The truth about forever- 'Yes' Sarah Dessen 'again'- (took about two days to read)

Twilight Saga- (Do I really need to tell you who wrote this) Stephanie Meyers (read whole series in about two weeks)

Burned- Ellen Hopkins (few hours to read)

Impulse- Ellen Hopkins (few hours to read)

When it happens- Susane Colasanti (day to read)

Bloom- Elizabeth Scott (few hours to read)

The host- Stephanie Meyers (three- four days to read)

Sticky Fingers- Nikki Burnap (day to read)

Confessions of a shopaholic- Sophie Kinsella (three days to read)

Nightworld volume one (three books in one)- L J Smith (two days)

Nightworld Volume two (three books in one) (two days)

Remember me- Sophie Kinsells- this is a great read, read it in two days and OMG totally great. The main character has lost her memory of the past three years she wakes up and she is with a rich guy, has a great job- the only problem is she doesn't remember how she got there. More towards older teens- adults with some of the suggestive co ntent (no lemmons, but whipped cream- yum) one to have in your collection- fab british writer. (two days)

Perfect chemistry- OMG this is the best book ever- I loved it sooo much. On my fave's list. Just love the mexican Alex. Yum lol. (two days to read)

Lost it- This book is a little boring, its the first book ever that I can not wait to get over. (three days to read)

Forever- This is a short teenager book (they all seem quite short) (few hours to read)

How to get a gay ex boyfriend- This is a good book I just love a bit of love drama, so the usual she is dating the perfect guy except on like the second page he tells her he is gay... (few hours to read)

Speak- Girl suffering in silence since her rape (whole day to read) this was a good book. (check out my short poem for it in my fanfiction section xx)

Going to far- This is a great book love the cop she drives around in, I did have some small giggles with this book and it is one to read, I love the blue haired out cast in this book and it is one to keep you reading (in my opinion) ( took me a few hours to read)

Some new stories to add 2/8/10

Read Sookie Stackhouse, a good vampire/ Supernatural world read. Especially when you need an extra fix when there are no more Twilight books to read.

Sookie Stackhouse- Dead until Dark

Sookie Stackhouse- Living Dead in Dallas

Sookie Stackhouse- Club Dead

Sookie Stackhouse- Dead to the world

Sookie Stackhouse- Dead as a doornail

Sookie Stackhouse- Definitely dead

Sookie Stackhouse- All together dead

Sookie Stackhouse- From dead to worse

Sookie Stackhouse- Dead and gone

Stardust- I found this book disappointing, I had high hopes after the movie (Which I love) but found that it wasn't as good as the movie script.

Thirteen reasons why- Intrestingly addictive.

The short second life of Bree Tanner- Ah Stephanie brillant as always!

My own little story quotes which I personally like; From; Renesmee is that Blood?

Talking about a journal; Chapter 39

Life is long, so leave out the boring bits-Emmett

Great for shopping lists so you never forget, I don't have that problem- Alice

Silver and shiny, what more could you ask for- Your father, Edward Cullen

Edward cooking eggs; Chapter 38

"Eggs a'la Edward" my mother said gesturing towards my father.

"A'la yes" I said.

well if you have read all of this well done; your probably the first Yeh!! A round of applause for you. Thanks so much for visiting my little profile page. Take care xxxxx

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