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Hello, I have been a closet reader of fanfiction for about three years now. At first, it was limited to Harry Potter fanfiction, albeit now it's been much expanded, to mainly games as of late. I am a sucker for a Byronic hero, or ones who are romanticized such as John-117, Mobius One, Bourne, HP, and Link. Those were just several examples.

I have a lot of ideas for a story, usually after I see something, and I think about them all of the time, but I guess either I never get the motivation or the confidence to start writing them, because I feel awfully lame while doing it. Not that I scoff at people who write fanfiction, to be honest I commend them. I wish I had the dedication to write a 40k story.

WIPs annoy me. Even if I know there are many. I'd prefer the abandonment label in the summary section so that I don't waste five hours reading something. I do take my time while reading fanfics, I like to relish in them.


(In the order I think of them, not in preference)

HP-Harry/Cho, Harry/Fleur, Harry/Pansy (I know =\ ) and I don't mind Harry/Daphne, or an OC that's not a Mary Sue.

I am in love with James Potter fanfics. I'll adore you if you wrote one that fits my preferences. =D

You probably don't care, but.

Idealized James Potter, with him as the leader of the Marauders. Something bad happens to him, which causes him to grow up, typically something that explains the absence of Harry's grandparents and aunts. I don't really care about Lily.

Once I find the correct character I'm going to write in steam of conscious. One of Cloud or Squall would be too boring, one of MC would be too boring. Boune is plausible. Link isn't. See what I mean? Some characters are just quiet. And I don't feel that with any of those characters someone can develop and intimacy with the character via stream of consciousness.

I avoid author intrusions like the plague.

Halo- MC/Cortona

FFVII- Cloud/Tifa. Ones where Tifa isn't the "victim."

FFVIII- Squall/Rinoa (Naturally) and I sometimes like a very faint tinge of Squall/Quistis

So I don't forget, I've been wanting to post a story about Dr. Halsey post Halo 3, regarding Master Chief.

And a oneshot had Voldemort felt remorse.

Just to mention, I'm tired of seeing Harry/Draco Squall/Seifer and Cloud/Sephiroth fanfics, really. H/D makes up a significant minority of the HP fics. I don't like reading about someone old enough to be my father nailing a girl who is as old as me (BARELY legal).

Have a good day. Exeunt.

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