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I love to write and read fanfiction, even though I might not get to update as often as I like. I only have 4 pet peeves (for now) when I write or read a story.

1) My flaw as a writer is that I try to be a perfectionist. I tend to forget sometimes that this is fanfiction and not homework I'm writing. Besides, I graduated high school many years ago. And, a few mistakes only helps me improve. So, I will never flame any stories just because of the grammar or paragraph structure. I base my reviews on the stories, and praise the writers for just sharing their stories.

2) It annoys the hell out of me when I see a review on any story I read or write, where the reviewer is so anal about if the story was canon or not. For example: Read a few stories in 'The Chronicles of Narnia' section and you will understand what I'm talking about. Yes, many of us know that King Caspian marries Ramandu's Daughter in the book. But, don't bash writers just because they like the Susan/Caspian pairing from the movie; or if the story is not about the true Narnia. In short, Canon is too overrated. This is fanfiction not non-fiction. So, I'll never bash if something isn't canon in a story, because that's what makes it unique.

3) People on this site who either write or don't write stories, but act like they are the police. I'm not referring to People who leave constructive criticism in their reviews. Because, constructive criticism only helps a writer improve.

I'm referring to those people who just leave a review, telling the author that they suck and shouldn't write anymore. Without giving any justified reason why they said that, or what they thought about the story. That's what I consider a harsh review; especially on stories where it's the writer's first story. This is what causes many people to not post stories on this site. So, whenever I see a really harsh review, I write a review encouraging the writer to ignore the Idiot that wrote it and try to offer some advice as far as grammar, spelling, or paragraph structure if it is needed.

4) When I waste time writing something, that I'm really not satisfied with, because I just wasn't feeling it. Yet, I still decide to post it, because of the amount time that I took to write it. It's not the reviews I get, that force me to delete it. It's the disappointment in myself when I look at it the next day after I post it, and realize that it wasn't up to what I consider to be my writing standards. I am definitely my own worst critic. Damn, the perfectionist in me.

Sorry about the rant, but this is the place to share a little bit about yourself as a writer.


Right now I'm writing only about Haven. I'm a Audrey/Nathan fan

That's basically it for now. I know that some of you that read this are thinking 'Shut the fuck up and stop ranting.' but I say it's your fault for reading this until the end.

Bye for now ~ DoubleBinConnecticut

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