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Yes, I know I haven't updated my stories in a long time and I'm sorry to all the fans and followers.

I've been busy with school and work, so I don't have the free time to just think about stories, but I still think about Sabrina, Chief, Yuki, Tabitha and Sammy. The first three are characters in my Sabrina's Journal, and I do have story ideas for a few more chapters. Also there are stories that I want to do for Tabitha and Sammy, where Tabitha, as Sabrina's daughter, gets to have a more traditional Pokemon Journey that a gym leader wouldn't.

One other thing, I am slow. I worked on my original Reef Island Adventures for several years before I put it here.

Thank you again, and I hope to put something up again.

I've been a Pokemon fan for some time and a true Pokeshipper/believer.

The Sabrina story was inspired by a Sabrina story written by WiseAbsol. This is just the latest story I have written; it's just the first I published.

The Reef Island adventures are actually the first stories I wrote.

I welcome reviews if they can help me or other writers create better works.

I have more stories that I could publish, if people ask.

Who am I? "The story of my life is quite inconsequential..." Dr. Evil

If I knew more about making links to other great stories I found here then I would.

Truth be told, the first Pokemon stories that I read were lemons, but many of them were bad lemons. The plots didn't make sense and the lemon bits were bland, so I thought I could write a better lemon than that. I hope that I did write a better lemon than that, but as you see in Reef Island Adventures the Lemon stuff was a bit much.

Honesty Shipping was taking things to a Pokemon induced extreme lemon. This is the result of going to the wrong websites to view fan art that makes you ask, "Is that humanly possible?" The answer is "no". But the next question, "Is it possible in the Pokemon World?" and the answer is "maybe".

Return to Reef Island was to pick up after Honesty Shipping, and was going to be even more extreme Lemon. Perhaps too extreme, but it opened two plots ideas: The Dawn and Zoey relationship could be difficult for Dawn which could hurt Zoey. How does the strongest human psychic deal with relationships?

The Reef Island Return story was changed. Originally Sabrina was going to be the villian on the hedonistic island, but after reading Wise-Absol's story I liked the idea of making Sabrina the hero, or at least the antihero.

The future: I could rewrite the other three storylines to tone down the carnality. Maybe I'll get a good idea for the Proposal that belongs at the end of Reef Island Adventures and for the Wedding that belongs between Honesty Shipping and Return to Reef Island ( which is the honeymoon). In that regard there should also be the Bridal Shower and Bachelor Party. Perhaps the joke will be that the two parties are bland and tame in comparison to the other stories.

...I'm almost inspired.

I was inspired... I was inspired by the new look given to Sabrina for the upcoming HeartGold/SoulSilver games. The princess look was changed to something I don't have a word for. Okay there is a word, rather an acronym, MIL. The last letter was removed but you probably know what's going on. Anyway the acronym refers to a woman who is in her thirties or older, but who is still very attractive. My new story idea is to give Sabrina children and have them be trainers in Johto. When the new game hits the US market, I'll play it and I hope to find more story ideas for Tabitha and Sam.

Since my last update of my profile, I have submitted chapter 14 of Sabrina's journal.

Thoughts for other writers: I don't submit a chapter until I have started to write the next one. Sometimes I write a huge chapter and just cut off bits and submit them. I just want the transition from one chapter to the next to make sense.

Chapter 23 was just submitted.

This chapter took little time to write, but I was stuck for a chapter to put before it. Since I wrote chapter 23, Pokemon Black/White came out and there I found my inspiration: Soak. I finished chapters 20, 21 and 22 and rewrote parts of chapter 23, because of Soak and the idea of using it in a tag battle. I had planned on a Paul battle, but got frustrated writing it, so I turned that frustration on Sabrina.

Thank you to everyone who reads my stories and thank you for your reviews and comments.

Also best wishes to all those who have suffered, and continue to suffer, in Japan from this year's disaster.

Sorry about the wait between stories. I'm currently on a "fact finding" mission to Japan. Elements I need to include in the fututre: very drunk businessmen and their hang overs, hot and humid summers with very loud cicadas, bizzare game/quiz shows, stupidly long wait times for a bus in smaller cities.

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