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Fake a Smile/Matt: This is a story idea that I had a couple years back that never fully came into fruition. The idea popped into my head one night on my way home from work, and I immediately got to work and wrote the entire prologue that night. I had some vague ideas about where I wanted it to go, but I just never had the time or motivation to put into the project. Some time ago I managed to convince Maggie, who has been betaing for me since the later chapters of TC, to pick up this story when she confessed to me that she missed writing. I've stayed involved in much of the plotting and have acted as somewhat of a beta as well. I asked if she'd like to post the story here given my involvement with it, and she agreed which brings us to the here and now. I'll stop jabbering at you now and pass things along to Maggie, AKA Enchanted or Enchanted49.

Enchanted49/Maggie: Last year Matt and I were talking and I was bemoaning the fact that Power was finished and how much I missed writing. I had a few ideas floating around in my head, but nothing that I was excited about. Power was mostly a series of vignettes rather than a chaptered story and I really didn't think I could write one. I felt I lacked the discipline, creativity or the attention span to pull it off.

He disabused me of the notion by suggesting I write a story based on a prologue that popped into his head on the drive home one day and wrote down that same afternoon. When I read it, as his beta, I was blown away; I loved it and wanted so much to know what happened to his Harry, the imagery he presented was so poignant that I was drawn in. But he didn’t want anything to take away from Taking Control and I agreed with him, but we both felt this was a story worth writing.

So we decided to collaborate on Hero, the prologue is his, the plot is ours and the writing is all mine. Being his beta presented a challenge when the roles were reversed, it's been an interesting journey, but we've finally hit or stride.

I hope you enjoyed reading this prologue as much as I did when I read it so long ago. What follows is the story we’ve spent countless hours discussing and arguing over. Any credit belongs to him and any shortcomings are all my own.

Enchanted Miami September 2009

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