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HI, my name is Alfonzo Bendarez. I love this site soooo much!

I dont know what else to write, but if you want to call me, heres my number,"

yeah i know im a tease. But get a taste of me, and you'll always want more!!
Okay, so thats it, BYE!

...Pre Face...

Hello, my name is Alfonzo Bendarez, and I need to tell you a little story I wrote for all the little kiddies out there. Well first of all, I like cake. And not just ice cream cake, I like the kind from the flea market! It's the best! I also like rabbits! I like the fluffy ones, with busy tails! Theyre really squishy! But if I told my friend Sara about how squishy they were she would just go on about how her boobs are so squishy! And how she brings little kids to her cottage, and has her 'special fun' with them! Anyways, I'm going to go swim in a pool of pee, so I'll let Sara talk about herself now.
Why hello reader, got $20.00? I need some for gas, to drive up to my cottage. You want to come? I have room. In the back, where it's nice and dark, and soundproof. Literally you could scream and no one would hear you! It's insane! I got it installed because whenever someone would yell, I would always be pulled over, and arrested. But enough about that. Oh hey! Have you seen my boobs before? They are so squishy! Like you poke it, and then BAM, they like move! They have alot of hand prints on them. Dirty children never wash their hands. Tsk tsk. I also like pleasure. pleasure is my favourite hobby of all time. give me anything that moves and i'll definately entertain it. my mom always says to me "go get some drugs honeycakes, your too funny" which brings me to my next point. drugs are very bad for you. thats why I always tell my little kiddie friends (especially elizabeth) that drugs can kill. well except me of course. I have this theory where im this invincible clown who no one can touch. i believe that the moon and stars glide together, to give me power at night. i feel most frisky at night. thats why i take (mostly heroin) in the day, and i get my power at night. although early in the night, because my friends have to go to sleep. but after that, i go out to the stars and say "thankyou for giving me life" they are my saviours. Before i was just a middle aged man sitting at a desk doing accounting and no goals in life. that is until i started the dragon. now i know what my goal is. to be me. and me, is with my glasses, my polaroid camera, my toyota red van, and my friends. boy do i love my friends and nowi know, i have this purpose. nothing can hurt or touch me. i am the magic bunny of this world, and everyone adores me. i can feel it as i walk down streets at night, whistling katy perry. i can feel the stares of people as i have my tutu on, just smiling at me and telling me to my mind "wow that bunny is just mesmerizing" i can feel their eyes wandering around my body, and i can feel - no sense, that they love me. love. that is an interesting word. but yes, when i go to the street corner to get my pleasureness, i can sense it too. just everywhere, i can see the light shining from me, with the help of my friends, the moon, the stars, and george bush. as i go back to my cottage, i can see the kids faces as they run around in the cellar, my kids just having a greaat time. they love their friend. so as i say to my friends all the time - fuck me.

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