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I am but a simple author and avid fan of fanfiction. I have two stories that I am currently working on. "Miko's Paradise" and "Torn Between Eras". "MP" can be found on right now. I will re-start updating Miko's Paradise!! I discovered a long-lost e-mail address which I had used for the sole purpose of posting MP, and now that I have all the information I need, I will begin updating once again. The same penname and everything! If interested, look up the story or the author 'omegawolfempress1984'.

Miko's Paradise: A Sess/Kag pairing. Other pairings include Inu/Kik, Mir/San, and possible Ship/Rin. The story starts off as Koga/Kag. There is also mention of past Kik/Kag. Yes, I am crazy. The story takes place in 'modern' times, thus being an Alternate Reality. Characters are not as they are in the manga(which I've only just started reading), nor are they as they are in the anime. You will see a hot-headed Inuyasha, but you will not see a cold and distant Kikyou. Sesshoumaru will be as close to his character as I can manage him. Kagome, while still being a damsel in distress-type character, will also be the modern girl I think she should be. Strong-willed, and knows how to stand up for herself. That includes protecting herself from physical abuse. She will not just lay down and take it. I, unfortunately, made Kouga out to be the bad guy. At least he is for now. I want to find a way to work Naraku in. The story is a work in progress. I do hit many snags, and my posts, unforunately, are not all that regular. I am a 24 1/2 year old married, working, and the mother of a child who is barely one. I apologize ahead of time for not being able to post all I want to. Key note about MP: PEOPLE ARE NOT BORN COLD AND SEEMINGLY HEARTLESS! Events happen in people's lives, and to protect themselves, they hide away portions of their personality. This is a big hint into Sesshoumaru's past. I had received a rude review from someone stating that they couldn't believe that Sesshoumaru had his heart broken by someone. Well, maybe that's why he's so unfeeling? You'll have to read to really find out.
Summary: Kagome Higurashi is the owner of one of the most popular clubs in town, Miko's Paradise. Why is a miko's club so popular? She gives humans, demons, and half-breeds a place to safely inter-mingle, without fear of prejudice, harm, or death. But what's a priestess to do when her "oh-so-loving" boyfriend turns out to be a total ass? She turns to her best friends, a new employee and said employee's adopted father, of course! Romance, comedy and maybe even some action flit through the lives of our successful pals as they try to get by and get even. RATED FOR MATURE CONTENT, ADULT THEMES, ADULT LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE(DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN EARLY CHAPTER), LIMEY-CONTENT(ON FF.NET) AND WHATNOTS FROM THE MESSED UP MIND OF ONE INUGUARDIAN. To view the uncensored version, please refer to

Torn Between Eras: INUYASHA/YU YU HAKUSHO CROSSOVER This story is still in the early stages of development. I had a number of chapters written out, but when my previous job closed down, all of my work seemed to have disappeared with the position I had there. So, I must re-write most of this story. Which really sucks since I was in love with this one. Once I get the ball rolling again, the updates will be few and rather far between. I think.
Summary: I'm not sure if you would call this an AU story, since it is still technically in the canon universe. But either way, bunches will be OOC here. I have not watched YYH in years, and am only alotted so much time on the website I've found. Anyways, in the past, the Inuyasha gang is still on the hunt for Naraku and the remaining shards of the Shikon Jewel. Kagome, finally done with school, has moved away from her family shrine, without Inuyasha's knowledge, and has moved in with her cousin, Keiko. Kagome knew that her time was not completely void of humans, but what is Keiko doing being friends with a whole group of them? Okay, sexy guy with red hair...Wait. Why is he changing into an equally drop-dead gorgeous silver fox? And what language is Kagome speaking to him in? What the Hell is going on? Pairings are as of yet undecided. I could go in a million different directions, and I can't wait to see where each road takes me. RATED FOR MATURE CONTENT, ADULT CONTENT, ADULT THEMES, ADULT LANGUAGE, ACTION AND POSSIBLE VIOLENCE, LEMON AND LIME CONTENT. The more hard-core content will be edited on and will be placed, I hope, on

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