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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, and Inuyasha.

Dear Readers,

So, basically, I am a secret nerd. I dress fashionably, hang out with friends, & read Harry Potter, Twilight, Inuyasha, Fruit Basket, Naruto, watch Silent Movies and Avatar: The last Airbender in my spare time when no one is around. But: we all have a pocket-protector-wearing side to us. I have embraced mine, and so have my family. They think it is funny. Especially when I was voted on my school's homecoming court two years ago (not really that big a deal- it consisted of 35 girls out of about 170) and the same day I was watching re-runs of Inuyasha on my Tivo and reading Fruit Basket.

Well, I guess I should describe myself: I am a seventeen year old girl, I have red hair and fair skin: I was just at the beach and a male teeny-bopper pretended to faint at the sight of me in a bikini, it was really funny! I am athletic, I hate junk food (especially the stuff with artificial cheese on it... yuck!) and carbonated drinks (I know, I am Un-American, I should get back to Ireland a.s.a.p) but I love candy! Snickers and Butterfingers are my favorite. Have you ever had Hostess Swiss Rolls? They are amazing!! These rolls are like my crack; if I don't have one at least twice a day, I might break out into convulsions.

My penname, "Guynelle", was my Great-Great-Aunt's name, and I love it, so you will probably see it on other fanfiction sites. Someone already has a similar name on FaceBook, it is not me. PROMISE!!

Also, I become depressed when I think that there are no bald element controllers, witches or wizards, or vampires and werewolves. I sincerely hope that they are actually out there, hidden in the undergrounds that no one actually knows are there or something like that. I am Team Edward (but I can appreciate a good J/B fic) and I really like Viktor/Hermione pairing. I love reading a good, long, well-written Twilight, Avatar, or Harry Potter fic, so if you guys know of any, let me know please!

If you couldn't tell from before, I was born in Dublin, Ireland, but I don't remember living there. My parents were military, and my Dad retired where I currently live when I was eight. I was six months old when I moved to the states, so I can't tell you if I ever met anyone in robes or pointy hats acting strangely with sticks that spouted light back overseas. It is funny, actually, that my ancestors came over to America through Ellis Island when the port first opened (and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were all born in the United States), but neither I, nor my parents were born in the continental U.S. Do you think that it is strange how that worked out? I think so.

And... don't ask me where I live, what school I go too, or my email address or myspace/facebook (I made one years ago; I never figured out how to use it). You will notice that my Avatar is not me: don't request that I put one up. I have seen people complain on this site about people not putting up pictures. I think it is extremely stupid; people have the right to their own privacy, especially on this site- there are LOTS of weirdos on here who don't need to know where you live, what school you go to, where you work, your real name, your phone number (I have actually seen it on this website once, no joke), or your email (that isn't so bad, but mine isn't up for show). What if some creepo from your school or whatever gets on here and sees you? I definitly don't want that happening to me.

I don't know about you guys out there, but I was very excited when I found out that New Moon is being filmed by a different director that the one that did Twilight. I didn't care much for the first movie, but I am hoping that the second will be as good as the book. I just watched the trailer, and it looks like they reconstructed the entire section where Bella is almost attacked in the woods, and when she finds out that Jacob is a werewolf. Then, after I thought about it, that scene is slpit into two; the first Jacob has no shirt on, the second he is running with a dark green shirt on. I think the first half is supposed to be in the meadow (when he is shirtless) and the second half is supposed to be where Paul lunges at Bella. Ah, well, I will just have to wait and see.


GUYNELLE'S GOLDEN RULES OF FANFICTION: (You may not copy this into your profile, unless you quote that it is mine and not yours)

#1: Always use spell check.

#2: Never use slang or curse words in the first chapter, or if it is a one-shot, in the first two paragraphs.

#3: If you are a new writer, don't use too many characters, and clearly define who they are if they are original.

#4: Don't go off topic- this loses the interest of readers fast.

#5: Stick to what the Introduction says (and make it a good introduction- no slang or shortened words here either) and if the plot dramatically changes, change the intro too.

#6: Explain the importance of the title, if it isn't obvious.

#7: Avoid overused phrases (I noticed myself doing this yesterday), and if you do, don't use it twice unless it is an inside joke that goes along with the storyline.

#8: Make sure that your first three paragraphs and the introduction are clear and well done- this is what readers look at and then decide if they want to read the rest.

#9: If it is a long fic, make sure that you clearly say what happens to a character if they slowly fade from the picture. Especially if it was a main character from the original book/movie/manga (you get what I mean).

#10: Do not have a heart attack if you get a negative review, and do not be afraid to block someone who repeatedly flames your Fan Fiction.

#11: Do not add a character unless they are crucial to the central plot of your story, or they are very un-crucial. (Example: Hermione was walking down Diagon Ally when she ran head-long into a witch, whom she recognized as Hilda Horshby, her publisher at the Daily Prophet. "Oh, I am very sorry!" And she kept on walking.) Do you see? Unless this is crucial to the central storyline, or "Hilda Horshby" is a main character, there is no point in adding this section. It only takes away from the original story.


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