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Author has written 20 stories for Ojamajo Doremi, Cartoon X-overs, Disney, and My Little Pony.

Name: PrettiWitchiMegChanChi A.K.A. Meg-Chan

Full name: Megan "PrettiWitchiMegChanChi" Makihatayama-Mouse

Nicknames: Meg, MegChan, Megs, Bell

Age: 18

Birthday: September 3

Appearance: Medium-long brown hair, glasses, brown eyes, usually wearing jeans, a shirt of some type, hair is held with some colored bandana (Only when I'm going out on the town!), black, white & red shoes, & my signature locket. Othertimes: Usually wearing a shirt, tan pants, a black blazer, a fedora and carrying a messenger bag.

Favorite Animes: Ojamajo Doremi, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Di Gi Charat, Digimon, Sonic X, Hamtaro, Sailor Moon, Shugo Chara, HeartCatch PreCure, Suite PreCure, Smile PreCure

Favorite Cartoons: Garfield & friends, Rugrats, Danny Phantom, Fairly Oddparents, Chowder, House of Mouse, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Phineas and Ferb, Fish Hooks, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (too many to list!)

Favorite Video games: Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon stadium, Mario Kart DS, Sonic Unleashed, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Epic Mickey, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, Sonic Colors (Both Nintendo DS and Wii versions.), Mario Party DS, Pokemon Soul Sliver, Pokemon Platinum, Professor Layton Series, NiGHTS Journey of Dreams, Sly Cooper series

Favorite Movies: Anything Disney (I grew up on Disney!), Indiana Jones series, Ojamajo Doremi Movies, Pokemon the First Movie (That was the best one of the whole pokemon movie series, no questions, Thank you!), Pretty Cure All Stars DX2 and DX3 (I really liked them, and all the fairy mascots are SO CUTE!), HeartCatch PreCure movie, The Adventures of TinTin (2011)

Favorite Quote (Or Quotes): "Why is the rum gone?" (Jack Sparrow), "I reject your reality and substitute my own." (Mythbusters), "Eliminate the impossible, and whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." (Sherlock Holmes), "Hot Dog!" (Milo, Fish Hooks.), "The pen is mightier than the sword!" (Marcus Brody, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.), "Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile." (How To Train Your Dragon), "There you go-Poetry." (Captain Amelia, Treasure Planet), "Puppy Punch. There is no substitute." (Dudley Puppy, TUFF Puppy), "You must be one with the fly." (My mom.) "There's no challenge, no honor, no fun in stealing from ordinary people. You rip off a master criminal and you know you're a master thief." (Sly Cooper, Sly Cooper and The Theievious Racoonus.), "The thunder flop knows neither friend nor foe, only destruction." (Murray, Sly 2: Band of Thieves), "I don't know what's in my future, but I won't let it be a repeat of my past." (Sly Cooper, Sly 2: Band of Thieves), "Behold the majesty of gravity and inertia!" (Bentley the Turtle, Sly 2: Band of Thieves)

My fanfic family:

Mickey Mouse (Dad), Majo Kai no Jou-Sama (Mom), Majorin (Mom-like figure), Ojamajos (younger sisters), Clover, Sam, & Alex (Older sisters), Sonic & Tails (younger brothers), Sora & Riku (Older brothers), Majo Rika (grandma), Oyajiide (granddad), Donald & Goofy, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Dr. Doppler (Uncles), Minnie Mouse, Captain Amelia (Aunts), Alice, Chloe, Rebecca, Ethan (Cousins), Bri-Chan, Anna-Chan, Kairi, Gylfie, Eglantine, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie Amu, Yaya, Rima, Utau, Astrid (Best girl friends), Jim, Soren, Tadase, Kukai, Ikuto, Hiccup (Best guy friends)

Pets: Maddie (Pikachu), Luke (Riolu), Patches (Pachirisu), Nana (My fairy), Calypso (Manaphy), Eric (Raichu and Maddie's boyfriend), Miley, Scampers and Yumi (Pichus, Maddie's kids), Honey Bun (Buneary), Gracie (Shaymin), Leon (Umbreon), Espe (Espeon), Petite Reine (Vaporeon), Jolteon (Jolteon, Petite Reine's Boyfriend), Missy (Delcatty), Skittles (Skitty), Blaze (Rapidash), Tori (Victini), Zoey (Zorua)

Boyfriend: Yugi Mutoh (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


I am your host, Meg-Chan, specializing in very random fanfics & parodies (Especially parodies!) You are not allowed to use my characters without me knowing!! If you wish to use me or any of my other OCs, message me beforehand!

I'm also the turquoise Ojamajo! I would be blue, because it would match my birthstone, but it was claimed by Aiko... oh well. You guys can check out my DeviantArt page for my drawings! You'll be able to see me as an Ojamajo, along with my other random drawings. You can ask me in a message for a link to my page there!

My Spell Normal: Pokarana Popolonu Popololo Peperuto! (I worked really hard in developing my spell! don't bug me!)

My spell Magical Stage: Pokarana Popolonu Nyanakani!

My spell Royal Patraine: Pokarana Patraine!

I love the Ojamajo Doremi Sharp uniform! It's so kawaii & fluffy!

My weaponry? Only a Pikotto Poron... No I kid! I also designed a Pikotto Guitar: A combo of a guitar & Pikotto Poron. As I'm playing a song, magical energy builds up in the tip of the guitar, & then releases it as magic! Yin-Yang Keyblade: A keyblade I designed in the shape of the yin-yang symbol, it can be used whole or separated (I prefer to use it separated so I can dual wield it & put two-times the hurtin' on villains!)

I have finally developed a spell for Bri-Chan when she's an Ojamajo! She is the NEON orange Ojamajo!

Bri-Chan's spell normal: Pallon Parapon Pikapika Pow!

Magical Stage Spell: Pallon Parapon Pikarakani!

Royal Patraine Spell: Pallon Patraine!

I also created a spell for Yugi's Ojamajo form. It took me a while to get it just right. Yugi's Ojamajo colors are blue, like Aiko's.

Yugi's spell Normal: Pikaru Pirapa Pirapo Peperuto

Magical Stage spell: Pirikaru Kawa Takani (Do Not ask!)

And Yugi's fairy is golden and looks like Rere, but doesn't have glasses and her name is Gigi.

I even made a spell for Yami too! Yami's Ojamajo colors are black, gray and silver

Yami's spell normal: Pururun Ponpoi Popolina Poppun (A combo of Onpu's, Hazuki's, Aiko's & Doremi's Spells)

Magical Stage spell: Pururun Ponpoi Shuyukani

Yami's fairy is black and gray, and ALMOST looks like Gigi's twin, but her name is Yumi

& Last I made up a spell for Tea... Tea is the brown Ojamajo, since I don't know her favorite color.

Tea's spell normal: Pirolita Pirolata Kamikami Kaa (Last part is like Onpu's, but with a 'k')

Magical Stage spell: Pirolita Pirolata Palayakani

Tea's fairy is brown and looks like her. Her name is Titi

My Odd couples list...

Yugi Mutoh x Majo Kai no Jou-Sama (YGOxOD): I think they would make a sweet couple! Who cares if Jou-Sama is older than Yugi?! They're both really sweet characters.

Momoko Asuka x Yami (ODxYGO): They would be kinda cute! I don't know why...

Aiko Senoo x Joey Wheeler (ODxYGO): Aiko & Joey are kind of alike. Both competative & athletic. (That's what I think!)

Yugi Mutoh x Me: I had a really weird dream with Yu-Gi-Oh! in it. I've been in love with Yugi ever since. No one else shall steal my heart!

MegChan X Jim Hawkins (Me X Treasure Planet): I don't know why, but I've been watching Treasure Planet every week and I started to think that this pairing might be possible. Hmm, we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe we should end up together in one of my parodies!

MegChan X Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Me X Shugo Chara): I know what you're thinking. What must be going on in my head to make me do a pairing with him? This is a sign that I've been watching WAY too much Shugo Chara lately. I actually think he's kinda cool... ACK! What am I saying?! It's really more of a like/hate relationship. Mou, I hate that I like him!

Jou-Sama x Me: More like a mother-daughter couple. There'll be more on this in My Ojamajo Princess fanfic.

Jou-Sama x Majorin: This is really like a best friends couple. Although in reality, I'm betting their relationship is strictly professional. I came up with this one sorta for my fanmade Ojamajo season, & mostly because I think they could be a good couple.

Doremi Harukaze X Jim Hawkins (ODXTP): This pairing is a part of my Ojamajo Doremi-Treasure Planet Crossover story. In the story, Doremi and Jim work together as Cabin boy and Cabin girl, and they slowly become friends. Doremi thinks that Jim is really cool and he reminds her of Akatsuki. Also, sort of outside of the story, Jim is teaching Doremi how to ride a solar surfer. Let's just say that Doremi can handle a broom better.

Anna X Riku (OC best friendXKingdom Hearts): This pairing was revealed in my Christmas story 'A Bothersome Christmas Tale'. Anna has a small crush on Riku, but she won't admit it out loud. Whether or not Riku will accept her feelings remains to be seen. They seem to have something in common...

Couples I don't get or hate

Tea x Yami (Both YGO): Never gonna happen people!

Doremi x Kotake (Both OD): I have no idea where that will go...

Hazuki x Masaru (OD): Maybe?

Ojamajos x FLAT4: No way! (Except maybe Doremi & Akatsuki)

Joey x Mai (YGO): ... There's no telling.

Best Friends/Partners Pairings: A list of characters who would be awesome teams! Just keep in mind: Best friends are the keywords here ;)

MajorinXCaptain Amelia (Ojamajo Doremi/Treasure Planet): Yeah, that's right. I went there! I think these two would be a sugoi team! (Although in reality, they'd never meet.) I came up with this one day out of random curiousity. I was thinking "What if they were friends? Or rivals even!" I just decided to make them friends, simple as that. Together, these two characters are unstoppable! (Again, all this is from my own twisted fantasies!) And this is going to be a part of my Ojamajo Doremi-Treasure Planet crossover event.

Hana MakihatayamaX Yaya Yuiki (Ojamajo Doremi/Shugo Chara): These two would be awesome friends! I mean, think about it! They're both the babies of their teams, they love playing and they love sweets. And they're both really cute. Plus I think that Pepe and Pao-Chan would get along great! Then I kinda thought of a random special ability for Hana-Chan when I was designing my Charas and that is that Hana can Charanari with Pepe to become Flower Baby. (That would be so cute!!)

Hana MakihatayamaXPudding Fong (Ojamajo Doremi/Tokyo Mew Mew): I started watching Tokyo Mew Mew again, and I started thinking. These two would be a cool team too. Although I think Pudding might be more energetic than Hana. Demo ne Hana would definitely be able to keep up with Pudding.

Hana MakihatayamaXPinkie Pie (Ojamajo Doremi/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic): Okay, I admit it! I got into the new My Little Pony stuff, it's not my fault! I think that Hana-Chan and Pinkie Pie would be so cute together! Both energetic, love sweets and just love having a good time!

Hazuki FujiwaraXLettuce Midorikawa (Ojamajo Doremi/Tokyo Mew Mew): I don't know why, but Lettuce reminds me of Hazuki, a little. They're both bookworms and the brains of their teams.

Hazuki FujiwaraXFluttershy (Ojamajo Doremi/My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic): Yeah, I don't know why either, but somehow Fluttershy also makes me think of Hazuki. (Fluttershy is my favorite!)

Doremi HarukazeXIchigo Momomiya (Ojamajo Doremi/Tokyo Mew Mew): They would be pretty cool together! They're both the heroines of their shows, and they're both pink, but I think Ichigo, in Mew Mew form, is a bit of a pink overload. I think they're a lot alike, but that's just me.

Doremi HarukazeXTwilight Sparkle (OD/MLP:FiS): Again, both are the heroines of their shows, and they would be pretty cool together.

Aiko SenooXRainbow Dash (OD/MLP:FiS): Well, these two are rather competitive and sporty. But who would in win a race? Aiko or Rainbow Dash?

Onpu SegawaXRarity (OD/MLP:FiS): Yeah, you got me, but I kept thinking about Onpu when I first saw Rarity.

My OC's!

Megan Makihatayama Mouse: Basically my alter ego. She has retained a few bits of my personality: Kind, friendly, a bit shy, sometimes hyper but only with her friends, gets ticked off real easily, a bit of a crybaby at times, sometimes laidback, very lazy too. She is the keeper of a magical item called The Heart of The Witches, which is rumored to hold the entire power of the Witch World. Well, because of my locket, it's why I chose the life of a witch, and I was adopted by Jou-Sama, which makes me the Princess of the Witch World. And because of my dad, Mickey Mouse, that makes me Princess of Disney. (The relationship between my fanfic parents is VERY complicated.) Because of this, I will someday have to choose which kingdom I want to rule over, but luckily I know well enough to listen to my heart. I'm like a big sister figure to the Ojamajos in my story 'Ojamajo Princess', plus I've really bonded with Hana-Chan since she calls me 'Megan Onee-Chan', and with Jou-Sama and Majorin-Sama. I am the turquoise Ojamajo and my spell is listed above.

Brittany: AKA 'Bri-Chan'. My very best friend in my stories and in real life. Brittany is also an anime fan, like me, although our tastes are a little different. She's smart, somewhere between normal to genius. Brittany is an artist and hopes to have a career in the arts one day. She's peppy, full of zest and such, so she's really someone to have around when you're feeling down. Brittany also chose the life of a witch, because she didn't want to be separated from me. She's become like a best friend to Hazuki. Brittany also gets freaked out like Hazuki in some situations, but when it comes to helping her friends, she pushes aside her fears. Brittany is the neon orange Ojamajo, and probably one of the only African-American Ojamajos, and her spell is also listed above.

Anna: Another one of my best friends in stories and in real life. Anna is very silly and playful, but not like Hana-Chan. Anna knows when it's cool to be funny and can sometimes act mature. She has blond hair, blue eyes, and wears a white shirt with a crescent moon, sandals and tan pants. Now, Anna moved away almost ten years ago from my hometown and made a reappearance in 'Ojamajo Princess', though this was considered to be suspicious. Anna has a secret that even she doesn't know she has, but what is it? I'm not telling! Anna also chose the life of a witch in order to be with BriChan and me. It's because of Anna that I was introduced to animes, as Anna is not just an 'Ojamajo' fan, but a major 'Sailor Moon' fan. Anna is the gold Ojamajo. Her spell is Pippililato Polonato Ponpon Paa.

Mary: She's me big sister in stories and real life. Mary discovered our secret in the events of the 'Ojamajo Princess Movie', so we filled her in on everything. Mary is sometimes sarcastic, and tends to tease me a lot, but she is a nice person when she wants to be. And Anna also introduced her to animes as well, but Mary has nearly outgrown it. Mary is not an Ojamajo, as she is too old to go through witch training, according to Majorin. But Mary is scheduled to make an appearance in the second season of 'Ojamajo Princess', 'Ojamajo Princess BAM'. In the 'Ojamajo Princess Movie', her Ojamajo colors are red, white and blue and wears the Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan Uniform.

Emerald Mutoh: Emerald is the daughter of Yugi & Jou-Sama! She is a full blooded witch, because Emerald was NOT born from a flower. She inherited powers from her mom & dad. She is the adventuresome type. Her personality is a mix of Aiko's, Momoko's, & Hana's. She has long lime green hair with green eyes to match, which gives her her name. Emerald wears a black vest, blue jeans & tennis shoes. Her Ojamajo uniform is a combo of Sharp, Dokkan, Motto & Royal Patraine in green & white. Her spell is Pululin Pyuulin Emiemi Chi! (Almost like Hana-Chan's spell)

Laura Segawa: Laura is Onpu's daughter. I originally designed her as a character in my Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan The Movie fanfic (& No! I will not upload OD Dokkan the movie, so don't ask!) One of Emerald's friends. Her personality is a cross between Onpu's & Hazuki's. Laura is also the black haired Onpu, in a sense! Laura wears a red tank top, dark blue jeans with a yellow flower design & ballet shoes. Her Ojamajo uniform is the same as Emerald's, but with purple & blue as her colors. Laura's Spell is Pili Pilli Poupalalou Pon! (A sort of combo of Hazuki's French Spell and the end of Momoko's spell)

Charity Fujiwara: Hazuki's daughter! She's extremly shy, just like her mom. Her apperance is long, blond hair tied into a braided ponytail, wearing a fluffy white sweater, a beige skirt & glasses. Charity is Italian & Japanese. Her Ojamajo uniform is, again like Emerald's, but with cream orange colors. Plus, she's another one of Emerald's best friends. Charity's spell is actually Hazuki's spell in Italian!

Majo Rosalita: An elder witch, who happens to be a famous treasure hunter in Majo Kai & a big secret! She is Majorin's grandmother! (Shocker!) Rosalita has a tendancy to address Majorin as Rin-Chan (Which is something Majorin will not tolerate.), but don't be fooled! Rosalita has amazing fighting skills that her daughter & granddaughter have been able to pick up on. Who is Majo Rosalita's daughter? No one really knows.

Haru: Jou-Sama and Majorin's daughter from the future. She has short silvery-blue hair and violet blue eyes. Haru is a calm girl, and thoughtful. Her personality is a cross between her mothers. Gentle and kind, yet serious at times. Haru's colors are red-violet and silver. Her spell is Pelelinto Piirito Piripiri Pon!

Konomi: Haru's younger sister. She has long silvery blond hair (Almost a cream color) and has pink eyes. Konomi is about ten times hyper than Hana. Her personality being a cross between Hana and Doremi. While Haru is more sensible and smart, Konomi tends to get into trouble. She doesn't mean to be troublesome, Konomi is very sweet and cares about her sister, family and friends. Konomi's colors are light-blue, white and silver. Her spell is Pupolito Pururinto Pulala Peperuto!

Tia and Lia: Twin witches. Future versions of Majopi and Majopon.

Black Queen and Evil Rin: Do they really need a description? The evil, black-hearted counterparts of Jou-Sama and Majorin. I should probably mention, by day time, they look exactly like the real Queen and Majorin but with major differences in personality. By nighttime, when they are exposed to moonlight and shadows, Black Queen and Evil Rin transform back to their original selves. Black Queen has hair as black as darkness can be, wears the same dress as Jou-Sama, only all the white parts are black. Whereas Evil Rin's outfit is like Majorin's, except it's black, gray and silver.

Shamaya: A young, mysterious witch apprentice of tropical descent. She has long dark brown hair, tan skin and hazel eyes. In some twist of fate, she became Majorin's adopted daughter (In a side story I was thinking about. Doesn't really go along with anything, probably way before Haru and Konomi, I'm not sure.). Shamaya's real mother abandoned her soon after her birth. Majorin has had to keep Shamaya a secret for years and sent Shamaya to school in the human world. That was when Shamaya met Doremi and the others Ojamajos.

Jou-Sama The Were-Witch: Yeah, that's right. WERE-WITCH!! In a future story (I won't say what it is.), Jou-Sama gains this form. Long story short, due to the Queen's close proximity to dark energies, she began to undergo a terrible transformation. Her hair turned black with silver sparkles, Her nails turned into extremely sharp claws, she also gained some much added physical strength, not to mention... ... ... fangs. She can even let out a menecing Were-Witch howl.

Majo Isabelle: Another one of my villains. You may have seen her in Episode 8 of Ojamajo Princess. I originally created her when I was doing a crossover of Ojamajo Doremi Sharp and Yu-Gi-Oh! (That's another story!) Majo Isabelle is a Spanish witch with the typical villain motives: Taking over the Witch World and making all the Witches her slaves. Isabelle also has a bit of a history with Jou-Sama and Majorin, I'll go a little more in depth with this in Chapter five of 'Ojamajo Party'.

Majo Black: The main villain of 'Ojamajo Princess'. She's hunting Megan because of her locket, the Heart of The Witches, but why? Majo Black wants the Heart in order to take over, not just Megan's world and Majo Kai, but all worlds connected through the Heart. But her one possible weakness is Megan's Pikotto Guitar, as the music can reverse her evil magic.

MegChan's Shugo Chara OC's!! I recently got into Shugo Chara and I think it is so cool, and so cute! So I started to design my own Charas.

Hikara: One of Megan's Shugo Charas, the first to hatch from her character egg. As for a description, kinda imagine a yellow version of Miki with pigtails, something like that. When she Character Changes with Megan, Hikara chants 'Giltter, Sparkle, Shine!' and Megan becomes more energetic and outgoing. When she Character Transforms, Megan becomes Elegant Lightening Bolt. Her weapon is a bell and her special attack is Harmony Shockwave. Hikara can even Character Transform with Amu, and become Amulet Lightening Bolt. Megan can also Character Transform with Amu's Charas, becoming either Elegant Heart, Elegant Spade, Elegant Clover, or Elegant Diamond. Hikara's Character Egg is blue with a lightening bolt and sparkles on it.

Capi: Megan's second Shugo Chara to be born. While Hikara was born from Megan's desire to stand out, Capi was born from a desire to be stronger, both physically and personality wise. Capi has fluffy reddish-brown hair and looks like a teenage regal captain. During Character Change, Capi chants 'Bravery, Strength, Confidence!', as a result, Megan becomes more assertive, almost authorative and she can make decisions more easily. Plus she becomes a touch more athletic. In Character Transformation, Megan becomes Elegant Treasure. She wears a light blue jacket with a silver border and gold epaulettes on her shoulders. The jacket is unbuttoned so you can see that Megan wears a white blouse and jean shorts. Finally, she has cream-colored boots and white gloves. Her weapon is a sword and there's no name for her special attack. Capi's Character Egg is a rusty-brown color with a symbol of a helm on it. She can also Charanari with Amu to become Amulet Treasure.

Holly: Megan's third Shugo Chara to be born. Holly was born from Megan's desire to be smarter. As far as appearance is concerned, Holly looks like a detective or imagine a female version of Sherlock Holmes. (I saw that movie and I was inspired to create Holly.) During Character Change, Holly chants 'Clue, Detect, Solve!' and Megan becomes much smarter than normal. Holly usually does this when the situation calls for it or when Megan freezes up on tests. In Character Transformation, Megan becomes Elegant Detective. Her weapon is a magnifying glass and she can use it to see what's in the hearts of troubled people and it really comes in handy when hunting down X Eggs and bad guys. Holly's Character Egg is dark green with a magnifying glass on it. She can also Charanari with Amu to become Amulet Detective.

Hattie: Megan's fourth Shugo Chara to be born. While Megan did wish to stand out, she also wishes to be crazy and not care what people think. That's where Hattie comes in! She has short fluffy blond hair, big glasses, a floppy dark green top hat, a gold jacket, blue pants and boots. During a Character Change, Hattie chants 'Crazy, Insanity, Screwy!' thus, Megan becomes hyper and random beyond all reasoning. During Character Transformation, Megan becomes 'Elegant Hatter'. She wears a big copper-brown top hat, a bronze jacket, a dark-brown sweater, light-brown pants and flat black boots. Her weapon is her hat and her special attack is 'Wonderland Surprise'. So, yes, in case you guys are going to ask, Hattie was indeed inspired by the Mad Hatter from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, 2010 version! Hattie's Character Egg is copper with a white card that has a 10/6 on it. She can also Charanari with Amu to become Amulet Hatter.

Dixie: Megan's fifth Shugo Chara to be born. Dixie has black hair styled like Onpu's, but instead of a ponytail on the side of her head, she has big black Mickey Mouse ears with red polka dot bows on them. She wears a red polka dot dress like Suu's, but without the apron, plus she had white gloves and yellow shoes. During Character Change, Dixie chants 'Mickey, Minnie, Disney!' Which brings out the toon/Disney side of Megan. In Character Transformation, Megan becomes 'Elegant Disney Star'. She wears a black Mickey Mouse ears hat with blue starred ribbons on them, a black vest, a red shirt with red and black patterned sleeves, white fingerless gloves, a red skirt, black pants and golden-yellow boots. Her special attack is Fantasia Illusion. Dixie's Character Egg is gold with a Mickey Mouse symbol that has a crown on top. She can also Charanari with Amu to become Amulet Disney Star.

DJette: Jou-Sama's first Shugo Chara to be born. During Character Change, DJette chants 'Mix it up, Turn it up, Remix!' and Jou-Sama gains a more tomboyish character. In Character Transformation, Jou-Sama becomes Queen D.J. She wears a black newsboy hat that hides her long silver hair, her veil turns into black sunglasses, she has one fingerless glove, a silver tank top with white ruffles on the straps, ripped up jeans, black and white converse shoes and a pair of headphones around her neck. In a fight or onstage, Queen D.J. mixes it up on the turntables, using music as her attack. DJette's Character Egg is blue-violet with a vinyl record on it. As a special ability, Jou-Sama has the power to transform with all four of Amu's Charas to become Queen Fortune, which was indeed inspired by Amulet Fortune. I just randomly came up with it.

Key: Jou-Sama's second Shugo Chara to be born. Key is half Suu and Half Miki. During Character Change, Key chants 'Legato, Staccato, Octive!', Jou-Sama turns into a much more level-headed artistic character. (So, yes, kinda like Amu with Miki) In Character Transformation, Jou-Sama becomes 'Queen Symphony'. She has silver elbow length gloves, cream-colored knee length boots, a black glittery skirt and a gray cape. (The top part from her normal dress stays the same.) Plus she loses the tiara and the veil. Her weapon is a conductor's baton and special attack is 'Mahou no Orchestra'. Key's Character Egg is decorated like sheet music with a clef symbol.

Feu: Majorin's first Shugo Chara to be born. Feu is French for Fire. Feu has orange hair with yellow streaks. She wears a red witch uniform with glittery orange gloves, golden laced up boots and a bright red hat. During Charater Change, Feu chants 'Glow, Burn, Luminate!' and Majorin turns a little bit agressive. In Character Transformation, Majorin becomes 'Shining Blaze'. She wears a black and silver Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan uniform with flames decorated on it and reveals that she has long hair. She has no weapon or special attack, but is believed to control the element of fire. Feu's Character Egg is tie-died flames with a Fleur-de-lis on it. As a special ability, Majorin can transform with Amu's Chara Dia to become 'Shining Diamond'.

Kusa: Majorin's Second Shugo Chara to be born. Kusa means Grass. Imagine a green version of Ran, mixed with a dash of Suu. Kusa wears a regal uniform that's kind of fluffy. During Character Change, Kusa chants 'Grow, Grew, Grown!' almost like Miki, and Majorin gains a sweeter demeanor. So basically, Kusa is like Suu, but with gardening instead of cooking. In Character Transformation, Majorin becomes 'Shining Blossom'. She wears a glittery green version of her uniform, but with a sleeveless jacket, ruffled gloves, tall dark-brown boots and also reveals her long hair. Again, no weapon or special attack, but is believed to control the element of earth. Kusa's Character Egg is tie-died green with the Fleur-de-lis on it.

Saphir: Would you believe this? A Shugo Chara I designed for Captain Amelia. (Oh Yeah! That's right, people! I went there!!) 'Saphir' is French for 'Sapphire'. Saphir has white hair done in a big fluffy hair-do. She wears a powder blue dress with pink and blue ribbons. She has blue eyes and speaks with a French accent. When she Character Changes with the Captain, Saphir chants 'Elegant, Splendeur, C'est Belle!' which means 'Elegant, Splendor, It's Beautiful!' As a result, Amelia becomes more gentle and more lady-like. When she Character Transforms, Amelia becomes Graceful Feather. Her Captain uniform turns into a ballgown version with ruffles and bows and a tiara. Graceful Feather's weapon of choice? A silver harp and her special attack is Ballroom Serenade. Saphir's Character Egg is white and decorated with the emblem on the RLS Legacy's flag. Sometimes during Character Transformation, Amelia says "Let's strike our colors, Saphir!" And Saphir responds with "Oui oui, mon Capitaine!" As a special abilitly, Amelia can even Character Transform with Miki to become Graceful Spade. (I know, I'm insane and I don't care.)

I have tons of ideas! At this time I can't take request, not for a while!

My other ideas (A small list of what you may or may not see on the site!) If you've noticed that a story preview has disappeared from the page, that's because of a lack and/or loss of interest, my forgetfullness to start them or my perpetual laziness. And in some cases, I may revist a story in the future!

Bolt with a Twist: Parody of Disney's Bolt. Luke is the star of a hit t.v. show as a superpowered Riolu. Only, no one's told him it's fake, so Luke believes all his powers are real. But when he's accidentally shiped to Anime York City, Luke faces the challenges of the real world. He then teams up with Mewtwo & SpongeBob for a cross-country trip to get back to his owner, Meg-Chan! (It's almost finished!! 3 Chapters left!)

Ojamajo Princess: Ojamajo Doremi adaptation of the manga, Kilala Princess. After her best friend is captured, Megan magically gains the ability to move between the worlds of Anime & Reality. With some help from her new friends, The Ojamajos, Megan will find a way to rescue Bri-Chan (Best friend) & become a real witch!

Hotel for Pokemon: Hotel for Dogs parody. Megan & Tails find an old hotel for their Riolu to live in, until they decide to rescue every stray pokemon & make the hotel their home! But what happens when their secret is out? (Possible release date? Unknown at this time.)

An Ojarella Story: Megan is a girl working for her evil stepmother, until her secret admirer wants to meet her at their high school's Halloween Homecoming dance. A Cinderella Story parody. (Possible release date? Unknown at this time.)

PWMCC's Doreline: Doremi Harukaze always dreamed of finding a better world. Little did she know, it was right in her own home. Now, she must use her wits and clever exploring skills to save herself! (Possible release time: Unknown at this time)

PWMCC's Ojamajo Rescuers: Otherwise a parody of Disney's The Rescuers. Jou-Sama and Majorin work together to rescue Cream the Rabbit from the greedy heiress, London Tipton. (VERY light JouSamaXMajorin)

Night of the Were-Witch: Parody of the Sonic mini-movie from the net, Night of the Were-Hog. On a dark and stormy night, Jou-Sama and Poppu discover an old mansion, haunted by ghosts! Jou-Sama's were-witch form comes out to play, and she has to fight two crazy picture-taking ghosts! (Almost finished!)

PWMCC's Up with a Twist: Parody of the new Disney/Pixar film "Up". What happens when a forgotten cartoon rabbit and a hyper witch apprentice travel to a lost world by a flying house? You get what could possibly be the greatest adventure ever!! (Possible release date? Unknown at this time)

Ojamajos in Universal Studios: It's lights, camera, and action as our favorite witches head off to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida! What sort of craziness will happen in this next installment of the Ojamajo Doremi Theme Park Adventure Series? (Intend to release late August.)

PWMCC's Bolt With a Twist Version 2: A new remixed version of my Bolt Parody and I just wanted to write it! Majorin and Jou-Sama are co-stars on a hit t.v. show, only downside? Majorin thinks everything is real and that she's some kind of super-witch. When Majorin is accidentally shipped all the way across the country, she faces the challenges of being a normal witch. She teams up with her new friends, Captain Amelia and Chowder, for an adventure to get back to Jou-Sama! (Another one of my MajorinXJouSama stories.)

Ojamajos' Treasure Island: An Ojamajo Doremi Parody of "Muppets Treasure Island". The Ojamajos discover a map that will take them on what could be their biggest adventure yet! Will they get the treasure before Shadow the Hedgehog and his crew do? (SonicXAmy at some point. and YES!! It is a crossover parody.) (Possible release date: Unknown at this time)

Ojamajo Doremi: Witches At World's End: The sequel to 'Rise Of The Shadows'. Haru, Konomi and Shamaya: Three witches from the future, come back to present day Misora, with terrible news. Black Queen has returned and is bent on killing Jou-Sama and all the Ojamajos! This time, Jou-Sama's super witch form isn't enough to take her dark half down. An adventure that will take our favorite witches to the farthest reaches of the Witch World. A battle that will decide the fate of all beings. Light vs. Shadows, who will win? (Now released, but will update at my own pace.)

Ojamajo Princess BAM: The second season of Ojamajo Princess. Megan, Brittany, and Anna are now full-fledged witches living in the Witch World. Megan, now Princess of the Majo Kai, must prove she is worthy of her title by passing a test from the Witches' Senate. If she fails, Megan will be stripped of her powers and will have to return to the human world. The same will happen to Brittany and Anna! With help from the Ojamajos, the Queen and Majorin, success doesn't seem too far, until a band of rogue witch apprentices appears, detertmined to make sure Megan fails... (Possible release date? Unknown at this time, but 19 episodes have been planned for this season.)

Ojamajo Planet Dokkan: To make long story short, my vision of an Ojamajo Doremi-Treasure Planet crossover!! Basically, it says "What if the Ojamajos were in the Treasure Planet movie"? Hana uses magic to transport herself to the RLS Legacy and she becomes Captain Amelia's apprentice, the Ojamajos (along with Jou-Sama and Majorin) have no choice but to tag along. Doremi is demoted to an unlucky cabin girl, working alongside Jim Hawkins. Onpu tries out pirate fashions. And, my personal favorite bit... Majorin and Amelia become like the best of friends. And can Hazuki handle be attacked by Pirates?! What more can go on?! It's Chaos, I tells ya! Bloody Chaos!! Takes place during the movie and in Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan. Opening is: DANCE! Ojamajo Special Remix. Ending is Koe Wo Kikasete (Queen, RinChan and Nekomimi mix). I'm still debating on whether I should put this on my account, I'll get back to y'all on this! (Possible release date? Unknown at this time)

Ojamajo Doremi Brushstrokes: When a curious Queen messes around with a magical paint set, she accidentally releases a terrible evil on a kingdom for creations new and old, loved and forgotten, and everything in between. Now, the Witch World's Queen must set out on a journey through this Wasteland to set things right. But in this world, she teams up with the Ojamajos's International Counterparts! The beginnings of a great adventure starts with your first mark on the canvas... (Prologue and Chapter one have been uploaded! Right now, I'm playing Epic Mickey, but at my own pace, and I'll try to work on the next chapter.)

Ojamajos on Disney Cruise Line: They've conquered the two most famous parks, now they're taking it out to sea! Join the Ojamajos as they climb aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship, for a tropical Caribbean vacation! They'll hang by the pool, take a spa day, explore a few amazing ports-of-call, even discover a ghost ship on Disney's private island Castaway Cay! (I need to do a spot of research before I dive into this story, but it will be cool!)

How To Train Your Neopet: Warriors and Neopets have been enemies for centuries on end. But when a boy named Yugi befriends a Darigan Kougra he names Tiger, he'll show everyone these creatures are not what they think. Can he prove this to his clan and his brother, Yami? And can he win the girl of his dreams? (I intend to get at least one chapter up here sometime, I don't know when though.. And this story has a MegChanXYugi pairing!)

Yugi and Yami's Suite Life Movie: "Suite Life Movie" parody. After ruining his chances at a ToonTown University scholorship, Yugi and Yami soon get caught up in a world of strange science, evil twins and mad scientists. If they thought going their separate ways was hard, Yugi and Yami will have to rely on each other in order to escape the dangers of the Toomini Project! And can Yugi win his girlfriend, Megan, back? ! (Possible release date? Unknown at this time. I wanna know if they release the Suite Life Movie on DVD.)

PWMCC's Phantom of The Megaplex: Parody of the Disney Channel movie of the same name. The ToonTown Megaplex has been chosen to host the grand premiere of the newest Hollywood blockbuster. But on the theater's biggest night, all heck seems to break loose with rumors of a mysterious phantom. Glitching projectors, flickering lights, out-of-control popcorn machines send the staff into chaos! It's up to Sora, Megan and Tails to solve the mystery and unmask the Phantom with the help of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. (Possible Release Date? Unknown at this time.)

That's it for now! Until next time, this is your host, PrettiWitchiMegChanChi signing out!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Great Disney Adventure III:Heroes and Villains by talking2myself reviews
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Disney - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 84 - Words: 215,916 - Reviews: 914 - Favs: 111 - Follows: 92 - Updated: 8/23 - Published: 4/28/2010
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Crossover - Ojamajo Doremi & Puella Magi Madoka Magica/魔法少女まどか★マギカ - Rated: T - English - Drama/Horror - Chapters: 23 - Words: 102,177 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 2/25 - Published: 9/30/2012 - Pop H., Mami T., Kyoko S., Sayaka M.
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Ojamajo Doremi - Rated: T - English - Angst/Drama - Chapters: 4 - Words: 12,706 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 1/1 - Published: 6/14/2012 - Doremi H.
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Ojamajo Doremi - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 35 - Words: 64,930 - Reviews: 136 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 10/19/2014 - Published: 8/18/2011 - Doremi H., Tetsuja Kotake - Complete
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Ojamajo Doremi - Rated: K - English - Mystery/Family - Chapters: 4 - Words: 4,360 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 10/31/2012 - Published: 6/8/2012 - Doremi H.
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Ponies of the Caribbean: Curse of the Pink Pastry by ToBeSomebody reviews
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Wrong Place, Wrong Time by Gohan Roxas reviews
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