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Hiya, I'm updating my bio!


I'm Laura. I'm 21 and live in the UK. I live at home with my mum and my adorable dog. I feel that writing is a passion to me and I love bringing characters to life. Here's some random facts about me:

I love Twilight, mainly the books but New Moon was pretty awesome. In fact, with the leaving scene I cried so hard I had to hold onto my boyfriend's hand for dear life.

I love all vampires, Dracula, Twilight, True Blood. The list goes on but every halloween I love to dress up as one. I love them that much, that it took me a lot of birthdays and christmas's to get the entire series of Buffy on dvd.

Me and my best mate dressed up as Alice and Bella to go see Twilight on it's release date we love it that much :D

I would love Kellan Lutz to bite me

Although my dog is the family dog, I love to think she's mine. She's 9 in September and I think she's my puppy still.

I love musicals, I'm a sucker for them.

My three other main passions are reading, horse riding and dancing

"Never Alone" links:

Never Alone Banner (made by me):

Here's my 'Never Alone' thread on Twilighed forum:

Link to Bella's outfit for her date in chapter nine:

The top:

Link for the girl's Halloween outfits in chapter ten:

Okay, here's my Twilight bio:

Fave book?

New Moon

Fave character?

Edward, duh

Most related character?

I think I'm a cross between Bella and Angela

Most fave character who are not Bella and Edward?


Least fave character?

Bleh, Victoria

Fave book line?

Edward's "blackest type of blasphemy" speech in New Moon. I actually cried when I read it

Fave actor/actress in the films?

I love Rob, gotta say. If I had to pick a girl I'm torn between Kristen and Ashley

Fan of the first film, Twilight?

I'm sorry, but nope. I think they missed out way too much and the relationship between Edward and Bella seemed forced and rushed. Thank god Rob and Kristen had chemistry otherwise it would have been a lot worse. There were some good scenes though, I have to say the kiss, Edward's intro and a tiny part of the meadow scene were my favourites. And cutting out more Edward and Bella scenes for the deleted scenes? boo

Fan of New Moon?

This one was much better, although, again, in some parts it seemed rushed especially with the scene at Sam's and Emily's place. It was meant to be this huge scene on how Bella can help the pack and to tell them really vaulable information and then, ooo once again Jake comes in to ruin the scene. I admit thought, I was a bit team Jake this time although because they too much emphasis on Bella and Jake, fans who hadn't read the book were like, "oo, I'm team Jacob now", which I didn't like, at all. I loved the reunion scene between Edward and Bella though, yet I wasn't happy at all with half of his speech missing. Again, it seemed rushed. The good thing about the book was it kept you on the edge of your seat, like as if to think, will Edward kiss Bella? Does he still love her? That edge-ness was good.

Fan of Eclipse?

I have to say, I only enjoyed two scenes. The first one, the proposal. I loved the on-screen chemistry with Rob and Kris yet again and I ab. loved how Edward proposed, luckily for Melissa she did that right. And the second, the fight between the Cullens and the wolves vs the newborns, it was done very well and quite intense too. Oh and Emmett's best line ever, "bad ass." Once again, Melissa seemed to have left out 80% of Edward's and Bella's conversations which to me, made the book what it was. And once again, I couldn't stand Jake. I was very angry at movie Bella, I recently read in a interview with SM that even she agreed that book bella would be mad with movie Bella. She would never leave Edward to go with Jake like that, she wanted to hear about the fight from Edward, not some stupid inmature little boy. And the look Edward gave when Bella left him like that, it broke me. And I hated how they did the second kiss between Jake and Bella. I even had to explain to my boyfriend, why Edward was okay about it and why Bella kissed Jake. Once again, Melissa just squashed down the conversations and left out the important parts. For instance as well, Bella would never shout at Edward and it was impeartive we learn that Jake was tricking Bella into kissing him, not some stupid little dialouge like, Bella "you saw?" Edward "yes" E "you love him", B "I love you more"... E "I know". That was awful and done so poorly. Truth be told, I was dissapointed but once again, if it weren't for Rob's and Kris's chemistry it would have been a lot worse.

Do you think Melissa is a good scripwriter for the Twilight saga?

No offense but I think all of us fans can write a much better script than her. She rushes everything and she seems to ruin some of the good scenes and misses out most of the good lines too

Which Cullen man would you date ? Carlisle, Jasper or Emmett?

I'm so torn between these three! I think deep down it would be Jasper if I really had to decide

Fan of Breaking Dawn?

Yes and no. I really didn't like Jacob's perspective going through most of the book. If I start reading it again, I always skip his part. At first, I was against Bella having a child but then I thought that Edward really derserved a child, especially to have one with Bella. It completed the story for me, especially Bella's power. I hated Jake imprinting on their daughter though, even though he did save everyone for doing so. If there was no Jake then it would have been better. I think I'm too team Edward on this book.

Did you think that Edward meant what he said, leaving Bella in New Moon?

I really thought he meant every word. I remember thinking to myself, scream at him Bella, beg him to take it all back. I was completely shocked when he left, I really did believe he would never leave her

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