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Hihiz! Well, uh... I don't know much to say, really. I'm a complete DeathNote-otaku, but my second favorites are Bleach and Naruto and there's a lot of others I like too, but not quite as much as those three. I'm a sugar-addict and I'm a hyper and random and crazy girl. I also like Harry Potter and Eragon, but I don't compare them to my manga and anime loves because it's liek comparing apples to chocolate. Yeah, I use Death Note-related phrases like that that I've made myself. Some are more easily thought of, like "Oh My Kira" but, I didn't steal them from anybodiez. It's fun to type in ways that aren't real! :D Anyways, yeah! I loves peoples and making friends and having funz! :D OH And glomping peoples! Speaking of which... glomps everybody reading this and other random people on the sidelines And L is my husband, just so you know! :D Let me live in my happy little bubble... :3 Sugar is AMAZING!! hehe, I had to leave on that note. I LOVES YOU ALL!! EAT MORE SUGAR!!


Here's a list of my different personalities! I've got schizophrenia, ADHD (in certain schizonalities), and multiple-personality disorder! I know I mix up the disorders and stuff, but it's more fun when it's not perfect! :D OH! And each schizonality is part animal, all different.

Lily: Hyperactive, bubbly, sweet, loving, bouncy, BUNNY

Daemon: Dark side, mischevious, not evil, trickster, DRAGON

Kyle: Sleepy, bored, lazy, BEAR

Felicia: Depressed, hates life, wants to die, DEER

KC: Sweet, youngest, innocent, ignorant, cute, ROBIN (bird)

Tali: Scared of everything, shreiks a lot, doesn't like accepting gifts for fear of being greedy, MOUSE

Serenity: Calm, sweet, caring, happy, SWAN

Alex: Dreamer, dazed, easily confused because he doesn't pay attention, DOG

Mist: Spacy, calm-yet-lunatic, probably belongs in an asylum, HORSE

Bryan: Evil, hates everything, don't mess with him if you know what's good for you, WOLF

Quiz: Hates drama, over-dramatizes, hypocrite, FOX

Will: Confused emotions, feels everything is wrong, lonely, CAT

Yes, Daemon, Kyle, Alex, Bryan, and Will are guys, though I'm a girl. Deal with it. I'm versitile. You'll probably need to know these if you read my Death Note Fan Fic, they come in for the intros and endings. They're all me, yet all different. There'll probably be more of them once I find them inside myeslf...

Here's a picture of Kayo, my Shinigami from "Hidden Kira, Secret Love": And I promise you I made him before I even visited this site if anyone thinks I stole the idea of him. I just like Werewolves and dragons and tigers, what he is like a fusion of. The Death Note he's holding is the one he gave to me, you can't see his, it's on the back of his harness and between his wings.

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