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-- one chapter at a time.

This is the collab account of Potions For Foxes and indigo's ocean (whose name I've gotten wrong for quite some time now...)

Potions For Foxes "Stupid Cupid" ASKED QUESTIONS section:

Did Sloth alter the dress (that she wore in Target)?
I honestly hadn't thought of it, but I'd say no. She probably just bought it a size small or something. Or Lust got it for her and had it altered. Sloth just knows that if she wears it, she is pretty much guaranteed to have the attention of all males in the vicinity.

Is this Edvy?
Hmm, let's think. It's told in the POVs of Ed and Envy. It takes place around Valentines Day. They got matched up together, plus freshmen year. But yes, it is Edvy.

Have we seen the new FMA?
I have not.

(Indy note: I've watched up to around episode four so far! Though I know what happens already, having read the manga. Actually, I've been viewing it on the Funimation website, which is awesome! I thought they were all hardasses who hated people watching anime for free... but now I guess I'll have to revise my opinion! A little, anyway - I had better watch it soon before they start dubbing and it comes out on DVD...)

Why does Envy have an elevator in his house? Is he super rich?
It was in the floor plans. And no I'm not joking, we have floor plans. See, there's an elevator. And while Envy himself is "chronically broke" the family is loaded. (Indy note: Though really, you shouldn't listen to Envy's complaints. Pride basically gives him whatever money/stuff he wants. He just doesn't ask.)

Other Stuff:

This takes place in the suburbs of Houston, TX. The year is 2009 (all movie dates are accurate too).

Important Note: Due to personal issues between the authors there will be no more updates. I'm leaving the story up because it has a bit of a following and honestly I like it just as much as you guys. It was a really fun world to play around in and I had a lot of fun with the characters. I really enjoyed working on this. It was honestly the fanfic I had the most fun with and I'm sorry that there won't be anymore of it. Just reading over the profile is enough to bring everything back and I really miss it.

I don't know if any of you are going to want this, but I feel that you deserve something, some sort of closure at least, so if you want to know how Stupid Cupid ends, message me. I'll tell you as much as I remember.

Oh and message Potions For Foxes, not this account.

Much love,


Hey All,

I've posted the what happens next. It's probably going to make no one happy, but hey. It's something. Let's not pretend that Ed and Envy ever really had a relationship that was functional.

Hope you enjoy it,


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