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Author has written 9 stories for Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Yu-Gi-Oh, Mortal Kombat, Mega Man, Parodies and Spoofs, and Super Hero Squad Show.


Name's SuperSonic22, SuperSonic for short, and Im just a typical guy in college that loves to chill with friends, play videogames, watch some good movies, read a good book/comic, and use my imagination to write fiction of any kind! This is actually my second year as a fan-fiction writer so please...go easy on this noob?? LOLZ

As a writer, I tend to write any sort of fiction. However, I tend to be more on the humor and parody side of things. I WILL write extremely serious and maybe even graphicly violent stories since I tend to write better in those genres. I also really dont write about stuff like torture (unless i have to but il try to keep it less graphic), and scuicide...sorry its just not something im comfortable writing about.

Currently, I am writing a series called "Classic Tales Retold" and if anyone has a suggestion of a classic story OR a series I can use as a cast I'd be ever in your debt AND WILL GIVE YOU CREDIT!!!!


Oh and also, here is my DEVIANT ART account: (Soul-Blade22)


Real name: Sorry...only friends get this info

Gender: Male. Nuff' said

Age: Meh okay il let ya in on this one...I'm 21 (for now haha)

Favorite Kind of Music: Um...mostly Rock but i can listen to other stuff. Im not really picky...

Favorite Videogames (also series): okay this is a long one...Mortal Kombat, Megaman, Sonic (HELL YES!!!), Tekken, Blazblue, Kingdom Hearts, Maui Mallard/Cold Shadow (look it up), T'ai Fu (also look up), Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, Croc, Tomba!, Gex, Resident Evil, RAYMAN, Soul Calibur, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Marvel vs Capcom, Marvel Super Heroes, Street fighter X Tekken, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, the dragonball Z games (LOVE EM!), Resistance, F.E.A.R., Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy(also Dissidia), Ninja Gaiden, Digimon Rumble Arena, Duke Nukem (Hail to the King, Baby!), God of War, Aliens vs Predator (the ps3/360 one), Spiderman: shattered dimensions, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, The Legacy of Kaine, Batman (good games mostly), Ape Escape, Devil May Cry, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, Super Smash Bros, MArio, Kirby, Uncharted, Persona, and Yugioh!

Favorite Characters (list will be always upgraded over time):

Dragonball Z: Krillin, Goku, Piccollo, Trunks, Vegeta, Baby Vegeta, Cell, Cooler, and my all time favorite...BROLY, THE LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN!!!

Sonic: I basically like everyone from Sonic...but my top favorites are as follows: Sonic (main character and I like his attitude), Mephiles (HELLO? DAN GREEN AS A VILLAIN!!!), Knuckles, Shadow (F* yes), Eggman, Amy, Metal Sonic, Blaze, and MIGHTY THE ARMADILLO (wheres the love sega???)

Mortal Kombat: Scorpion (get over here!), Sub-Zero, Goro, Noob Saibot, Raiden, Smoke, Frost, Johnny Cage, Nitara, Cyrax, Sektor, Kintaro, Shao Khan, Quan Chi, tanya, Jade, Kitana, Mileena, Baraka, Ermac, and Reptile

Duke Nukem

Sly and the Gang (even Carmelita)

Maui Mallard/Cold Shadow (look up the game..its my childhood on the PC other then MK and Sonic 3D Blast)

T'ai Fu (also look him up)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Batman: Batman, Joker, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, HARLEY QUINN, Clayface, Bane, Man Bat, Nightwing, Riddler, Batgirl, Robin, Cat Woman, and last but not least Mister Freeze

ANYTHING ELSE INTERESTING??: Erm...Im half Italian?? oh and i cant eat movie theater popcorn sadly...the butter gets me sick *cries in a corner*

Favorite Food: Pizza, Chinese Food, Italian Food, Hamburgers, Hot dogs...ah hell anything edible that tastes good!

Last but not least: MY Original Characters (OC): DO NOT STEAL!!! you may use them if you ask and also give me credit...

Boom the Hedgehog:

First Appearence: Currently in works

Age: Since he's a robot/organic lifeform hybrid, he has no age (like shadow in a way)

Height: Normal Sonic character height

Weapon of choice: a gun or his fists

Alliegence: Neutral

Fur color: Red (dyed)

Eye color: dark purple

Clothes: Wears black shoes with light blue buckles (like sonic's style) and black fingerless gloves (sometimes wears a leather jacket and sunglasses)

Super Form: a silvery purple with light blue eyes

Created by Dr. Eggman as a PERFECT robotic clone of Sonic, Boom the Hedgehog was created by Eggmans robitic genius, some of Sonic's DNA, and stolen data from G.U.N. based on the "Boom" project (Bio-organic life Originationg From Machines). When he was first made, he had dark blue fur and purple eyes. In his first year of "living", Eggman told him that HE was the real Sonic and sent him to kill the "fake". Sonic of course beats Boom, but tries to save the mecha when he almost dies...and fails to do so. Another year later, Boom is ressurected by G.U.N. to be the ultimate weapon. He escapes and meets Shadow who becomes friends with him over time. He also meets every other person in Sonic's universe and also his almost-brother Shellshock the Turtle (another OC). In a final battle with a leader in G.U.N., he and Team Dark as well as Team Sonic and Amy Rose, defeat the corrupt leader. This lets Boom have a normal life as a Mobian...becoming a rivval/friend to Shadow and Sonic. Soon after, Boom learns that his original creator, Lisa Ravens, is dying of cancer. He rushes with Shdow to meet her before she dies and gets there just in time for her to say goodbye.As an almost flawless copy of Sonic, he shares all of Sonic's likes and dislikes and his need to be on his own. He IS different htough, as he loves to swim and also is more aggressive in nature and tends to be a bit violent in certain moments.


First Appearence: "The Cat and the Asylum"

Age: mid twenties

Species of Cat-genes: Tiger

Weapon of choice: Anything he can get his hands on and "Bare-fisted" combat

Alliegance: Good

Clothes: Usually wears black tank top and black pants (for stealth), has red metal wristbands that can create electricity, and no shoes (why would he need em?)

Tai is an orphen thats past is shrouded in mystery. He is an inhuman cat-man hybrid and acts like any other young adult.Upon arriving in Gotham City, he is arrested by the police and thrown in Arkham Asylum for the fear that he may be a new villain out to harm the city. While in Arkham, he makes a friendship with some inmates...ESPECIALLY Harley Quinn (who is lonely since the Joker is gone for a while). During a breakout, Tai stayed behind (much to Harley's dismay) and later is found by Batman. Tai teams up with the Batman as he his told that, if he helps the dark knight, he is free to live in Gotham as a citizen. He now works as a vigilante that now fights for the greater good.


First appearence is currently in the works!*

Age: 19

Species: varies on story but he's mainly a human

Eye color: dark blue

Height: 5'5 or 5'6

Hairstyle: Blonde, spiky anime hair (looks like Sora's from Kingdom Hearts)

Ethnicity: White

Clothing: grey or orange t-shirt, black or blue jeans, brown belt with a waffle icon as the belt buckle, a silver necklace with the logo of the Black Arms from the "Shadow the Hedgehog" game, black shoes, and has metal ringlike wristbands (think of Shadow's ring-like make em black)

Weapon of Choice: Either a Keyblade or a weapon that can turn into: a sword, a bo-staff, or the Kasuragami (its a chain with a scythe/knife on the end)

Personality: Mattao is a guy like everyone else. He loves to have fun, acts like a gentleman to women and keeps chivalry alive, doesnt like to see his friends hurt, and tries his best at whatever he does. He has a very strong will to never give up and will fight till his last breath. At times he can be mischevious and a bit cocky, but its cause of his care-free attitude. Around women, he is very shy and tries to not look ridiculous in front of them for fear of being rejected. He also nosebleeds easily...

Powers and Abilities: It all depends on the story. Sometimes he's a normal human...sometimes he's the Saiyan that can reach Super Saiyan 3!!! But one thing is for sure...he can almost copy every Signature or Special Move known in existence! He so far knows the Kamehameha, Shoryuken, and the Falcon Punch. If he has his Kasurigami, he can do the ever famous "GET OVER HERE!" technique from Scorpion in Mortal Kombat. Mattao is also a great martial artist and even though he doesnt like to fight, he can hold his own even against the toughest opponents

Love interest: Well...this is a tough one... Mattao has no REAL love interest in the stories. Again he is a character that revolves around alot of "If this happened..." stories. However, he does LOOK for love in any story he is in even if theres no success. Whatever story he is in, due to his past with girls, he's shy and doesnt want to be hurt again. however, he is mostly paired with female characters I think would go well with him...which leads to some surprises.

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