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pen name: chahatein

Translated from Hindi/Urdu, it means "desires". I was formerly, jeena.tere.liye

I've been reading fanfiction for about four years and have tried writing some of my own.. hope you enjoy them!

The Stories I Read

My favorites books are all fantasies: the Twilight Saga, Pendragon, The Inheritance Cycle, Harry Potter... though I am trying out some classics. I've read the Odyssey by Homer four times, and it's always entertaining. I haven't been able to read many other books recently because of how busy I am... I am limited to whatever I have at my house at the moment... Most of my reading these days tends to be done on fanfiction.net :)

The Harry Potter books first really got me to love reading, and I've always envied those characters with a touch of magic in their lives :) As I've grown, I've been to better appreciate how complex yet subtle JK Rowling wrote her characters and her plot. They really grow and change throughout the series, and fanfiction has given me a whole new appreciation for them.

In Harry Potter, I started reading the canon Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione. Another couple that I really enjoy reading about is James/Lily. It's a bit ironic, but while I was reading a time-travel "Harry goes back to Marauder days" fic, I stumbled upon another fanon pairing which I find is my all time favorite: Hermione/Draco. I've slowly begun to explore this pairing, and I've found that there are some real gems hidden in the "267" pages of search results... I really love Time Travel pieces and Universe-Switching pieces because I love to take the canon plotlines and introduce "I wish" parts of fanfiction. I've come to really like the characters that JK Rowling has developed in her 7 books, especially Harry at the end of DH, and so putting those fully developed people in altered scenarios and giving them another type of happy ending is what I like best.

Most of the fanfics I've enjoyed over the past 3 years are from the Twilight series. Until recently, I only read canon pairings, especially Edward and Bella, because I have always believed that the relationships that the author creates are kind of sacred in their own way. Reading something like Jasper/Bella or Carlisle/Alice feels incestutous to me. Yeah, well that mindset lasted for about three years until I found Blackwater fanfiction and fell in love with the fanon pairing Jacob Black and Leah Clearwater.

I used to only read fanfics from the Twilight series, because I feel that stories with a lot more fantasy (such as all the others) don't leave much room for really good variation unless the story becomes AU/AH. I've picked up on Harry Potter FF lately, and I've really come to love it. In the Twilight fanfics I do prefer AU/AH (in the Edward/Bella stories at least) because it gives a sense of reality to the story, and I think a good sense of reality is what makes the best fanfics... if everything in a story is always happy and the conflicts are small and meaningless, then the story loses its meaning and power. In the Blackwater genre, and with all other books, I prefer to read the supernatural stories.

The Stories I Write

I've written some Edward/Bella drabble over the years, but nothing ever good enough to post. I also researched some ideas for Blackwater fics, but I haven't produced anything coherent.

Right now, while I'm in my Harry Potter FF phase, I am experimenting in a James/Lily fic and a few Hermione/Draco fics. Both are centered around Time Travel and Universe Travel, and I really like how the plot ideas are turning out. I've got soo many plot bunnies though that I've no idea what to do with them. Barely anything I dream up seems to be a one-shot type thing. I imagine multi-chapter stories with long, complicated plot lines.. that never get written :( Oh well... hopefully I'll publish something that's worth reading, Beta'd and everything soon :)

The Stories I've Published

Ten Years - A one shot that came to me on Super Bowl 2011 when I was supposed to be writing a philosophy paper for a class. I really like the back story I created for this fic, and I might make this story into a series of one shots one day.

The Shame of Valentinus - A one shot that I hoped to publish for Valentine's Day 2011. I published it a few days after Feb 14, but the theme remained the same. I initially intended for this fic to fall in the same world as Ten Years, perhaps as one of Draco and Hermione's encounters in Spain, but the story wasn't working out, so I edited that part out. I might go back and adapt it to fit that one shot series one day...

Hello, Brother - An admittedly abnormal storyline that I am hesitant to write. Future Hermione kidnaps Baby Draco and gives him to her parents. The two grow up as siblings, but that poses a threat to any possible romantic relationships. WIP, so as I continue to create the plot, I hope the fic will seem less incestuous and more normal. I hope. Otherwise this fic comes down.

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