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I am not going to tell you all about 'me'. I am not going to tell you my likes or dislikes. I am not going to tell you about my family life, my schooling, my work. To you, this is not of much importance. To me it is important, because all this stuff makes me who I am. But you do not know me. The only thing you do know is that I am a writer. To you that is what is important.

So, here I am; to tell you just what kind of writer I am, what i enjoy writng and what kind of pairings I write about and favour. That is what is important.

First of all, I would like to put out there that I am one hundred percent English. I believe this is important, just in case you are not from England or America or any other country that speaks this language. If you don't understand English, then there is no point in reading my stories.

I am not very good with grammar. I don't know much about it. I am currently looking into taking a course in which it will hopefully improve it. It is an English literature course. I am then hopefully going on to do a creative writing course. It is my dream to become a novelist. So, with taking these courses, I hope to improve my writing. But do not fear, if I get a break with my work, I will still write on here because I enjoy writing about my favourite T.V programmes. So, I hope you can understand that I am not so good with grammar.

I don't plan ahead. I write as the idea comes to my head. Then I will let the story take me where it wants. I enjoy this method because it allows me to enjoy the adventure as well, because just like you I have no idea what will happen in the next chapter, not till it just pops into my head. I usually think about what I wrote last, then work from there.

I don't spend a lot of time on each chapter, I mean thinking about what comes next; not the actual writing. I tend to write the first thing then go from there. After I think, I could think of something better. But I don't bother, because the way i look at it, is i should go on my first insticts and see where that gets me.

I also only proof read my work one, two or three times, no more. I don't like spending to much time on it. If it was proper novel for an agency I would probably spend a lot more time on. This site is purely for fun, so I generally believe that the plot is more important and more enjoyable.

I also try and update as quick as I can. Sometimes I will go long periods but that will because I either have computer trouble or internet trouble. But I also may sometimes get writers block, which doesn't happen very often, it usually depends on the story itself.

I hate to admit it, but there are a couple of stories I have written that I have not completed. That is one thing I hate to do. But it is simply because my love and inspiration for them as gone. Eventhough i have put them as completed, I may return to them in the future, don't hold out though because I am always coming up with new plots.

Reviews now. I love them, who wouldn't. They inspire me to keep writing. They make me feel... well there is no words to describe it. I accept pretty mcuh anything. I am not a fan of the not so good ones. If you don't like something then tell me and give me some advice on how you think things should go. Don't tell me something is wrong with my story without telling what you wanted in the first place. I hate that. However, you are free to give me advice on how to improve my work. I always look for ways to improve my stories.

When I update a chapter, I will reply to the all those who have reviewed my previous one, letting you know what I thought of the feed back and to let you know that a new chapter. I believe that the quicker I let you know a new chapter as been updated the quicker you get to read it and enjoy it. If you are anonymous I will put a thank you at the beginning of each chapter.

Now I will tell you what I enjoy writing about.

I love writing NCIS - I have written three stories for it. My main focus is TIVA. It has been a while since I have written anything for this T.V show. But I am thinking of writing for it again soon.

I also love writing for the Vampire Diaries. This is my all time favourite T.V show. I am a huge DELENA fan. All my stories are about them. I have two stores completed, which are not really finished. (sorry). In my defense it had been well over a year since I had written anything, it took me a while to get back into it. Now I am. So, I have four stories on the go.

'It's for the best'

'The past always comes backs and haunts you'

'Betrayal can sometimes be a good thing'

'Deep within the shielded heart'

I am enjoying them immensely. I don't have a Favourite, it keeps switching, at the moment it's 'the past always comes back and haunts you' I think it's the amount of Delena scenes compared to the others. Soon, my favourite will change, last week it use to be 'It's for the best'. Okay, so no I look insane, I am laughing out loud.

So, that is all about me as a writer. I hope you take the time to read my stories and please review them. Your support will always mean the world to me.

The most important thing to me while I write, is your opinion and only doing the best for you guys.

Thank you for reading my profile, I hope you understand me as a writer.

Many thanks


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