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HI peeps! What's up? So I got an account becasue my friend 'Alice' who shares an account with 'Rosalie' said that I should becasue they say I write. . . well. There screen name is mrs-I-love-EdwardCullen. If you want to read really good stuff, you can read it there. I really hope that you like my stories. So I am probably Team Switzerland or Ice Cream-not real- becasue I like both Edward and Jacob. I know that my avatar is pretty corny but I think that its awsome! I hope you guys read, and pleaze reveiw them!! If I dont reaspnd back to you thou it's b/c I am probably going to be really busy. So I hope that you enjoy!! :) :) :) :) :)(O.o)

Meet Mr.Bunny! Copy and paste it on to your profile!! SUPPORT THE BUNNY!! If you do paste i on to yours pass it on EVERYWHERE!! Well mabey not EVERYWHERE. . .but you know what I mean. . .right??

By the way I'm really sorry I havent posted any storys. It's just that my computer doesnt have wireless at home. So I have to go to a diffrent place to edit and update my profile. So. . . oh. . . and also I write all my storys and then save them on my flash drive. Sorry, I left my flash drive in my bag and I dont have it with me, SORRY!! :(:(:(:(:( Well thats all for now peeps.