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Hubba, Hubba don't they look happy


I'm Madalynn. Umm... I've written a few stories about Bella and Tanya but it didn't work out very well. People liked it and stuff but it just wasn't my best. My newest story is Somebody Get Me Off This Toilet. Actually my newest story is called He Wants Me. Here is some info about me

Where I lIve: Stalkers

What My Mom And Dad's name is: Weirdos

When Was I born: A while ago

what do i want to do when i grow up: what is this 20 questions?

How old am i: old enough to have a fanfic account

Do i have any family: Duh

Do I Have a boyfriend: none of your beeswax

What type am i: If you are wondering about this question: Bug OFf

What do i do for a living: try to stay human although being a vampire would be kind of fun


That is all i have to say about me.

If you think i have been infulenced by Fred from Youtube recite this poem to your friend

Roses are red, Violets are blue, There are some creepy things about you, Tea IS brown and you are blue. This is odd but so are you. I'm not insulting you it's just true. If you like pizza you are cool if you like bananas you are cruel. MUhhhahha

Random stuff:)


Me: So

Bryan: Eh, What

Me: Yeah

Bryan: What

Me: Chicken Butt

Bryan: Youre so imature

Me: Pardon, what did you just say

Bryan: Chicken Butt, oh it burns doesn't

Me: Shutup, and it's my thing

A new conversation

ME: heeehheee

Bryan: I don't why i'm friends with you

Me: I want a million dollars but that isn't going to happen.

Bryan: SHut up

ME: What evs

Bryan: Odd person

Caddy Coments

1. Golfer: How do you think my golf is going?

Caddy: Your not playing golf, sir

2. Golfer: How many clubs do you think i'll need to use to get it done

Caddy: 1 sir, the ball will run as fast as it can to get away from your club

3. Golfer: How good do you think i'm doing

Caddy: If I tell you the truth you have to promise not to kill me

4. Golfer: I think i'm going to quit golfing

Caddy: Sir, your better than that 2 year old, that's an improvement

5. Golfer: Hand me that iron

Caddy: Oh, i thought it was a hammer

6. Golfer: hand me the can

Caddy: Oh, sorry sir it's already full

7. Golfer: What's it like being a caddy for me

Caddy: Honestly, very scary

8. Golfer: what was my worst shot

Caddy: Every swing

9. Golfer: Do you think my wife loves me

Caddy: No. she doesn't. she is planning a divorce

10. Golfer: What's my best golf shot

Caddy: None

Okay i didn't do very well on those Golfer, Caddy comments but i could do bettter.

A Poem

The sky above faded into the grassy plaines. The soft clouds turned darker and darker. The sky said goodnight. The moon turned on the nightlight and said good bye.

Another Poem poe- em for the less educated no offense

life is like a roller coaster. YOu hop on to the cart hoping for the best. As you ride there are changes and loop de loops. But eventually things straighten out.YOu may be afraid at times but overcome the fears. You may get rusted and weary and may break but get repaired. SOon it's time to get off the roller coaster. And let someone else live.

Touching eh... Please email me telling me what you think. Is it classic or is it cheesy. be honest. Also HELLO SUNSHINE THE WORLD SAYS HELLO. from LIttle Miss Sunshine.

Wonder About This

How many times can paper beat rock. I don't knnow beacuse that is just te way rock works.

A Song

Let it Rock a very good song

Have you ever been in love? I have. It's not the best thing in the world. And the reason why is because of the word Rejection. Yes. Rejection. That word will change your life in many ways

YOu wanna hear something random well then hear is something the total oppostite i think.

My Mom: "Gotta get a message to you" singing.

Me: Ouy

My Mom: "Gotta get a message to you" still singing.

Me: Mom you have been trying to get a message to me for a while i think you should take a break.

Odd no come on people i am trying

Fun Facts

Did you know that Timberland is also a eye glass company. Strange.

So um i just put up a new story? What do you think? I don't know. So yeah. Hey here is a thought when you get really bored you can google search cheese. Fun. Nope, Boring, Boring, Boring. i've done it. It's kind of weird.


The sounds that have nothing to them seem to have the most significance. The sounds that you hear are full of something special

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