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Author has written 2 stories for Assassin's Creed, and Elder Scroll series.

Hi there, I'm reece, 17, I hope your stay on my profile isn't too unpleasant! I'll add more to this the next time I get a chance.

There's not really much to say about myself, I write fics to help out with my writing, or when I get writer's block working on other projects - which, by the way, is disturbingly frequent. Nevertheless, I like to create OCs alot of the time in my fics, often because I like to expand upon the parameters of the worlds created in the show/game or if I just have an idea that I think is really cool and I want to share it with the rest of the fandom - despite the fact that I doubt anyone will like it anyways - oh well!

Outside of Fanfiction I am working on a novel (or at least trying to), It started out as a very standard, Tolkein-esque high fantasy romp but I decided to develop it into more of a story about human determinism, set to the background of a fantasy world which I've tried exceedingly hard to make unique whilst still drawing upon well-loved classics too. My pen name comes from one of the countries in the world, which was a exotic forest land called 'Azura', and despite the fact that it has undergone a name change since then, I've stuck with this name, I quite like it.

My Fics:

A Rose's Thorn - A new intern working at Abstergo is forced to relieve the memories of an ancestor from the middle ages, Mercia Aethlgrad, an assassin sworn to protect England from the Norman Invaders. OC/OC. Incomplete.

This is the first fic I posted to this site (under this moniker at least, I posted embarassingly poor fics when I was younger but they are locked away forever!), my grammar is poor to say the least, but I like the idea a lot - so much so that I'm planning to re-write the fic completely, with a lot more content, back story and written better - which means that I won't be posting any more chapters to this fic itself, but I will leave it here just in the event that someone wants to read it. God only knows why.

Genetic Evil - A secret organization attempts to create an even more powerful Pokémon from the DNA of Mewtwo things go horribly wrong and a very unlikely alliance is formed, will they succeed or will 'Mewthree' take over the world?

I'm a little disappointed in myself that I only published one chapter of this, as I had plans for to take it in an interesting direction, using the cliched 'Mewthree' as a means to bring back Mewtwo as an anti-hero and delve into his character further than the movie, perhaps I will get around to posting some more of this. Also, as a fair warning to anyone who might want to read it, it is darker than a Houndoom, so no furry cute funniess here.

The Others - The Dovahkiin wasn't the only prisoner heading to Helgen on that fateful. There was four more, and their story perhaps eclipses that of the legendary dragonborn himself. They can't hide from the Imperials forever - but that isn't their main concern - can they trust one another?

I absolutely love Skyrim, I feel that it is necessary for me to state that firstly, if there was one fantasy world I could choose to live in it would be Skyrim, well Middle-Earth would probably just win out, okay well Skyrim is my second choice. Nevertheless, after finally managing to detach myself from the TV after playing TES:V for nearly a month I was determined to write a fic about it - including all four of my main characters I'd played as no less! Lars is the reluctant hero, an unconventional Nord and an emotional and intellectual soul - that doesn't mean he can't hold himself in a fight though, he would just prefer to recite war poetry. Hides-In-Shadows is an Argonian jokester, he's had a tough life but has learned that humour masks his pain, quick to develop friends and even quicker to find his dagger into an enemies throat, he is a valuable ally - even if he only has one arm. Iliwen is the troubled High Elf who is quite delicate and reclusive, scarred by a dark past she keeps to herself mostly but is just waiting for the right person, or Nord, to bring her out of her shell - oh and she's a sorcerer too - probably worth pointing that out before you mess with her. Finally there is Vayln Marvos, a dark and brooding Dunmer with a quick wit and a short temper, there is something not quite right about him. I am intending to come back to this project at some point, after my Rose's Thorn re-write probably.

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