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I am Ghostkaiba297. As you may have guessed, I get my name from Ghost Kaiba, one of the more minor villains of Yu-Gi-Oh.

My favorite animes are Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Monster Rancher.

My favorite live action show is Supernatural.

I love crossovers, especially involving Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.

My favorite horror movies are A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Hellraiser, Child's Play, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Evil Dead, Saw, and Snakes on a Plane.

Recently I am also into furries, especially Lucario, Renamon, and Krystal. Honorable mention Fox, Tails, Flicker, Princess Flame, and Sir Blaze. So, foxes and dragons are my two most favorite kind of furry, also cats. I've been writing a lot of stories about the five foxes Fox, Krystal, Renamon, Lucario, and Tails, cause in my opinion seeing those five together is like seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis in the same scene in a movie, which is finally done for the first time in The Expendables, in 2010.

On September 18th 2011, I was introduced to two new series I never thought I'd watch four years ago: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (the first straight TV series of My Little Pony, released in 2010) and Hannibal Lecter (since Lecter doesn't really lose in the end, but on the other hand the individual antagonists of the movies do). You can say I hate two people with a passion: A certain CSI writer who created a negative stereotype about furries (which many people fell for), and a certain Fox News guy who created a negative stereotype about bronies (which was a little more transparent) and I have resisted the temptation to write a revenge fanfic about Hannibal Lecter feeding his brain to the ponies. And by the way, the one now known as Screwball on Everfree Radio was the one who introduced me to MLP.

And before any of you "false Krystal and/or Renamon fans", as I call them, read my stories, know that I strictly portray characters unoffensively, if you know what I mean. I am a true Krystal and Renamon fan and so I won't be any more offensive with them than Star Fox and Digimon Tamers are.

I am also a fan of Kahlan Nightwing's "Bow to the Prince" website, particularly the "Vegeta Says". Perhaps one day I'll write a story where Vegeta's tail grows back and he beats up immortals like Team Rocket, De La Porta, and the Joker. (Update: Kahlan actually reviewed one of my stories, and printed it out)

I suppose a few of my characters have been appearing in many stories so I should probably give bios on them.

The Bully Bros.: Four brothers who like to beat people up. The oldest brother is a fat boy named Bunkheff Dorque. He is 18 with brown hair and a red jacket. The second oldest is Bunk Dorque. He is 17 with brown hair, kinda muscular. Taller than Bunkheff and with a red jacket and jeans. The second youngest is Muck Dorque, the most psychopathic of the bunch. He is 16, has dark hair, with a purple shirt and jeans. The youngest is Monkey Dorque. He is 15, with blonde hair and a purple shirt. All four are in love with Princess Ruto.

Benks and Jirk Fuller: Two more bullies. Benks Fuller is 15. He is fat, with brown hair. Jirk Fuller is 14, taller than Benks and quite skinny, also with brown hair.

SaberMyotismon: Think of him as LadyDevimon and MarineDevimon to Digimon's Devimon. SaberMyotismon is not a form of Myotismon but is a sabertooth tiger with similar features. He was inspired by Mihiramon in Digimon Tamers; since his first appearance was shrouded in mystery and he was so powerful, I thought he might be some form of Myotismon until I saw his name. I guess the reason behind his power is he's the first Ultimate they face, and behind his mystery is that he is the first Deva to appear.

Armgabeddar's gang: I think they've only been in one of my stories here but I've written other stories a little too bizarre to appear here (don't worry, it's still in an unoffensive way, unless sacking people on occasion counts as offensive). Armgabeddar is the leader, who loves armageddon. Bolt Staccada is his right hand man. Flametaelite does his yardwork. He has a flame on his tail like Charmander, and does his yardwork because these guys live in hell. Sivelglith does his homework. And Ashtalamoko does his housework. He resembles a grasshopper.

Furry Offenders: Fed up with offensive portrayals of Krystal and Renamon, I invented some furry offenders that ipidemize those who hate furries, especially those two vixens. Dark Riza is kinda like an "Emperor Palpatine" in the way he rises to power and he tries to trash their reputations by creating fake stories about them (almost like a CSI episode my friend told me about, and we both hope the one responsible burns in hell). Demented Yoshi is like a Yoshi that resembles Dimentio from Super Paper Mario, and is just as psychotic, if not more. He enjoys his work, but wouldn't even think to go after Krystal if the enigmatic Disgracer (a dark hooded figure) was not paying him to. Lastly, Venus Foxtrap is a high school student who hates Renamon and takes over fur wiki (of course no such thing has happened in reality, plus in our world it's called wikifur). He is an ape that may have been affiliated with Andross. I used to call them furry assassins, but I think "offenders" is a better term because someone called a furry assassin is more likely to try to kill them.

Giga and Dan: Giga is a jacker who steals only from villainous organizations, and Dan is a wizard with powerful magic abilities.

Fred Futch, Frank Dog, and Victor Swan: Three gangsters.

Luke Saknussman's gang: Appearing in only one story so far. Luke Saknussman is a cop killer who makes monk soup. His name is derived from Saknussem from Journey to the Center of the Earth. Warhead likes to run people over with tanks. Tagge is a moron who likes to eat "suck" (whatever that means). His name is derived from Commander Taggi from Star Wars. Cebres is a girl who, despite being over 20, is obsessed with G3 of My Little Pony, and therefore hates Friendship is Magic with a passion. Augustus is a gangster who, if he were in a movie, would be played by Sylvester Stallone.

Sour Frog, Wormy Frog, and Rotten Frog: Three frogs. One looks like he was in a jar of picklejuice for too long, one has worms crawling through him, and one is plain rotten with teeth. Their origin is that they were taken to Froggybottom Bog by Fluttershy, and when the Hydra began massacring them they sold their souls to the devil, who turned them sour, wormy, and rotten to avoid the Hydra eating them. Their names are derived from Applegate Skinner from The Trumpet of the Swan.

Stickhead: The leader of the G3 ponies in the Mysterious Beyond, where Celestia banished them

Ulyaoth: A demon resembling a cross between VenomMyotismon from Digimon and Sthertoth from Bomberman. He likes to eat people, also furries and ponies. Not to be confused with the Eternal Darkness character of the same name (and is pronounced differently).

Dick Dick: A humanoid Charizard who is paranoid about his flame going out and wants to destroy all water. He is named after the 10,000 BC character but couldn't be more different from him.

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