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Me? I'm a very weird 14 (My birthday passed! Yay!) year old half Korean girl. I wished I was a hundred percent pure Korean, but I'm not! Only my dad is! That would explain why my English is horribly weird. Okay, fine. Everything about me is weird! You got it. So yeah, you can call me Sera (Woohoo, invented by Rimi~) or Doll, or Seradoll, or phim... just... whatever floats your boat. I'm also a Chinese... and I speak Cantonese. I don't speak Korean even though I am a half Korean kid, because one of my parents who's supposed to be a Korean actually -cough-ran-cough- off, and I dunno anything about him because I have never ever seen him (and he has never taught me) so I dunno Korean. Simple much? XDD~

I wish I had a pie.

I love reviewing. I love epic randomness. I love speaking and uttering nonsense out of nowhere. Send me a PM right now, please, so that I can rant again and again on how insane I am XD!

UPDATE 9/11/09 (DD/MM/YY): I HAVE BEEN BACK FROM MY LONG PERIOD OF HIATUS! To review! Hehe. I miss tons of friends here and I miss PM-ing random crap to disturb others XDD I will most probably take a break from writing then continue later. I'll still hand in a detailed review, though!

I love writing and I've just recently started. Do give me some form of encouragement by reviewing my stories, pretty please? :D. Don't worry, I don't flame, and I won't mind criticism. Well, as long as it doesn't go too far, I will take it as a suggestion. I love your comments, no matter what it might be! ('Cept for flames thank you.)

Well, if you decide to PM me or whatsoever and don't get a reply from me... It is probably because of my computer problem... Somehow my computer has a problem and somehow, just somehow, my messages don't get sent ==. Or they even get cut off! Chop-chop.

I want more fluffy-ness in the world, you know? Those fluffy, cute stories that makes you giggle when you read them? YEAH!

Hmm... You know, I've been thinking about lots of stuff lately. I'm making my stories complete oneshots, I think. I can't get enough time to write a one chapter two chapter fic~ But yeah, I would finish them if I had the time to. I'm not in the Shaman King fandom anymore, yeah, but I'll still contribute once in a while or... so. Errr... Ouran High School Host club too. I guess I would still update... If I had the time to. Hence, I'm deleting some of my very old and lousy stories! Kiss em' good bye!

I'm going nuts in the VOCALOID section. I think I'm contributing mostly to that fandom from now on. That's only because...


UPDATE 9/11/09 (DD/MM/YY): Strangely enough, I got sucked into the epic world of FMA fandom (Due to Brotherhood! I loved it so much~ EDWARD-SAMA!), and I couldn't get out. Hence, I lost interest in Vocaloid, and never came back to this fandom until my exams have finished, which is also the date to this update. -cough- I miss Vocaloid.

Yeah, these here are actually pairings that I support in FF! You can read on and on, so go on, lose yourself in this long long list of doom... Literally...

Len X Rin: I mean, hello, isn't this pretty obvious? Twincest rocks. I don't know why. Maybe it's cos' I'm demented just like that, and I like them both together~

Miku X Gakupo: Because I'm weird and I have a weird taste so I ended up loving this weird pairing here. It's all because I'm strange!

Kaito X Meiko: Meiko is a pretty cool woman. You have gotta love her. It's a pity people don't actually write much about her, though... She's nice when she's a drunken lord.

Kaito X Miku: I'm not the only one! I bet tons of the people love this! Right...? R-Righttt? -sweatdrops-

Mikuo X Haku: ... Don't know why. Just loved it.

Kaito X Luka: Kaito's good with everyone. Believe it! ... Really, right?

Gakupo X Luka: Who doesn't like this?

There's the new vocaloid, but wow, I forgot her name, so I didn't list her down. By the way, I don't really like her... The guy I like best in Vocaloid is either Len or Gakupo (Strangely enough). As for the girls, I'd say Luka or Meiko. Luka's octopus hair beats everything, not to mention I love her attire~ Meiko's a pretty cool character like I just said. Seriously...

Huhu, that's about all after the editing I did. /BYE

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