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I'm a bit of a Grammar Nazi, especially in my own work, so if anyone spots any spelling or grammatical errors (rare as they should hopefully be), can you please let me know? I would be grateful if you would be specific about it too - I've had people say "Oh, hey, an error!" but then never explain what or where it is. That's kind of unhelpful, you know?
I am English, and therefore write with English spelling, as opposed to Americanised versions, and over here in the UK, we spell things with S instead of Z, and do not have a phobia of the letter U, so pointing out anything related to this is useless as I will not change it. Anything else, however, I am glad of the correction.

Also, you should probably be aware that if you give me advice on my writing style or the structure of my fic, I will be checking yours as an example. I'm not being judgemental; it's just that seeing it makes it easier for me to understand. Okay, and maybe there's a tiny bit of judgement - someone once complained about my work, but it turned out that they wrote like a five year old, and then got angry with me when I didn't take their advice.


Misa: We catch Kira! I would never dream about living in a world without Light!
L: Yes, that would be dark.

Sunao: Do you know about the three greatest humans sins? Gluttony, Sloth, and Lust. You're the personification of these sins, Hashiba.
Sora: Hold on a second, I'll admit to the first two, but the third one is Yoru!

Yuuko: Mokena's a Mokena. You’d count them one Mokena, two Mokena, and then you’d stop. There are only two.

Dee: What's up with the goody-goody act for Ryo, huh?
Bikky: It's not an act. I just don't like you.

Riza: Sorry to interrupt, Major, but allow me to offer some feminine advice... BABIES AREN'T BORN AFTER FIVE MONTHS!!
Maes: ...She didn't think we were serious, did she?

Bowen: Eat her!
Draco: Oh please, ugh!
Bowen: You're hardly squeamish - you ate Sir Eglamore, hypocrite.
Draco: I merely chewed in self defence...But I never swallowed!

Jemma: My eyes feel like fruit.

Rudolph: You are not a brother.
Tony: Well, I'm not a sister...
Rudolph: You are human. You're full of blood!
Tony: And I'm gonna keep it that way, dude!

Ban: In what universe is there an idiot who falls off a building while chasing a rice ball??
Ginji: But, you see, Ban, the rice ball, see, it rolled, it rolled and bounced, see, rolled and bounced!
Ban: I’ll ‘roll and bounce’ you!

Henry: Well, you can't send Druitt alone, the guy's all heart and flowers one day, and the next he's turning a working girl into a canoe!

Kate: You'd think a white guy wandering the streets screaming about Kali would get noticed.
Ravi: Not really - it's Mumbai.

Nikola: What am I, your House Elf?
Helen: Thank you, Dobby!

Afina: Nikola, you're out of your depth, mongrel.
Nikola: I'd rather be a mongrel than a stuck-up, inbred b*tch!

GreedLing: Hey! You still breathing over there?
Ed: Does wheezing count?

Sheldon: Oh, gravity, thou art a heartless b*tch.

Ginji: Kazu!! Haha! You're alive after all! I'm so glad! I'm so glad!!
Kazuki: It would seem I've made you worry.

America: Well, I bet he’s deeply in love with Italy. He’s probably chasing after good artwork or Italy’s butt. What’s so great about his butt? Really, I’m at a loss.

Jenny: Aww, look at Winston! He's just like his daddy!
Raven: Who's that then?
Jenny: I've spent all day scrubbing the kitchen and making your dinner. The least you can do is acknowledge your child!
Raven: But he's a ferret!

Ed: Ling! I mean, Greed!
Greeling: Hungry… need…food…
Ed: Heh. No, it’s Ling.

Raven: My penis is like a sheep. It's soft and woolly, and it nibbles people.

Envy: So you two are that close, are you?
Riza: I lied. But it was still very nice of you to fall for it, Envy.

Glinda: And what have you been doing, aside from riding around on that filthy old thing?
Elphaba: Well, we can't all come and go by bubble!

Sam: I don't know what he just said, but it sounded vaguely threatening. Hm...that's new- a threatening Polish person.
Philip: I've across a few.
Sam: Really?
Philip: Yeah, they don't like it when their fish die.

Thug: The f*ck is wrong with you man? You'd rather die for some piece of sh*t that you don't even f*cking know?
David: Three assholes laying into one guy, while everybody else watches, and you wanna know what's wrong with ME?! Yeah, I'd rather die, so bring it on!

Knox: Where'd this come from?
Vicki: I have no idea.
Wayne: It's Japanese.
Knox: How do you know?
Wayne: ...Because I bought it in Japan.

Michael: What's the matter, Theodore? You forget?
T-Bag: How could I forget a road called 'sheep'?

Watanuki: Thanks to this little guy, no one lost any appendages.
Yuko: Too bad. All the best love stories involve amputation.

Smee: I've just had an apostrophe!
Hook: I think you mean an epiphany.

Hazel: He's celebrating his freedom, Hawkbit. We just have to be patient with him.
Hawkbit: You can be patient. I'll be annoyed.

Orson Wells: In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed - but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.

Charlie: Just Alice, I will be honoured to escort you, your goods...and...ngh...vassal to my sacred kingdom.
Hatter: Did he just call me a vessel?

Capricorn: You got old.
Mo: You got a castle.
Capricorn: I did.
Mo: And a haircut.

Becky: What is he doing?
Sam: Quiche-ing.
Becky: What?
Sam: Quiche-ing. To Quiche; to flirt, arrogantly, expecting every woman in the vicinity to fall at your feet. Usual done shirtless or partially naked.
Becky: I can’t believe you actually made Guiche de Grammont into a verb.

Tyler: Whoa! Whoa! Okay! You are now firing a gun at your imaginary friend near four hundred gallons of nitroglycerine!

Becky: Remember those brownies we had that tasted like muffins? Today I had a mini-muffin that tasted like a brownie.
Sam: What is this world coming to? Brownies that taste like muffins, muffins that taste like brownies... I need something in this world to trust, Becky, and if I can’t trust my cake, what can I trust??
Becky: Quiche.

Mr Garrison: Those pants and those shoes say you pound butt!
Jimbo: Hey now, that's not true. My shoes don't say I pound butt.
Mr Garrison: No, your shoes say you take it in the butt!

Harry Wormwood: Listen, you little wiseacre. I'm smart, you're dumb; I'm big, you're little; I'm right, you're wrong, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Kayleigh: Polyamorous relationships- spread the love but not the legs.

Class: Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs F, F, I, Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs L, T, Y!
Miss Trunchball: Why are all these women married?!

Gannicus: I will cause distraction and gain you the time.
Spartacus: By what means?
Gannicus: I have no f*cking idea.

Jacqueline: Next thing you know I shall be cleaning the fireplace with Danielle.
Rodmilla: Where is that girl?
Marguerite: Probably off catching rabbits with her teeth.

Gustav: Did you hear? He likes my work!
Danielle: And he is heading for my house!
Gustav: Then I suggest you run.

Nurse: She’s gone out for a drink, with your mate.
George: What mate?
Nurse: You know... him. With the face?

Brigand: My wife thanks you for this fine gown, Mademoiselle.
Danielle: You will give me dress, sir!

Sam: He seems lovely, but maybe a bit... normal of my tastes...
Leah: Keep talking to him. Seriously; he has many layers, like a small blond onion.

Hansel: ‘Scuse me, brah.
Derek: You’re excused. And I’m not you ‘brah’.

Lestat: Perfect! Just perfect! Just... burn everything we own! Have us living in a field like cattle.
Louis: You thought you could have it all...
Lestat: Oh, just shut up, Louis!

Thor: Have care how you speak. Loki is beyond reason, but he is of Asgard, and he’s my brother.
Tasha: He killed eighty people in two days.
Thor: ...He’s adopted.

Grief councillor: Unless you’re telling me you have a direct line to those angels you were looking for-
Dean: No, uh, no I guess I don’t. But I might have something better. Heh. I’ve got the King of Hell in my trunk!

Monroe: They were highly valued, usually kept prisoner, you know? Like a concubine. Or a parakeet.

Max: Get back, witch!
Valerie: I'm not a witch; I'm your wife!

William: Who's that?
Bert: No idea.
Tom: Can we eat him too?

Greeling: Thanks for the help, Old Man. You really saved my ass.
Fu: I wasn’t trying to ‘save your ass’, I was saving the body of the Young Lord.
Greeling: Well, it’s the same ass.

Glóin: Parasites? Did he say parasites?
Kíli: Yeah, we don't have parasites. You have parasites.

Gandalf: I think he's a very great wizard, in his own way. He's a gentle soul who prefers the company of animals to others.
Adam: Does he mean he's stupid?
Sam: Either stupid or crazy, yes.
Amanda: It's the mushrooms, apparently.

Greed: I want money and power and women, sex, status, glory; I demand the finer things in life!

Sam: Okay, so I get that Haruka is a dolphin, and Rei is a butterfly, and Rin is a shark, and I even get that Nagisa is a penguin... But how in the name of F*CK does one compare backstroke to an orca?
Steph: I have no context here. That question could mean anything.

Jane: Oh, my goodness! Daddy, I was walking. There was... was a little baby, little baby monkey, and I drew a picture! Suddenly, the monkey starts crying. But, I turn around and there's a whole FLEET OF THEM. An ARMY of monkeys! A huge tree full of monkeys, screaming at me! Terrified! I was terrified! Suddenly, I was swinging, on a vine, in the air! Swinging, in the air! I was in the air! And then, I was all surrounded! And, daddy! They took my boot! And I was SAVED. I was saved by a flying, wild man in a loincloth.
Professor Porter: Loincloth? Good lord.
Clayton: What is she talking about?
Professor Porter: I have no idea. She takes after her mother, you know. She came up with stories like that. Not about men in loincloths of course.

Nick: If this is the Hibernaculum, what are they doing down there?
Monroe: Hibernac...ulating?

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