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Name: Lora

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Nationality: Australian

And now we've got that cleared up I would like to explain why I'm here.

1. I have no life. The problem is that despite previously mentioned life (or lack thereof) I will probably still be slow at updating

2. When I started reading FanFiction I decided this would be a good place for me to post my rather lame story which has been forming in the back of my mind since around mid-'04

3. Said story bores my friends and therefore I am unleashing it on the rest of the world because I am bored and believe it or not, this story has taken over my brain.

3b. Approximately 12 hours each day are spent thinking of the story, acting out scenes in my head, trying to reassemble my thoughts at least onto the part of the story I'm currently writing... you get the picture

4. Like I have anything else to do at 2am while I'm waiting for my friend (who so selfishly moved to Switzerland) to talk to me.

5. ... ... ... I've run out of reasons

Now to clarify, In reason 1 I mentioned slow updates. This is heavily due to what I mentioned in 3b, the clearest parts of the story for me are the ones that occur (in the story time line) around about 34-35 years after the Prologue/1st two chapters. Reason 2 mentioned I had been mentally drafting this since 2004, this is why I am so much clearer on ~28-35 years post-Chapter 1, because I have had so much longer to fine tune the storyline (the last two years are just my favourites... if I ever get to writing them you'll know why). Reason 4 mentioned that I usually write these at 2am (or thereabouts). This is because at 2am everybody else is sleeping in my house, actually, everybody who likes to interrupt me is asleep, always a plus. I tried writing during lunch... bad idea. My (then) editor Jane and our friend Fifi were running around like madmen in the library pointing out sexual innuendos in a golf book and being loud and annoying in general. Back to the middle-of-the-night thing, I am naturally nocturnal so this does not bother me BUT sometimes if I'm half asleep it turns out BADLY! This is why I have an editor, I read my -1st draft of Chapter 2 (doesn't count as the first, I started all over again) and Ahsoka was having some major issues... like multiple personality disorder (also known as Gollum-disease). Anyway, those are my feeble excuses for being slow but hopefully the story is worth it... hopefully.

Just to give you a bit of background info on the story. It is a crossover but I try my hardest to make it not suck. The reason this first big chunk of the story is filed under Star Wars is because the first big chunk of the story is 99 Star Wars. My plans are to have the first story as Star Wars, the next would the be filed under Harry Potter. The way I devised the plot is so if you only want the SW bit, the story basically wraps up before the next segment begins. The Harry Potter section/s (there will most probably be more than one... as in seven, one per book) are almost completely HP but with slight SW references, enormously OTT.

The storyline I have isn't one of those ones where Harry Potter and Anakin Skywalker all have to band together to defeat Darth Voldemort (lol, that would be kinda funny). The events mostly stick to the canon storyline except for events that are modified/added/culled to make it a FanFiction and not just recapping the stories. My reference points to the storyline I use (so I don't have hordes of Star Wars fans trying to murder me) are as follows.

SW: First and foremost, the MOVIES. Then also the Clone Wars TV series (the most recent one, the 3D animation not the cartoon). As there is already enough debate over what the true Star Wars canon is at the moment, I am ignoring the cartoon, mainly because I never watched it but also because it has many timing conflicts with the new series and I am watching the new series now, it would be far too confusing for me. I am also going to mostly ignore the comics as they too have a few canon timing disputes with Clone Wars, and I haven't read them... yet. There are only a couple of events that are from comics that I am set on using in the story at the moment and I will tell you when we get there, it would be pointless to say now as the plot would be ruined.

HP: The BOOKS. They are the only canon I am going to accept and every time I go through the books I try to get the most precise timing in the events as possible just so the story flows well. I might use a bit of dialogue from a movie if it's fantastic and fits perfectly but not much.


Twilight is no more! It has (as of a while ago) been cut from the story. It just wasn't fitting properly and it was pissing me off. The fic is now only Star Wars/Harry Potter. Two is much easier to handle (btw, it used to be a crossover of about 7 things, be glad)

Also, prologue through to Chapter 3 are undergoing serious reconstruction. The editing needs work and the A/N are waaaay too long.

That's it for now, as I get further along with the story I will update the page with the relevant info.


P.S. If you just read all that crap I wrote just then, you get a virtual cookie for all my ramblings.

P.P.S. I apologise if none of this sounds sane. I only ever update the page after about 1am

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