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Name: Mana Ryou

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Orientation: Straight

Nationality: British

Occupation: Student, School Cleaner, Fanfic Writer

Hi there, I'm Mana. I've been a member here for a few years, but some people who recognise my pen name will rightly say that within the past year or so, I've gone dormant twice. The reason for this is stupid and childish at best - I feel guilty about leaving fanfics incomplete, but can't finish them because I've lost the will to write them. Basically, I've run away from it. I've decided I've had enough of that - I want to share what I've written here, incomplete or not.

So I will apologise right now in advance, that if I don't complete a fic and leave it as such, I am sorry. I am so sorry, especially if you want to see how it ends, but I will only write to the best of my ability if I want to be writing that story. In other words, if I force myself to write something I don't want to write anymore, it will be substandard, pathetic and leave readers unsatisfied. Please understand that. I'm the kind of person that will get a really good idea, start writing it and half way through, I will be distracted by another really good idea and I can't focus on both at once. I don't want to feel like I'm running away anymore so I'm making that clear here.

Now I've got that out of the way, I hope you enjoy what fics I do post - I'm always looking to improve as well as entertain. I will repost my Professor Sycamore drabbles and hopefully continue writing those, because I love characterising Professor Sycamore and its nice to go back and write him during breaks, not to mention how many people have told me how they love those drabbles which makes me very happy because I love them too.

I have two update speeds - I will either post a chapter a day, or leave it for five months. There is no inbetween. Please be patient with me because I am stupid like that and writing will either be really easy or insanely difficult. Lately I have been having something of a writer's block that has prevented me from starting anything. I would like to apologise straight up for that, because I find writing easier once I've started. It's just the beginning that doesn't work for me.

Please note, I am stupidly easily offended - I hence forth apologise if I become stupidly childish. I'm working on it and trying not to be so sensitive about things - the biggest issue of this is when it's something that's truly important to me and I want to defend it. I've learnt when to bite my tongue on such matters and will do my utmost not to get offended, just please don't push me at all. I don't care if it's a simple matter of 'I don't like it for this reason' because that's totally fair. If it's a stupid load of bashing or the incapability to comprehend something I see as really simple then I might get a bit rude. Please please understand, I am working on this stupid over-sensitivity of mine.

My writing is not perfect. I understand this. I have no intentions of being a professional author - this is just a creative outlet for me. I look to improve, so please review things but don't get batshit serious over my mistakes. Like I said, I don't look to be a professional, I'm doing it for fun. Please don't make things unfun by being overly critical in a really nasty way - I've had that once before and whilst it helped my writing in the long term, it shook my confidence really bad and made me avoid writing for a while. I know it sounds pathetic - it is - but some of us just don't take as well to harsh criticism as others do. I won't reject criticism, definitely not, because that won't help me at all. Just don't do it in a way that makes me feel shit about my writing to the point of wondering 'why should I bother?' In fact, the same should apply to all authors - some will respond better to harsh criticism than others. Don't make the assumption that everyone will.

So yeah, enough about me ranting on and on about stupid sh!t - have a look at my fics. I hope you enjoy :) Happy reading!

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