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Hi! I'm Demonkid446, sorry for not choosing a better name! but anyway, here are the main things you need to to know about me, if you want to.

I love yaoi, though I probably won't be writing any, I have a favorite FF character from all the games from 4-13.

iv. rydia (every loves a good summoner!)
v. fariz (I hope I didn't comepletely screw her name over)
vi. terra (duh!)
vii.Red XIII, nanaki (he's so cool, and i personally like to think him more on the canine side)
viii. quistis (I wonder how many other ppl love her as much as I do?)
x. Lulu (this really wasn't my favorite game, but Lulu was awesome)
xi. Shantotto (which one was she in?)
xii. Fran (amazing..simply amazing)
xiii. Lightning (do you even need to ask?)

I'll admit, if these characters are in any of my stories, you'll find that i put them as playing a more central role. Speaking of my stories, if you've read them, you'll know that i'm not the best updater, I'm really working on that! here's the latest scoop to get you in suspense for when I do update.

Corrupted - I think it's going to be really worth chapter 4 is much longer and kicks a plot into gear, as of now, you can expect it pretty soon

Ripples to waves- I truly am Workin on this one, trust me, it's going to be good

Trail and a LOT of error- Chapter 4, the longest yet is nearly complete, thanx to all who put up with my horrible updating

A time Eternal- There is another chapter coming quick, things'll gradually get more action packed from here on

???- This one is in the works, It'll be FF7 (Crisis Core) and it'll sport a variety of small changes to the storyline

Personally, I'd like to be known for my female Ocs, because I just love to add my own characters and switch things up a bit. And it I'd like to broaden my horizons, so you should let me know which Final Fantasy you want me to put an OC in, and I promise I'll get on it. (Please do so, I love a challenge)

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