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1)Seven SHITIEST virtues

2) You all deserve an explanation

3) The Fallen Universes

4) Present Day

5) Afterthought Projects

5) Future Plans


Once, a wise soul on the internet introduced the world to the 7 Shitiest Sins. Now...

"You can have my shit." - Charity

"I'm happy for your shit!" - Sympathy

"I don't deal with that freaky shit." - Chastity

"Go easy on the shit." - Temperance

"I'm always pumped up for shit." - Diligence

"Let's all cool the shit down." - Patience

"I'm but a little shit." - Humility


Hello again to my old readers who may or may not remember me. I’ve been gone for a short while, though you probably thought I was gone forever after I deleted all of my stories without warning. Well, that decision was something I regret, though only by 25%.

I’m putting this up to explain myself. I’ve been trying to rebuild my life, studying to get a new carrier and after my past experiences, I felt everything else was pulling me back or reminding me of past failures. My old fanfics were many, extensive and many were in progress which was time and patience consuming. Many of them were entire universes I was trying to build. They started out with a lot of motivation, but it eventually withered and I was left with many dead ends. It didn’t help that I made long chapters with complexly detailed scenes. So I erased them without a second thought. In hindsight, I should have given a warning and time to all my readers, but emotion spoke louder than reason. For that I apologize. I’m not asking for forgiveness or empathy. I only wish to let everyone know why.

Now, why am I publishing this? Because while I deleted everything, there were some which were actually good stories with interesting plots (with the exception of some points where they were rushed or badly planned out). And now that I’m on a steadier plane, I’m starting anew with much simpler plots. I will be toning down the complexity of the chapters, making them smaller but with the same amount of action.


Most of the stories I previously had were of the Transformers:Prime Universe, one of my favorite shows back in the day, packed with equal doses of action and character relationships. These were the stories that led to my frustration. I was trying to build a mega universe with all of them, but it was too rushed and poorly planned.

Still, I’m posting this to let you know of my past writings. Maybe one day I’ll bring them back.

(#) All That Remains: this was my first major TFP story and also the darkest one. In this AU, in the finale of season 2, because Optimus’ intervention was delayed, the ‘Cons succeed in cyberforming 90-something% of Earth, thus rendering all organic life for all intents and purposes, extinct. This leaves, Jack, Miko and Raf as the last humans.

The base is still invaded by the ‘Cons and like in canon, Optimus sends everyone away by the groundbridge. Though unlike canon, everyone sticks together as they travel to Geneva, Switzerland. Optimus escapes with Wheeljack.

When everyone links up, the ‘Bots settle on Geneva where they build a new base. Optimus makes a funeral service in honor of humanity. The children are inconsolable but eventually find a new purpose: to make Megatron’s life as much a living hell as possible.

Meanwhile, the ‘Cons settle on Jasper, Nevada like in canon and spread out through North America. More Decepticons and Autobots arrive on Earth, re-starting the War. Only this time it’s for Earth.

This story had some major character death, one or two time-skips to make the children grow into adulthood and a few battles packed with action. Jack had become a scouting agent along with Arcee. Miko trained to be a sniper for the Wreckers. Raf helps in tech R&D, and even develops a way for him to mentally control scraplets.

I started re-uploading this in 2016 but the workload was too much and I left it in stand-by since.

(#) Turn Off the Switch: This was inspired on a story called ‘The Old Switchearoo’ by. Basically, due to a new relic uncovered, Megatron, Soundwave and Shockwave exchange bodies with Jack, Miko and Raf, respectively. Problem is, only those six know! So the kids in ‘Cons bodies, abandoned in Death Valley, with no knowledge of how to use their new forms, have to walk all the way back to Jasper, Nevada. Meanwhile, the ‘Cons in the kids bodies wake up in the hospital in the middle of the night, beat up a bully, steal his car and commit a few more small crimes with search for their rightful forms and the relic that started this whole fiasco.

(#) Turn On the Switch: This was an off-shot of Turn Off the Switch. It’s the same relic and the swap still happens. Only the ‘Cons and the kids don’t swap bodies. Instead they swap personalities! Gradually, Megatron becomes a fairer tyrant, Soundwave grows more self-expressive and even talkative. Shockwave’s scientific efforts are more driven by curiosity than warfare and he takes a…small interest in internet tapping dance monkeys. As for the kids, Jack silently treats Optimus and his leadership with more disdain, Miko becomes quieter and more efficient and Raf turns far more focused on Cyberforming tech.

This one was never finished, but was an interesting idea.

(#) TechnoEarth: Another AU involving the Omega Lock. This one happens in the finale of season 3, instead. While Miko and Jack were fighting Soundwave, he used a portal to toss them outside and into the cybermatter of the Omega Lock. Optimus, thinking they died, beats up Megatron but the Omega Lock is still fired at the Earth. Except something happens.

The cybermatter turned white. And so did Earth’s oceans. The green and brown of the planet remain unchanged. Humanity and all life on the planet is still alive. The Autobots take an opportunity to escape, but not before they spot Miko and Jack resurfacing on the cybermatter and take them.

They realize now; because Jack and Miko were ingredients in the cyberforming, the cybermatter became partially organic and instead of killing organic life, mutated it. Human, animals, plants and even microbes became technorganic life-forms, adapted with cybertronian metals and some organs inside and out. This of course, forces the ‘Bots to reveal themselves to the world to give a proper explanation (without telling of their previous relation with the USA government). A NEST force is created with the support of the United Nations to fight the Decepticons.

Miko, Jack and Raf are separated from the ‘Bots and put in different parts of the country now that the ‘Bots won’t be able to stick around to protect them. They do, however, get mixed up with the war, still…Oh, and turns out Jack has a half-sister.

Meanwhile, Shockwave realizes that, because humans are now partly-cybertronian, using the Omega Lock on Earth again would make them completely cybertronian which wouldn’t do at all. So plans are set in motion to modify the Lock into something else…

As for Predaking, he’s found refuge in a cave on the Himalayas where there are myriads of Predacon bones buried. In the darkness, alone, he talks to the dead…

(#) Toxicity(?)[I forgot the real name of the story: Another Omega Lock AU, except there’s no cyberforming. After demanding the keys for the kids, Megatron spitefully releases them into cybertron’s atmosphere. However, to his painful surprise, while the air is toxic to humans, it also gives them Superman-like strength, speed and flight. Also a murderous, insane rage. So the children, especially Jack, begin beating down the ‘Cons mercilessly. The ‘Bots manage to calm down Miko and Raf. But Jack’s brain is so intoxicated that he lashes out at Optimus, accusing him to endangering his world, and attacks him! Next thing, Miko and Raf use their powers to try and stop Jack. Optimus plays a desperate gamble and has Ratchet open a spacebridge that takes the kids back to Earth. Out of the toxic air, they lose power and pass out.

(#) Poetic Justice(?)[I forgot the real name of the story: Seriously, most of my TFP stories have the Omega Lock as a plot device! Don’t I have any imagination? Anyways, this was centered on the end of season 2, when the ‘Cons and ‘Bots fight for the Omega Lock. Right after Optimus destroys it, everyone stops. Before the two factions, Primus himself appears! And he is PISSED! Pissed that the ‘Cons would use his creation for destruction. Pissed that the Autobots would dare destroy it. Optimus approaches and apologizes for his sin. This alleviates Primus anger a little. Megatron is goal with the Lock was not to destroy Earth, but to make it a new home along with Cybertron for their race. So that the fall of their race would never happen again. Though a bit calm, Primus is still furious and punishes all Cybertronians for their collective sins in the war.

Everyone is magically returned to Earth. The Autobots soon realize what the penitence is: they were all miniaturized. Now the giants were the humans! This shows that Primus has a poetic sense of justice and a wicked sense of humor.

(#) Vengeance(?)[I forgot the real name of the story: This and the following were just one-shots where I wrote an entire different universe. This one happened after TFP and tells of story going through almost 200 years on Earth. Basically, a new President of USA and cuts all ties with Autobots. Then about a 100 years later, when we’re about to start a self-sufficient Mars colony, the Quintessons invade and enslave Earth.

For 60-something years, humans are either manual slaves or fighting in a resistance cell. Eventually a spy learns why the invaders are here; they want to mine a resource found only on Earth called ‘Dark Energon’. And to do that, they will tear the planet apart if they have to. So all the Resistances join forces to drive away the invaders.

Eventually the Quintessons, not expecting humans to be so persistent and resilient, have no choice but to retreat. Humanity celebrate their hard-won freedom on a ravaged planet.

As a single government rises, humanity reverse-engineers what the invaders left behind and begin going to the stars. In order to mass-produce military space force, Earth is strip-mined. Scientists begin studying the mysterious Dark Energon. In time, this dangerous substance is used to power their ships, groundbridges and other technology. When Earth’s ecosystem begins to collapse, humanity invades a thriving planet and exterminate their robotic inhabitants, occupying it as their new home.

Conquering a colonizing a few more worlds, Humans establish themselves as a local small power with a deep-seated hatred for robotic sentient life-forms, given their bad experience with the Quintessons.

During the last 2 centuries, Cybertron has had no contact with Earth. So Bumblebee embarks on a diplomatic mission to contact humanity. Completely unaware of what the humans have become. When they arrive on Earth’s orbit, they find a dead, ghost planet, stripped mined of all its resources and an aggressive defense fleet surrounding them…

This one-shot ended there. Had I continued it, it would have been with Bumblebee and his crew fleeing the human fleet and crash-landing on the planet at the edge of the human empire. This was to be a colony planet with much friendlier humans, far away from the extreme ideals.

(#) Decepticon Victory (?)[I forgot the real name of the story: This story starts with Megatron winning the War for Cybertron, after killing Optimus in battle. Megatron, anointing himself as Galvatron Prime, rises to rule Cybertron as a supreme overlord and brands Orion Pax as the ‘False Prime’. Because the war ended before the planet died, there’s no rush to invade a new one for resources, so no relics or energon are sent to Earth (keep in mind this is happening during the age of the dinossaurs). Rather, Megatron orders the planet to become a watching post, to scout that region of space for alien civilizations for future conquests. Shockwave is put there as a sort of governor. The ‘Cons build a few bases and exterminate some of the larger, peskier dinosaurs, but that’s it. When the meteor that wipes them out comes, they blow it up from orbit. Eventually, Earth loses its usefulness and the ‘Cons leave.

Millions of years later, humanity evolves and history goes on mostly unchanged. Except that in present day, the belief that there’s alien life is much stronger because the ‘Cons left their infrastructure on Earth. So humanity is mostly certain there’s life out there. Also, some smaller species of dinosaurs survive until present day. Raf even has a tiny Raptor as a pet.

As for the Autobots, there are a few rag-tag forces scattered throughout the stars…

(#) AutoLords: A parallel to Decepticon Victory. Optimus kills Megatron in battle, putting a premature end to the War. But there’s still a lot of work to be done. Because the war was still relatively young, Megatron hadn’t yet committed too many atrocities. So he and the Decepticons still had some sympathizers in the general public.

So the people and the remaining ‘Cons are more resilient to the form of liberal government Optimus tries to establish. The last ‘Cons still at large even orchestrate Optimus’ assassination on a public event, killing the last Prime. The following hundreds of years are plagued by more political complications and instability. Some ‘Bots, angry that their leader was killed in a cowardly terrorist attack and frustrated over the current strife, conspire to raise a more totalitarian regime that will end the instability. Thus begins the regime of the AutoLords starts. Cybertron enters another period of oppression, only now at least everyone is treated equally. With oppression.

Millions of years go by and the AutoLords have spread their rule over all the planet that Cybertronians used to inhabit. They also annex smaller worlds into their strict regime, including Earth.

(#) Purple Beneath the Skin: This is my version of a Shattered Glass universe, only it focuses on the kids. We have a sociopathic Raf who enjoys seeing what Cybetronians look like on the inside. An insane Miko who always listens to the voices in her head. And a Unicron-worshipping, rapist Jack. How nice!

(#) Red in the Heart: A companion story of Purple Beneath the Skin. This follows the kids who befriended the good Decepticons. There’s a Vince that is just a more adventurer version of Jack who got the hots for Sierra. A hard-working Sierra who’s partnered to Airachnid. And Jenny who once had an interesting encounter with Shockwave.

(#) Metal Giants: X-over of Transformers and Inheritance Cycle. I did this because, while I’m against mixing technology/space and magic, the last book of Inheritance Cycle did make some connections between magic and science. Better than Harry Potter ever did.

The Transformers part of this uses elements and character versions of several continuities and games. Autobots and Decepticons escape in separate ships and crass-land on different parts of the world of Alagaesia. In there they stay asleep for 50 000 years.

With Eragon and Saphira, they began establishing the Dragon Riders in a land East from Alagaesia, close enough where the Autobot ship crash-landed.

Young Justice:

(#) Justice Lanterns(?)[I forgot the real name of the story: In season 1, a young Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, temporarily joins the Team on a mission. Too bad that six rings of different colors are attracted to him, as are five murderous members of the same Corps trying to reclaim them. And what the rest of Team are forced to do to save Kyle's skin? Each puts on one of the wayward rings. The result, a big mess of property damage, hard life-lessons, brainwashing with trauma on the sides... This was based on the comic series New Guardians.

Babylon 5:

(#) Nolybab 5: It’s like the SG version of B5. Every race swaps places in terms of culture and role in the story. The Vorlons are the guardians of Chaos. The Shadows are all about Order. Humans swap with the Dilgar. Minbari swap with Drakh. The Narns are the imperialist conquerors like the Centauri. The Centauri are extinct and in their place are the Xon, who are more peaceful expansionists. The races of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds just do a 180 with their cultures. Drazi are patient and peaceful. Abbai are aggressive and warlike, etc.

The story starts with the creation of the 5th of the Nolybab stations, built to forge the peace after the Drakh-Dilgar War.

This story was created was a project that was never launched.

(#) Human Empire Trilogy:

($) Tale of Two Empires: In this AU, the Narns weren’t invaded by the Centauri. Earth was. So the usual; humanity scavenges alien tech leftover by the invaders, builds spaceships, goes to the stars and creates a small militarist empire. The goal; to make war against their former oppressors and exterminate them. Where have I read this before?

Anyways, the year is 2229, just before the Dilgar War. Their sun isn’t about to go supernova, so the Dilgar have no reasons to start invading the League just yet. But the Human Empire needs more territory, more resources, and a bigger empire if they’re ever to wage a future war against the Centauri. So they attack the League. But since the Dilgar are warlike as well, the Earthgov secretly contacts them and asks for an alliance. So Humans and Dilgar attack and slaughter the League in a two-pronged attack. By the time the war ends, both militaries have formed a bond of mutual respect and cooperation.

Behind the shadows, the Drakh are all around, pulling the strings…

($) Risen from Ruins: A prequel to 'Tale of Two Empires', starting from the Earth-Centauri first contact until the invaders were driven off planet. All characters were ancestors of the main canon ones, or some OCs meant for world building.

($) Babylon V: The sequel to 'Tale of Two Empires' that never got out.


Dragon Ball Super/Z:

(#) Robbed of a Future: An AU of Future Trunks Arc. The time-traveler arrives in the past to ask for help against a new fow: Young Goku. A Goku lookalike, only slightly younger looking is attacking the Future. It is soon discovered the enemy's true identity: Son Goten! There's no Zamasu in this story at all. It was an idea born from those Black-is-Goten theories that were circling around in the day.

(#) Future Fusion: This was just a simple idea not that much expanded. Basically in the Android Saga of Z, instead of only Future Trunks appearing, we have a future Gotenks. This happens because while Goku was in space, he learn Fusion instead of Instant Transmission. However, this version of Gotenks is slightly unstable because of...reasons. This story is just a two-shot.


(#) All that Remains: My most favored, old, TFPrime story, deleted years ago. I tried to bring it back but my workload was through the roof back then and my heart wasn't in it. Maybe someday...


Definitely finish 'Robbed of a Future';

Maybe expand 'Future Fusion';

If I can punch myself to do it, bring back 'All that Remains'

A infinitesimal chance I'll bring back 'TechnoEarth'

A infinitesimal chance I'll expand 'Brother';


The afterthoughts are ideas that I put out here, but only as one-shots or simple chapters. Basically are ideas I have for stories, but I'm too lazy to develop them fully.

My Hero Academia:

(#) Deku, Son of White Diamond: Poor Izuku Midoriya. Always dreamed of being a hero, to make things better, but everyone in his life told him his quirk is impractical and useless to be a hero. Others have such impressive and powerful ones. What's his? Having a shiny diamond half-embedded in his forehead.

Drawing on deviantart

Steven Universe:

(#) We are the Shining Stars!:Basically a AU just like We are the Mighty Atoms. It's like the world in cannon but instead of the the Gem race beings Gems or Atoms, they are sentient stars. Only, very small, human-sized ones.

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Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 11 - Words: 47,279 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 49 - Follows: 64 - Updated: 2/27/2022 - Published: 11/15/2019 - [Roy M., Riza H.] Wrath
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My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 20 - Words: 44,800 - Reviews: 217 - Favs: 1,573 - Follows: 1,718 - Updated: 8/21/2021 - Published: 1/8/2019 - Izuku M., Katsuki B., 1-A Students - Complete
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