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Welcome to the mind of Marcus Finch!

I'm a college student and fanfiction writer who enjoys a variety of anime, manga, and television shows which I write about on occasion as a little hobby. I take my time on writing my stories in order to ensure quality and do my best to keep my ideas original.

Currently, the only fanfic I've made public is Code Geass: The March of Time. I have other projects I'm working on and stockpiling on the side, but currently intend to at least finish MoT's first season before moving on to something else. I've been working on this story for quite some time now, and I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far. I'm confident my readers will enjoy the direction I intend to take my original plot... As long as real life cooperates.

The most important thing to me in my writing is remaining true to the characters. As a writer, I feel it important that I portray all characters "realistically", and have them act how real people with their personalities and motives would react in their situation. Even characters I don't like, even when the plot ends up taking a darker turn because of their actions, I feel I have an obligation to be true to their personalities. That's where the path to true quality lies, I believe.

ATTENTION: I've begun posting Code Geass: The March of Time on the Spacebattles Creative Writing forum. While TMoT is still being updated here, I try to post POV segments and rough drafts of upcoming chapters there. If you want to read each chapter as I type the bits and pieces out instead of waiting for the finished product, I recommend popping by there now and then. I love heading reader feedback, and will try to respond to questions so long as the answers aren't too spoilery. Discussion and reader interest are my fuel for writing, and I'll do my best to write and post as my ever-busy IRL schedule allows!

Will Marcus Finch finally develop a steady update rate? Tune in next time!

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