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Author has written 5 stories for Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Fruits Basket, ElfQuest, and Total Drama series.

Gender: Girl

Favorite color: Black, Red, Purple.

Favorite Fruits Basket Character: Saki Hanajima (Hana-chan), she can zap people!!!

Favorite Pokemon: Umbreon, of course!

Favorite Zim character: Gaz, she's awesome!

Favorite Sonic character: Shadow, darkness rules!

Favorite EQ character: Rayek, what can I say, I'm a sucker for tragedy. And his song isn't half bad!

Lilly's Notso Normal Adventure

Lilly: Exited new trainer, human, age ten. She can be extremely fast, and her eyes change from blue to red when she's excited, or mad. Now on her own pokemon journey, with Teron the Cyndaquil as her first pokemon.

Teron: Starter pokemon, Cyndaquil, age don't know. He has a low tolerance for the screechy human, Lilly. He is very strong. But after loosing the first time, he wonders if having Lilly as a trainer was such a good idea.

Bebel: Pokemon, Sunkern, age unknown. She has a sweat nature and is very playful. Lilly her from some strange guy. Needing more sun, and obviously meaning no harm, Lilly excepted the small seed pokemon.

Vesta: Pokemon, Trapinch. She was sold trainer to trainer. Which made her fairly weak, until Lilly bought her and promised she'd stay. She can be rather snappy.

Haku: Pokemon trainer, human, age eleven. He listens to his sister, to keep her pokemon away from him.

Rennel: Starter pokemon, Togepi, age umm I really don't have a clue. She loves attention, she acts childish. Whether she's a child or not, Haku can't tell.

Pocoh: Pokemon, Poliwag, age like all the other pokemon unknown. He has a relaxed nature and finds trainer battles too easy.

Tylean: Pokemon befriender, human, age 16. Haku's sister. No, she is not a ranger, trainer, breeder, or anything else, she just loves pokemon. She invented a bracelet that lets you understand pokemon. She's rather strainge.

Mont: Theif, human, age 34. He was hired by Giovanni to steal Lilly's pokemon. But when Relthea goes and leaves him behind, he decides to get some pay-back.

Relthea: Team Rocket agent, human, age 36. When stuck with Mont as a partner and finds that Lilly has some unusual strength, she leaves Mont behind and takes Lilly's pokemon with her.

New Pokemon

Keckea: Keh-Kee-ah, The spirit pokemon. Though Keckea are extinct, it is said that Keckea Learn and remember every move they see. Looks: Like a light blue colored Mew, with purple eyes, and Espeon shaped ears. Type: Psychic/normal

Akrise: Ak-rice, the winged cat pokemon. Because of Akrise’s large ears it can hear something coming from up to five miles away. Looks: Like a slender, black cat with long ears, bat wings, and red on its paws, ear tips, tail tip, and forehead. Type: Dark/flying

Tina’s Truth or Dare Hostages (Deleted because of's rules that make no sense. Relocated to

Tina: The host, Akrise-morph, age 13. She teleported everyone there. She’s crazy and although she looks nice, she can be evil if given the chance. (Now in "Total Drama Fruits Basket" as a contestant, looks completely human now)

Nixi: The co-host, Cat (like any Sonic character), Age 14. She convinced Tina to bring them there, she NEEDS her chocolate. She loves the chaos, and is a fighter with seven-inch claws. (Has a cameo in "Mobius in Abode")

Espro: The Tina-sitter, Ghost Espeon, age 1945. He’s there to watch Tina, make sure she’s okay and such. He’s a ghost with ghostly powers. He can, take over someone’s body, make them FREEZING COLD by jumping through them, and go into their minds. So have fun with him. (Appears in "Silver Umbreon")

Drad: The Nixi-servant of some sort, Dragon, age 20. He does what he’s told. He can teleport, grow & shrink in size, breath fire, and go into peoples minds. Have fun with him too!

Da Rat: The guest, strange dark-chao with claws, age 15 (no, he’s not a chao, just looks like one). He was brought there by a dare; he goes sugar-hyper and LOVES chaos. He is very evil, no doubt about it. Five-inch claws, ouch!

Vexi: The guest, Umbreon vampire, age 513. She was brought by a dare; she’s a vampire so blood is a sweet treat. She is easily annoyed and has awesome dark powers.

Kakero/Lady-boy: The guest, Ledian-morph, age 15. Yes, he got there because of a dare. He has a low tolerance for Zanny and he goes crazy when ghosts go through him. (Maple syrup make plant-hoppers loopy.)

Luna: A guest, Akrise, age unknown. Drad convinced her to come. She has a high temper and a low tolerance for humans. She HATES ghosts, ever since Espro over took her body to stop Tina she can’t stand ‘em. (Has a cameo in "Lilly's notso normal adventure")

Pesset/Zanny: A guest, Zangoose-morph, age 14. She got there on her own, hunting for "Lady-boy". She is just as chaotic as Tina. She LOVES hunting, which is why she LOVES Kakero.


Eon: The leader of a group of Eevee in a story, brother of Vinta, Jroke, and Fimka, Eevee, age around 1 and a half. For one reason or another, he wants Eevee to be able to evolve, so he calls Mew and she tells him to travel around the world with as many Eevee as he can get.

Vinta: Character in Eevee story, sister of Eon, Jroke, and Fimka, Eevee, age around one and a half. A quiet Eevee, she watches the water often. "The water holds secrets, it's mystery attracts me." That's what she says when you ask her why.

Jroke: Character in Eevee story, brother of Eon, Vinta, and Fimka, Eevee, age around one and a half. A strong Eevee, fast to. When someone surprises him his fur would look like needles. "Keep on doing that and they'll stay that way." His mother would warn.

Fimka: Character in Eevee story, sister of Eon, Vinta, and Jroke, Eevee, age around one and a half. The youngest in her litter and a runt. She's playful and always looks at the good side of things.

Ernock: Character in Eevee story, brother of Urnet, Eevee, age close to two years old. He really likes learning, and wishes he was a psychic so he would only have to use his mind.

Urnet: Character in Eevee story, sister of Ernock, Eevee, age close to two years old. Stares at the moon, and stay up long past any other Eevee. "The moon, my soul-sister, it calls me as the water does you." She would say this to Vinta, who was her closest friend.

Lily: Character in Eevee story, Eevee, age close to two years old. Like Fimka, playful and kind. "I wish I was a plant, I hate having to kill to survive." She would say when on a hunt.

Ganto: Character in Eevee story, Eevee, age almost three. He's quiet and knowing, and may have known what was going on.

Neah: A story teller, Eevee, age a little over five. She's telling the Eevee kits a story of how Eevee got to evolve.

Mobius In Abode

Edbi: Mobius echidna, a demented echidna created by G.U.N. to serve G.U.N.. He can control chaos energy like Shadow and can also last a long time without food or water. His one mane purpose in life is to obey. Now, on Abode (more commonly known as the world of two moons), he finds himself watching more, since he has no one commanding him.

Ehbe: Mobius echidna, also created by G.U.N., but decides to fight them. When they created Edbi, she had finally met her match. After Edbi had changed the time line many times, to fit what G.U.N. saw right, she finally found a way to stop him! Or at least stall... That counts, right? Could her opinion about Edbi change in the alien world?

Lexi: Mobius cat. She's mostly selfish, and not seeing the point in going against G.U.N.. She tagged along with Ehbe mostly because of the point she has power, which Lexi lacked severely. Her highest priority is staying alive, at any cost. Now on the new world with elves, trolls, and two moons, could her priorities change?

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