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Ok, so, I like to read fanfics... I shocked you, didn't I? I've crossed the line and now I write too...

I really suck at up-loading and editing documents, so bare with me.

If you're here and before you read any further, you need to know that I am crazy. I am crazy. This profile has turned into something like a... log, a diary because I need to express how I feel a lot more than I would like and I won't stand expressing my feelings to people that actually know me. No one knows me here and since I am already putting myself out there here with the stories and the reviews, what the hell, why not everything else? Of course you can continue to read the entire profile, who am I to deny it? But you probably won't find anything interesting. Just mixed thoughts of an unbalanced person.

Random thought: Robotech's Lisa and Rick were probably one of my firsts ships.

Random thought number 2: Life sucks. We better learn to deal. And we all should chill a bit. It would make life suck a little less, don't you think?

Bones' 100th episode: BEST EPISODE IN THE HISTORY OF TV!! Did I cry? Of course I did. But they did the unthinkable, the thing no one ever does in TV. They faced the issue and let it blow up. And IN CHARACTER! OMG, that was brilliant! For all the other times when I thought they should have had them kiss, this episode reminded me why not. (Though I do have a perfectly reasonable argument to refute Brennan's).

21-01-2011: I’m half way through Bones ep. 6x10 and I am going to KILL Booth, I actually want to KILL HIM. I would also like to KILL Hannah, against who I hadn’t harbored any contempt until just NOW. Hanson can go kill himself!!!!!

Short explanation: I'm adding these mood-updates because I can't write these things on facebook or twitter.

08-18-2010: Too sad to write something that won't make everyone want to kill themselves. So... not writing these weeks. (Twitterish statement)

09-04-2010: My ex might be dating a friend of mine. Doesn't really help with my mood, does it? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, 14 hours later, I was just texted, the might became an is. Yeah. Awesome. 'Cause I'm not still in love with him at all. Not the slightest bit. That sound you hear is my heart being crushed (along with my pride). You know what really sucks? I left him because he didn't love me, he wanted me to be someone I'm not. And I was the bitch because I broke up with him. And now he's dating my friends. And, of course, I must be nice and good and never jealous because I broke up with him. Awesome. PS: feel free to comment.

09-19-2010: WTF? You know, sometimes I ponder if my friends are in their 30s or if they are all 11 years old. OK, right now I am pondering if they are my friends at all. Not answering mails and IMs? Really? Guys... aren't we a little too old for that? Whatever, I am done. I'm out. So long. Have a nice life. Don't call me.

09-20-2010: It's like a throbbing toothache of the mind (...) so give me novocaine, said Green Day and I agree.

10-13-2010: My life is sucking a whole lot less. Due to work. Not the hugest thrill one could ever have, granted, but right now, work is good. Everything is turning out alright which is awesome because when the year began we were sure it was going to tank. I did have to drop out of School, though, but that was a monthago (which may have had something to do with my emotional state). However, if things go well at work, if they give me a raise (and I do deserve it), I might pull myself through School again next year. I don't want to get my hopes up because it's proven that, most of the time, things just don't go my way. But, hey, maybe I can catch a break and 2011 won't suck as much as 2010 did until now. Aaaaaaaanyway, I am writing again. Hopefully something decent.

11-11-2010: The world can go fuck itself.

11-22-2010: Have you ever wanted to rip someone's head off? I have. Wanted, not done it, of course. Why don't you come? We had so much fun last year, remember? And you want to meet new people, didn't you say that? Well, there'll be new people there. Can you believe that was my best friend talking while she sort of invited me to the birthday party the girl who is now dating my ex was throwing? My expression must have hardened even though I plastered a smile on my face as I succinctly replied, I'm not going. Then she smiled a Cheshire cat grin and melodiously said, Don't get all upset, I was just saying. I know she was taunting me, I know she was trying to get me to talk about me feelings*rolls her eyes* which I hardly ever do and certainly won't do regarding this matter, but I just wanted to rip her head off and feed it to the lions. I love her like a sister, and I hate her like a sister, too. See, I can't put this on facebook!

11-26-2010: Insomnia is going to kill me.

12-17-2010: Right now I’m pretty sick of social networking. I’m mostly inept in real life social situations. Social networks had taken that to a new level. Inept offline and online. I must admit I’m proud of the consistency of my behavior.

12-23-2010: Awesome, tetanus shot.

12-27-2010: Exhausted. And I still have a ton of things to do before I go on vacation.

03-27-2011: I have a friend that is an incredibly smart person, one of the most intelligent people I know. She’s an avid reader, too. There’s one thing, though, that caught my attention yesterday. Whenever she says “I don’t know why, but this character reminded me of you,” (the last one is Lisbeth Salander) at some point, the character is described as having Asperger’s Syndrome. I just think it’s funny :) I don’t have it and she knows it. And I don’t think she’s even conscious of it when she says it. Which makes it even funnier, because it means she sees me as extremely odd. And yet, she loves me as odd and socially awkward as I am. It’s really sweet, don’t you think?

08-02-2011: People need to chill.

08-19-2011: So many things freak me out...

08-26-2011: It’s really hard to update a “romance” story when you know you’re not a romantic person. I mean, it’s not that when I started the story I ignored the fact that I am not romantic, I knew. But maybe I wanted to believe in love back then, whereas now I kind of think it’s bullshit. I don’t know. Anyway, perhaps this is why I can’t get the story written. I guess this is an apology.

09-04-2011: How is it possible for me to have such a huge crash on a guy (with butterflies in my stomach whenever I see him and my heart racing whenever I see his name pop up in Messenger) when I don’t believe in love? How is it possible that if I don’t believe in relationships him having a girlfriend is stopping me from jumping his bones? Can someone get into my head and tell me what the hell’s going on in there? Because I’m a little confused here.

09-11-2011: If he has a girlfriend, then it's not a date. Regardless who's paying and who's offering to get you home safely. I'm just remindning me of these obvious things.

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