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Author has written 9 stories for Pokémon, and Mass Effect.

Favourite games: Mass Effect trilogy, Pokemon games, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Favourite TV shows: Xena: Warrior Princess, Legend of the Seeker, Lost Girl, Spartacus, Warehouse 13, 2 Broke Girls, Orange is the New Black

About my stories:

River's Vengeance - I had actually been really influenced by Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series involving Torak and his wolf companion, Wolf. As well as that, Princess Mononoke was also an influence and I really liked the idea of spirits in things like trees and forests in general, and rivers, etc. And thus came the structure of this one-shot. I had always wanted to write about charmander, so I picked two for this story. And a squirtle (I think Brawl contributed to my want to write about them, since I love being the squirtle in that).

Beyond the Bush - I wrote this sometime after River's Vengeance, although I couldn't tell you how far apart I wrote them. I wrote this in July/August, 2009, and I'm not entirely sure why. One of the reasons was so that I could write with a zigzagoon and some rattata, since I've always liked them, and I had never included them in stories before. I mean, they're classed as the annoying normal types of the Kanto and Hoenn regions, but I really like them, and wanted to show that any zigzagoon or rattata can be just as important as any other pokemon, despite how common they are. Plus, I just like the pokemon in general. xD
This story contains mild violence. Please be prepared for this!

Through the Eyes of a Flareon - This is on deviantART (as GoldFlareon) and Pokémon Crossroads (as Suicune's Fire) too. It's about a flareon who travels with her trainer and her best friend, Izante the leafeon, and her master. They are separated from their trainers early on in the story and have to find their ways back home. The story follows Dusty as she fights her way through difficult situations, making friends and enemies along the way. I don't really wanna ruin anything, so that's a very broad, unspecific summary. xD
This story contains mild language and violence. Please be prepared for this, although there won't be much that's distastefully gory.

Howling in the Shadows - Inspired by Hour of the Houndour (anime episode) as well as Darker Than Black's original theme song, 'Howling' by Abingdon Boys School, Howling in the Shadows is a story following a houndour and her pack life. And, unlike most of my pokemon stories, HUMANS AS WELL. *gasp* Complications unfold as she finds out things she wouldn't have imagined, and she seeks the help of humans for the first time in her life after learning never to trust them. How will she fare as things reveal themselves?

Misconduct - A random idea I got one day that I thought would be funny which came into being because I was a little disappointed that you can't have pets bigger than a space hamster aboard the Normandy. I went with it, and it was sort of a test as my first Mass Effect story. I wanted it to be funny and sort of silly, so I hope I achieved that. It's fun to write about Miranda being denied things she's used to getting. c:

Future stories that will be posted:

The Arena - Inspired by Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and its arena in the Imperial City, The Arena is based on a luxio who is captured by Roman-like people (I don't want to be historically incorrect so I'm playing it safe and doing a pokemon version of the Romans? xD) and made to battle in an arena to entertain the crowds of the city. I lost inspiration for this story for a while, but my motivation was renewed by Spartacus: Blood and Sand, which has driven me to write it since. More on this as I think up more of a plot. XD

*insert collection of Mass Effect stories here*

I always reply to reviews! :D

9/7/13 - Name changed to GoldFlareon

- Flare.

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