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Author has written 11 stories for Harry Potter, and Twilight.

Personal Info: 18 years old, girl, half Welsh half Irish, lives in Wales (even if it does have the union jack on this profile and say that country: United Kingdom)

Currently: I have finished school !!!! so waiting for my results, planning my gap year and basically having a year of fun while all my friends are going of to uni.

Attempting my Gold DofE, Attempting my Queen's Guide award. I'm not applying this year to uni, I'm taking a year out travelling around the world.


Books I'm a reader, I like books

Music - in my house you like music - my parents love music, my dad turned down going to Woodstock (yeah I know!) But my parents where there in the 60s and 70s so music is a must in my house. So lets see I like The Clash, The Cure, The Ramones and The Stone Roses, Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello, James Taylor, The Velvet Underground, The Kinks, Jazz of any type, Blondie, The Pretenders and The Rolling Stones, Iron & Wire, Dashboard Confessional, Nada Surf, Band of Horses, Train, and Tresspassers William and lots and lots morre

Films: I have a thing for Black and White Films. I love Hitchcock, The Marx Brothers - really anything in Black and White. Much to my brothers annoyance and my sisters joy I love 80's film. I love Sci-fi (shh don't tell anyone) I love gangster and cowboy films as well.

Art: My parents still know all there friends from the 60's/70's so I've grown up around artists, musicians and poets. so I like art, especially pop art and the Surrealism movement

Other Random Stuff:

For some unknown reason most of my characters religion/faith is really obvious - I've no idea why, it's not like I'm religious at all. But I have been bought up in a mixture of religions (Buddhist, Catholic and Jewish) so maybe that is why. But as a disclaimer non of religious views in my stories are my own.

I know loads of random facts (you can see that from my fics) and i am great at pub quizzes

I'm no good at Chess (one of my mates tried to teach me once - it didn't go well) but I can play Poker (i'm not bad actually)

I can memorise quotes really easily and remember them, but I can never remember my brothers name

I'm taking a gap year inbetwwen upper 6 and Uni, which my sister has already planned for me.

I have a million nicknames from loads of different people, though Ken is what people normally call me (at first because they couldn't pronouce my name - now they can but it stuck. It comes from my middlename)

According to one of my mates I should have been born a boy in the late 40's/early 50's so I could have been around in the 1960's

I like getting lost - makes life interesting

I have a habit of telling teachers that they are wrong, getting told off, then proving to them I was right. (but lets face it if you stand up and say that Martin Luther was a famous civil rights activist then expect to be told that you are wrong)

I'm a really good cook

I am currently on (RAD) Grade 6 in Ballet

I have a thing about knowing the rules and laws about things - just for the sake of knowing them

I have inherited my parents taste in friends so most of mine all play music or do art and most of them want to do it professionally

I also have a thing for knowing the correct etiquette in situations - just for the sake of knowing them

I have Dyspraxia. So sorry if sometimes my fics have parts that are wrong or if the spelling is crap - I have Phoneme-grapheme problems and I am really cack handed

So lets see, is that all of it? I think so.

Well if that is it. then I suppose it's




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If this is it, we’ll be okay reviews
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