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Greetings and Salutations

Hey everyone, my name is Anni Re. Formerly from Tennessee and Virginia, now living in Kentucky working as a mental health counselor. I have been writing with for several years and have adopted AO3 as a second site. I have loved every minute of being able to stretch my creative muscles and share in the enthusiasm of stories we love so much. Hope you enjoy my work. Hits, kudos, and conversations are always welcome.

Favorite Ships: Erik/Christine, Meg/Erik (Phantom of the Opera) Sonja/Lucian (Underworld) Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Sirius/Lily, Draco/Hermione, Severus/Lily, Hermione/Sirius, Sirius/Remus (Harry Potter) Jareth/Sarah (Labyrinth) Eric/Sookie Bill/Sookie (True Blood) Damon/Elena (Vampire Diaries) Edward Rochester/Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre) Katara/Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Magnus/Alec (Shadowhunters) Tony/Steve, Steve/Bucky (MCU)

Top Ten Favorite Books/Series

1) Harry Potter 2) Lord of the Rings 3) Mother Night 4) Jane Eyre 5) Anything written by Phillippa Gregory 6) When the Elephants Dance 7) Julie of the Wolves 8) The Book Thief 9) Frankenstein 10) Twelfth Night

Book of the Month:

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Top Ten Favorite Movies/Series

1) Atonement 2) Mystic River 3) The English Patient 4) Elizabethtown 5) The Painted Veil 6) The Grand Budapest Hotel 7) MCU franchise 8) LOTR franchise 9) Harry Potter franchise 10) Batman:Under the Red Hood

Honorable Mentions: LaLa Land, Shutter Island

Movie of the Month:

Ant Man and the Wasp


Black-Briar-Chapter 13 is up as of September 7 COMPLETE! (FINALLY)

The Children-Chapter 10 is up as of March 12 COMPLETE!

The Amnesia Years- Chapter 14 is up as of August 23 COMPLETE! (YAAAAAAAYYY!!!!)

Becoming Jean- Chapter 23 is up as of July 12.

Newest Story

Battlefield Medicine: A superfamily Steve/Tony fic with Peter as their son. I love these fics and want to write a million.

Becoming Jean News

Here is where I will be putting my update memos. As you can see there are none!!!

2/4/2013 Hey all so update on Becoming Jean. I know I haven't updated in a while and I'm so so sorry about that. I just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't abandoned the story of anything. It's taking a while because this is actually the longest chapter that I've ever written for this story. I'm about 3/4 of the way done and I'm already at 14,000 words. So that is something you can look forward to that hopefully will be worth the wait. Also, I'm in the middle of applying to a whole bunch of graduate schools since I'm graduating college in May so all of my writing projects have been put on the back burner a bit. So yeah that's it. Just thought I'd update all of you since you haven't gotten anything in a long while. Thank you all for all of your support and encouragement it means so much to me and I will try to give you a new chapter as soon as possible.

2/11/2015 Hello everyone hope you all enjoyed my update yesterday. A little housekeeping information. We are coming to the end of this arc of the story and I finally had it confirmed that the Marauder Years are from 1971-1978 which is one year off in my story now considering back when I set the date Pottermore was in its infancy and one source said one date and another source said another date. So, it doesn't affect the story thus far considering we've only been in the months of January-May however I'd like to fix this before I move forward so the timeline makes sense. I'm also going to use this to do some minor editing. Nothing major, just fix some spell checks my computer missed and change 1977 to 1978 anywhere that it says. So don't feel like you have to reread the whole story to find new plot. I just wanted to let everyone know that if you get emails saying I've updated the story but you don't see a new chapter that's what's going on. Okay thanks. Have a happy Valentine's Day everyone!


I added a small new scene in Chapter 4, "Second Time Around." Hope you enjoy it.

Hello readers!! I altered a piece of the plot in Chapter 8, "Getting to Know You." It is nothing story altering huge, but it is important enough that I strongly encourage you to reread that chapter before you read the yet to be published Chapter 18, "Goodbye, For Now.

07/13/18 I re-uploaded chapter 20 with an edit that while not super important now I'm planning to expand on later. Nothing too important, Jean just decided to purchase the entire LOTR trilogy from Mary rather than a random book I made up. There, all up to date.

Other Stuff

Hello all me again. Well I had finished writing a chapter for T.A.Y. and the document manager would not take it, well over the course of the day I tired to send in some other files even files that I knew had no previous problems to them such as Chapters from The Children and Black Briar so I was wondering if anyone else had that sort of problem. If you know what it is or how to fix it let me know. Love you all!--This got fixed yay


Amnesia Years Info: This is sort of like the information below where I explain in plain english the laws of this story--not that much to tell except this. A Wanderer is the opposite of an Unborn. An Unborn is a being that died before it was born and sent to live in the Shadowlands, a Wanderer has had their body die but not there soul, like it was previously removed before the body was destroyed which upon its destruction opens the pathway through to the Shadowlands. A soul thus becomes a Wanderer who basically has the power of speech sight and hearing. It cannot touch anything and it cannot feel anything it touches, however certain immortals such as Illa and possibly others (I havent decided as of yet) have the ability to faintly detect a tangible presence even if they dont hear them.

Update: For those of you who have been waiting months for me to finish this story, I am sooooo sorry and i commend you all for your patience. My only excuse is college is hard. Anyways, yes, I am still going to finish this story if its the last thing I do (lol) please also understand my desire to write you a good story you all enjoy. I dont want to just slapdash it out there and have you all groan at your computer screens at bad writing. Thanks love you all!

READ THIS!! I was doing a story synopsis for the The Children in order to figure out the plot for it and I came up with this. This stuff is not really crucial to the story but it may help you understand better the more stranger characters aka the council of the Shadowlands in the story this may be explained but i'll cross that bridge when I come to it and right now i don't see it happening so I'm putting it here to save me putting in an out of place conversation and it will help you understand how these characters function.

First off the obvious. They're dead. That is the reason they talk sort of strange like without telling the full meaning or not making eye contact with each other. This also enables them to talk about the war so indifferently. Without life they kind of lost passion or care for those living and their emotions that this might be a big deal. The living don't know what happens after death so they strive to live. They already know so the fear of death is lost to them. This is where Urios comes in, which will be explained later.

Also a minor note in the Shadowlands, it's devoid of time so they can summon the children in their adult form and send them to the realm of the living which is the children's past but the council's future since time makes no sense in the realm of the dead.

Now for the characters: Talia (Tal-like talon-e-uh) the i very quick- The council members have powers but the irony of the powers is that they only effect earth and its not even really a power its more like an extra sense, as in they cant activate it by will or manipulate to more than it is. Talia is the master of Time-which in lies the irony before mentioned since time is void in the land he oversees. Also this is not to be confused with the idea that he can see the future. He sees all the choices of a problem and then sees the effect of that choice until they come, in that scenario to the next problem which he cant see unless they chose to go down that particular path. This most likely will be more explained in the final chapters so I cant tell you here for the possibility of soiling the story.

Sharine (Sh-uh-like Sarah-ree-like read-n) She is the master of Sense which is kind of a vague power but has its advantages in situations in chapter one she sensed the lycans turmoil. That her power can sense intense emotions like hatred, lust, oppression and the more people who feel that emotion he more she can discern what it is. For example she cannot sense one person feeling grief for the loss of a loved one but if 100 people have that same feeling of loss she can sense it, which is where Constance comes in.

Constance (its the word constant except ance instead of ant) She sees the comings and in some cases like the unborn the goings of the dead which is why she is always staring out the window. They are shadows and no one can see them but her while they are crossing over (they are shadows while they are going to the shadowlands on the road across the plain in front of her window it helps her see who or how many died at what time before they are subjected the the laws of nonexistent time. This sight gives her the most clear picture of the world and what is going on in it like being able to see the war, a window to the world of the living helps the council in their watching.

Urios (Y-as in yuck-err- like the last r sound in error-e- long e sound-o-long o sound-s) the y sound is very heavy. He is the master of heart. He is sort of like the people's will. He is the youngest on the council so he can still remember what it is like to be alive so he voices as a general rule what the people who are living would like the council to do about their problems. This also explains why Urios is more passionate and vocal then the others because he still remembers life.

Darrius- it is exactly the same as the name. He is the master of Reason. He is the balance to Urios which is why they fight all the time when you see them and since he is the balance he is just as vocal as Urios but in the other direction to prevent the council from getting to caught up in Urios' zeal and as he put it destroy everything and unlink time.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions or would just like to comment please feel free to review and I will do my best to answer. Enjoy the story!

I would personally like to thank zrose for being my first reviewer EVER! You rock!

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