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Author has written 5 stories for Pokémon, Harry Potter, Neopets, and Teen Titans.
Name: Kira (not really)

Age: Going to befifteen in October.

Grade: I'm entering 10th grade!

Nicknames: Fishy, Toti

Pets: Four dogs (youngest to oldest), female: a English Cocker Spaniel named Fae, male: Basset Hound names Nano, Male: Daschund (wenier dog!) named Churro, Male: Miniture Poodle named Tyni.

Fave Books: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkabam, Goblet of Fire, & Order of The Pheonix, all by J.K. Rowling. Also, Island of the aunts, by Eva Ibbitson. Ransom, by Lois Duncan Silver & Girlhearts by Norma Fox Mazer. And Alot others.

Fave Movies: Spirited Away, Miyazaki. Spider-Man, I dont know. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, SPIDER MAN 2!

Fave Quote: Thy darkness shall rule, thy life will collaspe. And thee shall be left with pieces to pick up.

Harry Potter Fave Couples:
Fred and Hermione
George and Hermione
Ron and Hermione
Draco and Ginny
Harry, Ron and Hermione
Harry and someone else. anyone but Cho Chang, she is gay!

Harry Potter Fave Characters:
of course Fred Weasley
Definatly George Weasley.
Hermione Granger
I like to think of the Weasley Twins as two different people, not one same person.

Teen Titan Favorites:


Robin and Raven (PROUD member of the "TBoaF" you want to know about this, e-mail me)
Beast Boy and Starfire
Cyborg and Raven


Who else but Raven? RAVEN RULES! (so does Starfire, but not that much)

I just want to tell you most of my stories Will have the characters Louis and Aurora, I've been wanting to tell you that they aren't real people that I know, They are jus characters I Love:-)

I have become a huge fan of the Weasley Brothers (the twins mainly) and Hermione being together.

Dear Diary, I've been Abandoned;

Summary: Look through the eyes of a poor mysterious pet, starved and abandoned by an awful owner, see how she copes with this, and how she finds love in the world where she thought she would neer again find it.

Status: First Chapter just finished! Actually its and Epilogue (is that how you spell it?) but it will do for now. Not my best story, but in my eyes it is very good! Please read.

Harry Potter:
Hermione/Fred&George title most likely will be changed:

Summary: Harry and Ron have been acting peculiar lately, and have been treating Hermione very badly. What do the Weasley Twins and Daily Prophet have to do with this story?

Status: YAY TAWN IS GONE! I finished the Chapter 5, though it has not been Beta read. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

does a moon dance Tawn it gone! Tawn it gone! WOOHHOO!

The Fight
Ash and Misty COMPLETE:

Summary:When things happen and fights go to far, what does a sensitive girl do? Run of course! Now it's up to Ash to fix his mistakes and apologize to the one he loves.

Status: CoMpLeTe! Chapters will be looked over revised, re written and reposted, keep checking! New Version of chapter one, this time I gave Misty a real reason to flee from Ash!

Unknown Title
Teen Titans
COuples are MY secret.

Summary: It was a time, when they were great friends, now one has been recruited as a Titan, while the other is desperately searching for destruction... What will it all add up to?

Status: The story has been posted. The next chapter shold come soon, but will not be posted until another chapter of Needed is finished...

Latest News: I"m bored...

IM me, I love to get new friends!

Yahoo messenger: Musiqal_Aura (I'm not on their much)
MSN Messenger: (always on their) OR

b>IMPORTANT /b> Things have changed... I most likely might discontinue i> b>all /i> /b> of my stories. If you would like to read some of my poems, and possibly some short stories, visit me at

Luck to you all.

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Needed reviews
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