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Name: Murdoch (it's an alias(a character in my current screenplay):3) Actually my profile pic's supposed to be me.

Gender: Male

Birthday: November 25

Age: 18

Location: The city of Ann Arbor in the indecisive state of Michigan where it can't make up it's mind about the weather. Example: This February we had several inches of snow and it was below freezing. The next two days the temperature gets to be in the 50s! Then... the temperature goes back down to freezing. Oh how I love Michigan weather.

Education: I'm supposed to be a senior but... I found a loophole(don't you love them :3?) in my high school's credit system that allowed me to graduate this past November. Now I'm a community college student for the time being and let me tell you that college is A LOT better than high school. High school wasn't really my gig XD.

:D (likes): Philosophy, composing music (I love my guitar :3 and ask me sometime and I'll send you a sampling of my music), writing poetry/lyrics, working on my screenplay (The Ivy Collective), listening to music (Isis, Mogwai, Tool, and Tori Amos), acting (stage and voice), anime, manga, drawing, and a little gaming.

:( (things I don't really care for that much): Ignorance, those who go out of their way to hurt others, apathy, and people that feel the need to one up you all the time (-_-#)

A little about me: I am a huge daydreamer to say the least. I feel like JD from Scrubs because I tend to have inner monologues with myself. But don't let my daydreaminess(yes, I adding -ness to a word makes it even more awesome.) fool you. I'm actually pretty sharp-minded. I love art of any medium and I am a firm supporter of the arts in schools. Can you believe that schools are taking out music and art programs out of their curriculums?! Anyways I am a poet, musician, artist, lyricist, actor, and a writer. My current plans are to teach english in Japan (yes, I am well aware of the fact that I sound like a total nerd for saying that.) for a few years before pursing a university professor position. But my dream job is to be a film maker or a musician(the kind that doesn't have to live off grilled cheeses). Also being a voice actor would be totally stellar(note: If you're looking for a voice actor, let me know :).) I guess I will be writing here in the future and I hope I get to meet plenty of interesting people :).

P4=love :D (Persona 4+Azumanga Daioh=total win)

I found this on a profile here(FortunesRevolver) and I thought that this was so funny that I had to do it, let's see how many I can relate too :3.

~Remember to read everything~

Twenty-five Ways to Tell You're Obsessed With Persona 4

1. You've dyed/cut your hair Souji's, Naoto's, or Kanji's hair color/style
(Actually my hair looks very similar like Yousuke's except his is a little lighter than mine.)

2. You forced a group of people or your friends to play King's Game

(My friends are too LAME(I'll mention why later) to play King's Game)

3. You painted a perfectly good of black headphones orange just so you could claim they were "Yosukephones".
(I actually did this to my studio headphones and they actually look pretty decent)

4. You've assigned your friend's Persona 4 names because of their personalities.
(It may happen if my friends finally see the light which is Persona 4)

5. You've spent in inordinate amount of money to get a tie the right shade of yellow.
(Actually... my step-father has a tie with the right shade of yellow)

6. You've beaten the game... more than once.
(I just got done with playthrough #2(2/26) and I ALMOST maxed all commus except Temperence :(. Because of that I'm REALLY tempted to play it again. Safe to say Persona 4 is best game I've ever played. My friends beat me up(literally -_-) because I said that I believe that P4 is better than FFVII. I know what I just said is considered blasphemy and I'm going to gamer/otaku hell for it.)

7. 'If you've made a 'You know you're addicted to Persona 4 If' list.'
(someone beat me to the punchXD.)

8. You make "beary punny" remarks on a regular basis.
(All I need now is Teddie sparkles and I would be beary set :D)

9. You've cosplayed one of the characters for no reason... at all.
(I plan to hopefully when the next big con comes)

10. You stay up on purpose to see if the Midnight Channel comes on... more than once.
(I felt really stupid when my mother came in on me. But I have had multiple dreams where this has happened and I was able to go inside the tv. Least to say, it was pretty awesome >:D)

12. You believe AdachixCabbage is a canon pairing.
(Only cabbages can understand how Adachi feels. Sad isn't it?)

13. You (or your friends) have gotten paranoid because of the rain and fog.
(Someone actually dies every time these happen, but then again it's in the news about Detroit)

14. You've memorized at least fifty percent of the game script.
(I am officially a dork for doing so too XD.)

15. You’ve written more than one fanfic for the series because you didn’t feel your fan-service was met.
(VERY SOON I will. In about two days.)

16. You've memorized an entire Social Link, including Reversals and Romance options.
(Naoto’s and Kanji's. I felt bad for hurting Naoto's feelings when I told her to solve the phantom thief case herself but I saved before hand. I'm sorry ;_;.)

17. You think NaotoxRise is a canon pairing "just because you said so".
(I really don't get this pairing at all, I'm sorry. Actually... where did this pairing even come from?!)

18. You have crafted, purchased, stolen, or otherwise obtained a Kuma/Teddie plushie.
(I actually bought the social link package from amazon. It has the plushie and the bonus soundtrack (side B :3) but the XL t-shirt is two sizes too large for me.)

19. You forced a friend into cosplay your favorite pairing from the game with you... at gun-point.
(I don't think this will ever happen.)

20. You've convinced one or more of your friends to play the game and dragged them into the fandom.
(It was hard work but I had to beg the guy to RENT the game(he's too cheap of a bastard to buy it (-_-#)) I'm waiting to hear he's verdict. It's lonely not to have anyone to talk about P4 with because it's such an amazing game.)

21. You've been given a in-game nickname that even your teachers use.
(I'm waiting for my logic professor to rip on me for liking this game, she's a big Star Ocean fan.)

22. If you have named one of your teachers (appropriately or not) King Moron.
(Yes, my life drawing teacher. He is SOOO king moron. Terrible dental hygiene and not to mention he's really pervy.)

23. Someone has called you "The Insert Last Name Here Challenge."
(My cheap ass friend said this to me the day after he rented it. Admittedly it's kind of true, I haven't had a girlfriend in a while and he loves to exploit that. But I retorted saying that he's the "his last name pushover" because he gets the hots for any girl that he sees. He got angry at me for that XD.)

24. You've watched videos for the game on YouTube out of sheer boredom

25. You're walls are covered in pictures from the game
My wallpaper is this: ...does that count? Probably not.)

If any of the above statements apply to you, copy and paste this list, then bold the statements that apply to you (add comments if you wish) and put your name on this list: FortunesRevolver, TheUnseenEye(:D)

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