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Author has written 6 stories for Pokémon, Super Smash Brothers, Left 4 Dead, and Glee.

You can call me...anything but my stupid name that I made when I was 14! :) I'm 18 now, with a penchant for musical theatre and zombie flicks. I recognize that those are entirely different things, but scary stories can work in the Glee-verse! There are some similarities there that you may not realize, in both genres, horror and musical, the characters are faced with situations that truly reveal their true colours, for better or for worse. THAT is what I really enjoy, stories about average people faced with extraordinary situations and how they have to face them.

I'm a big fan of Glee, Left 4 Dead, and Pokemon. I haven't written very much, normally I just write 'fanfics' about people that I know, who are heroes in my eyes, and put them in heroic situations. Situations where I am certain they would prove me right, in their heroic actions if they were ever faced with them. On here, I have the following stories;

Bonds Of Blood

-A small town group of Canadians is caught in the ruins of an ancient Mayan civilization when the zombie epidemic is unleashed upon the world. In gas form, the virus spreads, changing everybody that it touches. Thanks to an old medicine woman, the group evades the changing, but is this a blessing or a curse? They must fight their way back to Canada, and find a way to live again.

This story is okay, but it's sort of choppy and there are some continuity and naming issues. Most of these characters were based off of real life people, which was a problem, because when I wrote the alias names, I would sometimes accidentally write the real person's name. It's reasonably tedious, and not my proudest moment. The plot is also thin, with very little character development, and backstory that exists but I never really touched on. All in all, for an easy on the brain story, this one's fine, but if you want more meat to it, don't bother with this one.

In Which Sam and Tina Bond...

-When Mr. Shuester announces to the Glee club that they are to star in a movie, the club explodes with emotions. Some scoff at the idea, claiming that if people don't like them in real life, why would they want to see giant images of them? Others, like Sam and Tina, wonder what sort of movie it will be, and when Will tells them that it'll be a documentary, they're disappointed. When the bell rings, Sam and Tina stick behind. They've never spoken, but they're drawn together by a mutual love for a terrifying genre, and a friendship is formed as they make a list of who in their club could survive a slasher flick.

This one's cute, I'm pleased with it. Basically, I had planned a story in which the Glee Club was kidnapped, and they were locked in separate rooms with only one other person, who they didn't know well. Finn was with Brittney, for example, and Rachel with Sugar. Sam was with Tina, and I had to come up with something for them to talk about. I thought they might bond over something like movies, and this scene was born. I lost interest in the story as a whole, but liked this scene so much that I turned it into a one-shot.

The Blacksmith's Apprentice

Sam Evans is the innkeeper's son. He has no memory of his parents, and no idea how he came to live at the inn. His only connection to his family lies in a note that was tied around his neck when he was left at the doorstep of the inn, stating that one day, Sam will be great. When Sam becomes the Blacksmith's Apprentice, things start looking up for him, but everything plummets once more when a strange carriage arrives in town. When Sam's friend Quinn, the baker's daughter, is chosen as a sacrifice to the King, Sam and his other friend, Brittney, must fight to save their friend. Soon, Sam finds himself on a quest around the Kingdom with a fire burning in his heart that will only go out when the wrongs of the King have been righted.

Along the way, he finds that he is not the first to be wronged by these soldiers; Blaine Anderson and Rachel Berry are two siblings who were offered up as the first sacrifices, with an interesting backstory connecting them to the royal family. Santana Lopez is a farmer's daughter who has never seen the world beyond her pastures, who lost her mother at a young age and now lives with her overbearing, anger-prone father. Finn Hudson lost his best friends and his home in one night, when the soldiers attacked, he has been on the run, waiting for a hero to come along ever since. Mercedes Jones fled a town where those who were 'different' have been locked up, tired of being one of the soldier's playthings, but it seems she can't ever escape her past and is forced to face the man who hurt her so sorely once again. Tina Cohen-Chang, the preacher's daughter, has only ever wanted to help people. The King cut off trade, the main export of her town, and she could only watch as it fell into a state of disarray and sadness. Marley Rose is the most powerful sorceress in the entire land, but she is trapped in her own world, because the King fears the day her powers are used against him. Noah Puckerman refused to aid the King and was sentenced to death for it. He was forced to flee his friends and family, and has been living in hiding for years, training and waiting until he can fight back. Kurt Hummel is sick of being trapped, just because the royal family thinks his life is wrong. He's used as a guard, to keep himself in, and when an old friend appears to him, he draws his sword, for good. Kitty Wilde lost her brother and her parents when the King slaughtered them in the night. She's lost her faith in the way the world works, and who can tell if she'll ever get it back? Quinn, Brittney and Sam are determined to help these people, and along the way, they're bound to find the secrets that hide within them as well.

If my lengthy description didn't state it, this is my favourite story. I really like it, a lot! It's still In-Progress, but I've got it all planned, and it should be good! :D Read this one, you won't regret it!

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