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Yes, I'm now unsocked. Welcome to the world of multiple personalities in ficworld.

Thanks for being patient while I took a break. You'll note that breaks on both accounts pretty much dovetailed.

Please don't ask about the pulled fics. The fics that used to be on this account will not return. I will finish out the Support Stacie commitments I made before RL got in the way and then I plan to retire from fic-writing, if not from annoying the hell out of people on Twitter. All the fics under my other ID are still on the other account, where they will stay until someone burns the place down. The only fics that will post here are the continuation of Wood, the Mr. Horrible sequel, and the Mr. Horrible outtakes (no, I did not forget about them).

Apparently "please don't ask about the pulled fics" doesn't make sense, so when I say please don't ask about them, it means please don't ask me to repost them, send them out, post them somewhere else, etc. The answer is no, to all of the above.