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Oh, dear. It seems I've been gone for quite a long time...

Recently, I've been starting out lots and lots of new fics!!!--and then I never end up posting them.

I edit them and edit them, and then forget about them and they get lost in my vault at Gringotts because I leave them there so that they're safe--

And then I find them--

And then they need more editing!!

And then I decide I don't like them after all and scrap them and start again.

I'm sorry.

Very sorry D:

I'll try to post more often now... Hey, I think Fanfiction should have a thing where you can post comments on my profile, 'cause I never actually check my inbox :$

But BUT! If you have a request on a story you really really really really want to see updated, post a review for that story that says so. That actually inspires me to write more, I PROMISE!

Anyway, I'm starting some new stories, like I said... One for Professor Layton, which I've been wanting to do for a long time, actually... and one for Harry Potter =D

I hope you like them, and I'll try to update, okay?

Thank you all :3


Name: Um... You can call me Catt, okay? Or Alice. That's technically the short form of my middle name, but I do enough rabbit chasing... or really, my friends dog, who is white, and escapes all the time... Only I can catch her! So close enough, right? Note: Alice, my character from Captive Hearts, is not a self insert. I just used the name because I was too lazy to think of another Nobody name when Calixe was already mine. Okay? :P

Age: This is here so you don't hate me for any suckish writing that may appear, but I'm 15. No stalkers please D:

Looks: I'm that crazy, freaky tall girl. Brown hair, crazy brown eyes, brown freckles, glasses, and my own sense of style. I once wore a purple t-shirt with knee length shorts and a plaid skirt over top, with a striped leg warmer on one arm with a matching glove on the other hand, and knee high socks--one striped, one argyle. With Converse. They were black with white plaid and skulls and red hearts. Yeah. Mess with me.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, guitar, randomly freaking out over nothing, being weird, painting my ring fingernails a different colour than the rest of them, trying to learn a thousand things at once, speaking four languages (english, french, latin, and japanese--should those be capitalized? Probably) and lots of other insane things.

Favourite... stuff?: I like almost everything. I automatically like things unless there is a reason to like them. Except drugs. I don't like them. They scare me 0_o But... Yeah! I mean, reasonably, right? Like, I don't like the holocaust and child slavery and AIDS and stuff, but reasonably, I like anything that is reasonable to like. And I even like evil people. Like Zant. Zant is misunderstood. But Gannondorf can kiss my... Nevermind. I think I'm off topic here. Ah, well.

FAQ: If you have a question, stick it in a review, and I'll put it here for you ]

Just so you all know, I am insane. Completely. I haven't been tested, but I know for sure that I am definitely, one hundred percent insane. Now you know.

My DeviantART is the same as this one: Exeterra. Maybe you should check it out? I don't have much up, but I'm trying to get some. Haha. I'll keep you guys posted. ]

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