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Hello. My presence here is erratic at best, but I will always come back. I always do, and I don't know why. I'm in the middle of life, so I wouldn't really put my hope up for my multi-chap WIPs. I will post the occasional oneshot though so there's that. Feel free to still message me, I'll see it eventually and reply as soon as I can.

This is my second account. This first, earlier one is from my early writer days. You know those days- the ones you never want to speak of again, the ones of mary sues and bad grammar. It’s still floating around here in

About my works: If you ask me my favorite is Ghost in the Cellar and Illusion. My works are either depressingly sad/dark or sickeningly A/H. (Actually, my fic preferences are also dark or A/H haha) You've been warned. Right now, I tend to write oneshots rather than multichaptered stories as I have difficulty actually finishing a story. And as such, I tend to read oneshots rather than multichaps too, mainly because I just sneak in fanfiction between real life and most multichaps in the Fowldom archive are of poor quality. On archives, I really wish Fowldom would modernize and start moving to ao3 and its wonderful tag system. Really I'm only still here because you guys are still here.

About my shipping: If you’ve found your way here coming from my tumblr or from my writings, you would know that I ship Howl. (Though I am now 70 percent on that pairing as compared to my 141290 percent shipping in previous years) I like to take a break from A/H once in a while and read new, different ships, as long as it's written nicely. I really wish there are more of those. If you're interested, there's a lovely Grub/Vinyaya by Kitsune Heart, an interesting Angeline/Butler by Alchemechanist and my absolute favorite Artemis/Male OC by Resurrecting Annie. I'm currently on the look out for some Beau Paradizo and Beckett or maybe Beau/Myles but it's hard to shovel through all those A/H in our fandom's archive.

About my reviews: I rarely review stories. If I do so, it’s either your story is very, very good or very, very bad that I can’t stand not telling you off. Most of my reviews are of the latter nature. If you do receive one of those, know that I mean to help you as a writer and help the fandom as a whole, not to attack or cyberbully you personally. It’s up to you if you get offended or if you use it to improve. I too used to be an incompetent writer (maybe I still am); it was the snarky, frank reviews that taught me and honed me, so I wish to return the favor to other writers. I will never be one of those reviewers who give away those hollow “Update soon, I love it!” reviews away like it’s flyers for a buy one take three promo on washing machines. I despise those reviews, but if I do give them, I do mean it and it means I think your story is really really good and your story has reduced me to a lump of feels that is incapable of literary critique.

As I spend time critiquing others’ work, I also do appreciate if other readers do it for my own work. I will always, always prefer one substantial review as opposed to a hundred “update please! Omg more”

About other things I like: I know it looks like it, but I do have other interests beside Artemis Fowl. Right now BBC Sherlock, Game of Thrones and Orphan Black are in the forefront., though I don't participate in their fandom. I like reading books too, though lately I've noticed I can no longer tolerate YA novels and characteristic 1st person narrations.

A very relevant rant from TroubleLover16’s tumblr:

Rant of A Struggling Writer

Okay…. So I like to write stories. That’s who I am. It’s what I want to do for as long as I can. I want to write novels and make people happy with my storytelling. I would never have discovered my love for writing though, if I had not started writing fanfiction. It’s been almost 4 years now and I have improved so much since I first began writing. But the thing is… I still continue to write fanfiction and while I used to get lots of comments and reviews and support, now…. I feel like I’m being ignored.

My biggest complaint is the fandom on Most of the younger fans are die hard Artemis and Holly shippers and absolutely despise Holly and Trouble. As for me… I ship both equally. And in the year before me.. the fans despised A/H, yet loved H/T. So as I’m browsing through the fandom on, I see a growing trend…. and it bothers me. In the earlier years there were wonderful stories and people reviewed and gave their opinions and advice to help the author improve. Now… I still see great stories, but there are so many stories that honestly need a little work. People review them and say: “Update soon!” and ”I love it!”Yet as I read… I see plot holes, mis-spelled words, grammar issues, and the sentence structure makes the whole thing confusing.

And then I go and read a fantastic story, like almost flawless and it just makes me smile and want to keep on reading forever. But looking over at the reviews. Maybe 1 or 2. This makes me angry. You praise the ones that you should be also helping out, giving them advice, but you ignore the ones that are excellent writers and would love to hear it. But… they don’t. So it leaves them wondering… Do people like my writing? Am I any good at writing stories? Should I continue?

I have all too much experience with this. My stories… When I started writing and I was praised… and scolded, but given advice. I improved. Changed my style until it got where it is today, and yet… I continue to improve, there is no end to my potential. But… what happens to me? I get ignored. And that… is not fun. Not at all. I see that people are reading… and they’re adding my stories to their favorites. But… What is it that they like? Do they want me to continue? Is there something I can work on? I look back to my older stories… which have tons of reviews and advice and praise… and I’m like… What happened?

I see the new authors writing and it makes me smile, because I’m glad the fandom is growing and gaining more fanfiction writers… but when I see a story that is written with poor spelling and grammar, characters that are completely not in character, and major plot holes, and it has a ton of reviews like this: “Wow! This is great! I love this story! So funny! Update!!!”

And then see a flawless story, that is just stunning…. and I’m in awe of it and just so pleased… yet it as very little reviews and are basically being ignored. It makes me sad…. Everyone should get equal attention and praise and criticism… But.. sadly, I’m afraid there is nothing I can do. And that makes me even sadder.

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