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Hallo! I've gotten a little bit better at writing stories and hopefully they are good. If not, well, that sucks for both of us now doesn't it? Haha!

Ok, so college sucks. Anyone with me? Anyway, I am not promising frequent updates because honestly, my brain is fried at the end of the day and my creativity is seriously lacking. I've just been doing a little here and there and most of them are for other people. Its easier to write stories when the prompt has already been given to you and you know what they want. So, if someone wants a one-shot, or short (and by short I mean really short) story written, then message me and we can work it all out. I am pretty much putting my other stories on temporary hiatus.

I have been giving it some thought, and I have decided that name inatimate objects is kind of strange...I understand giving a pet a name or like a toy, because it seems weird to have a stuffed animal without a name. I named my bed buddies (a stuffed bear and pig) Marco and Warren respectively. I didn't think that was all that weird. However, I have also named my guitar (which is called Til) and my car (Ramona). I didn't really think it was all that weird until I had a conversation with a friend of mine a while back and I mentioned my car, but she thought I was talking about an actual person because I said, "I think I'm gonna drive Ramona to the beach later today" and she asked me who Ramona was. It was one of those 'whaaat?' moments. Then I realized she didn't know that I named my car that. It was slighty funny until she gave me this look like I was crazy or something, and then I decided to shut up. BUT, it made me think about all the other things that I had named. Like my guitar for example. I also named my lap-top and ipod, which is also strange. In case you were wondering, my lap-top's name is Baron Von Vaderham and my ipod's name is Bubba Jr. Now your probably wondering who Bubba Sr. is, well, I there is no Bubba Sr. Just Bubba Jr. Strange right? Well, if you haven't noticed, I am a strange person and if your still reading this then I feel safe in knowing that your probably as big a weirdo as I am.

Now on to much better (and weirder most likely) things:

Has anyone ever wondered about the origins of underclothing? I have, obviously, and it is strange. Where did undergarments come from exactly? Who started this trend of wearing clothes under our clothes? Why did they feel it was neccessary? Honestly, whats the point? Its restricting and you have to go through more of a hassle to clean it all and then fold it. Its just added work for an already boring task.

Okay, so here are some of my favorite pairings:

Inuyasha-Kouga; I usually read stories where Kouga is all bad-ass and takes advantage of Inuyasha for some reason, but I don't think one is stronger than the other. Plus, Inuyasha is way too proud to just let Kouga be on top. I can totally see them duking it out each time to see who bottoms, XD.
Kouga-Ryoga; Ryoga is strong, yes, but he bawls like a baby and wears his emotions on his sleeve, so I like him as a bottom but not a weepy uke. XD
Ranma-Ryoga; Easy, Ranma beats him every time and is too arrogant to bottom.
Jacob-Paul; What's not to love? Two hot as hell guys screwing each other, I can live with that, but Jake is an alpha male, so one has to factor that in, too, but Paul is feisty.
Kankuro-Kiba; Hehe, my guilty pleasure is uke-Kankuro, but I like it either, or.
Kakuzu-Hidan; uke-Kakuzu makes my brain melt in Hidan it is XP
Kakashi-Iruka; I know there are stories with Iruka as the seme but I could never get into them, so uke-Iruka it is for me, but I hate it when he is portrayed as being all weepy because a wimpy ninja is a dead ninja, though I do like preggers-Iruka to bits. XP, gotta love the mood swings.
Jiraiya-Iruka; This pairing is sort of my guilty pleasure, I'm kind of addicted. Iruka is totally a closet perv ~_'
Loomer-Ned; I've never read an uke-Loomer story, but it kind of fascinates me considering he is a total baby lol.
Moze-Missy; I've read like two stories with this pairing but I loved them both and the pairing stuck with me. Moze is a bad ass.
Kai-Tyson; I don't like uke-Kai, he is too 'mightier than thou' and 'I'm a badass' to bottom, but I wouldn't mind reading them as equal opportunity or something. If anyone has one of those, or read one of those, ya should totally send me the title or something. Weepy uke-Tyson makes me cry T_T
Rizzo-Mac; heh, I love Miracle. Good looking guys with shower scenes...awesome. Rizzo is all mother-hen and Mac is just adorable.
Rizzo-Buzz; They're the same age, but Buzz is like a midget. Rizzo owns all! XP
Rammer-Mac; Rammer is a bad-ass, plus just look at his nick-name. OBVIOUS! Even though he is younger than everyone else, he totally pwns everyone, except Rizzo and Jimmy. XD
Luke-Percy; C'mon, Percy was always running into him and Luke wanted to totally own his ass X3.
Connor-Murphy, Sean-Norman; Yeah, incest, blah blah, but there weren't any women around and they're hot as hell. Equal opportunity is good! Plus Norman Reedus is adorable.
Vegeta-Goten; Totally random pairing and kind of another guilty pleasure, but I can't help it! Vegeta is a bad-ass and Goten is an innocent bystander...NOT! X3
Almost anyone-Yamcha; What can I say, I'm hooked on how adorable he is. It sucks that he lost out to Vegeta for Bulma but I'm not a real big fan of Bulma anyway. Yes, he is weak, but I can't help it! I like when he gets his ass owned XP.
Donny D.-S. Utivich; Heh heh, Donny has got a nice bat X3, and Smitty is the 'little man' haha. They rock.
Sokka-Zuko; I like either or, but I especially like it when Zuke gets owned by Sokka...he's pretty. XD

...Well, that is all I can think of right now. All the pairings are slash, so ya might wonder who might top/botton. Well, I like the first name as the top and the second as the bottom, but most I like either way or as an equal-type thing. I don't know, a lot of the gay/lesbian people I know are both, so I think it is better that way. Plus I don't like really girly ukes or muscle bound semes, but there are some that I just can't enjoy reading being on top/bottom. Its kind of weird, I guess.

If anyone has any stories or read any stories that feature these pairings with these specifications, don't hesitate to let me know or send me a link to another web-page! I am always up for reading more awesome stories! Plus, I would love you forever! AND, if I ever come across a story that might tickle someone's fancy, I will be sure to send a link or something!


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