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Hey my name is Abbie and i am completely obsessed with The Hunger Games, Morganville Vampires, Vampire Diaries, the Twilight saga and the Harry Potter series!! Also, I lovvvvveee the House of Night Series ;) My favourate authors include Rachel Caine, L.J Smith (she has written loads of amazing books! u seriously have to check her out!), Stephanie Meyer, P.C Cast, J.K Rowling, and loadsssss more! I am completely in love with Damon Salvatore, Ian Somerhalder, Finnick Odair, Jasper Hale, Jackson Rathbone, and (of course) Ronald Weasley! (If you dont understand these obsessions, u SERIOUSLY need to check out these books!!!) I literally am addicted to music (trust me, me and my iPod are inseperable!) and some of my favourate bands are Muse, Paramore, Porcelain and the Tramps, Faber Drive, Taylor Swift (shes not a band, but yeh... i love her!), Automatic Loveletter, Avril Lavigne, Boys Like Girls, Daughtry, Florence and the Machine, Flyleaf, Hana Pestle, Lesley Roy, The Morning Of, The Pretty Reckless, Joan Jett, Secondhand Serenade, The Runaways, YM@6, 3OH!3, and of the entire Vampire Diaries Sountrack ;D

I have wrote a couple of storys and I really hope that you ALL do enjoy them (if you dnt i am open to constructive critisim). I have read a couple of fanfiction storys (twilight and HP based, of course) and my favourate ones are the Pink Fluffy Pencil Case and Wandering Star.

Most of my friends would call me funny and always hyper but then I really cant blame them, I do seem to always look on the bright side :D

My favourate colour is green and that is probaly about it. :D

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