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Disclaimer: I do not own anything. I, nor anyone I am affiliated with, am making any revenue from the stories I post here. I don't claim ownership to anything other than my original plot ideas or original characters. My opinions and ideas do not represent the opinions and ideas belonging to anyone else other than myself. All rights belong to their respective owners, publishers, authors and artist.

I'm 19 years old.

I am sometimes polite, and sometimes very vulgar (depends on my company) and very knowledgeable about completely random, useless and irrelevant things.

Works in Progress:

The Contemplations of Haruhi Suzumiya: She may have been eccentric and hyper most of the time, but that didn't mean she didn't think about the things going on around her sometimes. (Humor/ Friendship)

This will probably be the hardest thing to write ever. And that is because it will be from Haruhi's point of view and the last I checked, I was neither a girl nor a data altering, time-plane disturbing, reality-reconstructing being . There will be heavy hints of multiple pairings (some of them one-sided), but nothing definite because this not told from an omniscient point of view.

The Marvelous Misadventures of Uzamaki Naruto and the Stories There of...: A series of Naruto / Negima crossovers, with at least 2 planned and a possible 3rd, depending on how things turn out. The first story is "Mahora Daze" and it begins from the middle of the Time Skip in Naruto and the beginning of the series in Negima and goes to the end of the Mahora Festival.

This will be fun to write. I'm going to my best to avoid the established cliches that accompany Naruto FanFics , so no abusive childhood, no evil scheming Danzo (though he will be a prick, his hearts in the right place) no Naruto-hating council, no angry mobs on October 10th (or any day), and most of all, no starting a god damn chapter describing the freaking weather.

Shin Seikei Evangelion: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I was inspired by the many great Evangelion fics as well as the Evangelion reboots. So as I wait for 3.0 to come out, I will have to make do with this Time Travel fic. I'm probably gonna face the same problems as my Haruhi fic.

The New Adventures of the Teen Titans: Description coming soon.

A story heavily influenced by the comics and the awesome animated TV show.