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Author has written 4 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Naruto.

I started my account, because I like Sonic The Hedgehog. I used to despise this site because of 2 things, my brother hogged the computer all day to read fics and then write them himself, and this site was .net, which I know is a stupid reason. Now that I went on here and read a few sonic fics I see why my brother hogged the computer. I hope you can talk to me and veiw my favorite fics. Thank you! By the way my brothers Pen Name is: donalgraeme. He likes Naruto. If you like it too, check his fics out.

I'd like to thank KAIJUFREAK on DeviantArt for doing the lineart for my avatar. I just colored her in so It could look better. I hope you all enjoys my stories.

My friends so far are- Dandielion, Soulja girl, darkness wasted, The Daily Dude, Flaz The Sundog, and Sam The Hedgehog Rules!


Midnight The Cat- She is a nomad, and a ninja.She goes to school at West Station High School(WSHS) She is best friends with Rogue and Shadow and is dating to Silver. Midnight is currently 16 years old and acts a lot older, she hangs out with her friends Sam, Maddie, Timber, and Treasure. They fight evil (mostly eggman) but she mostly goes off on her own. She loves to fight and is rambunctious, she fights with her bamboo nun-chucks. She is a cat, with white hair and red eyes. (She is my profile picture) Midnight controls Darkness.

Sam The Hedgehog-Is a blue hedgehog, who is 16 and belongs to Chaotic Peace just like Midnight, Timber, and Treasure.She goes to WSHS. Sam is the leader of the group and she fights with her Amulet of All. She is dating to Sonic and is very cocky. She controls two elements, water and fire. She changes colors based on her mood.

Timber The Wolf-Is a brown wolf, who is 16 and she fights with evryone else as well. She goes to WSHS. She is Sam's right hand women and also her biggest rival. She is dating to Knuckles and rides on a hover board. She fights with bows and arrows. She controls earth.

Treasure The Bat- She is a brown bat with black wings, she is 16 and belongs to Sam's group as well.She is at West Station High School She fights with bombs, and is dating to Shadow. She is fun-loving and very kooky. She controls air.

Maddie The Fox- She is 14 and in West Station High School, she is a fox. She is dating Tails, and looks like the girl version of him. She is very annoying, and is Sam's sister. She is in Sam's group as well. She fights with her whip. She controls lightning, and she flys with her tails.

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