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As an author I believe in freedom of speech. I will stand up for someone else when it is needed. If you want my opinion, ask. If you don't like what I have to say, well, that's what you get for asking.

As you may have noticed, I'm not around much. Yes, I'm still writing, but I see no reason to post on this site. Too much drama is going on around here and too many people think they have a right to censor other peoples writing. Seriously folks, If you are offended and are scared your 'precious babies' are going to get ideas or learn more than you want them to, monitor their computer usage. What's written on this site is probably more tame that what's on TV and what they hear in school.

Besides, your probably just jealous that you can't write as well as some people on here, or the characters are just getting laid more often/better than you are.
Seriously, that is my conclusion. I wonder if some of you were the kids that were bullied growing up, and this is your 'revenge' so to speak.


Thoughts on Twilight FanFiction:

I love stories where Emmett is Bella's older brother, but Emmett Swan? Too funny...
Does anybody else think it ridiculous that in stories that involve Bella being a Vamp, she's got all these crazy "super powers"?
And speaking about Vamp Bella, whats with the clumsiness? Vamp Bella is graceful. What's the point of being what she is if she's still clumsy?
Whats with the Bella hating her birthday and not liking gifts? I get why in the Book, She doesn't want to be that much older than her perpetually 17 year old love and she feels that anything he buys her she can't repay in kind because she doesn't have that kind of money... but if it's an all Human fic and Edward ages too... not to mention that she has a job as well to buy herself and/or someone else things... Well?
Also, my newest peeve... Insecure Bella. what the hell? It really irritates me when I read a story where she's all "Edward Cullen the Greek God, me plain Jane ugly smugly"... Grrr... Do you think in real life if a girl was like that all the freaking time that the guy would still chase after her and tell her she's the most beautiful girl ever? No! He would say, "You know what? I love you to pieces, but I can't handle your insecurity." It is a fact. Period. A once in a while "I'm having a terrible day and rolling around in mud would improve my appearances" would be fine, but every chapter is her crying and whining about being ugly and Edward is constantly trying to reassure her? Get for real. Seriously. That is more work than a high maintenance chick, and not worth the trouble. No matter how much you love someone it wears you out having to constantly reassure them.
Stories where B can't even handle a weekend without E are nerve racking. I'm sorry, but you are painting her out to be a needy co-dependent cry-ass. Every couple needs time without the other. You can't be with the person 24/7, that's just insane.
I much prefer E/B pairings. B/J and B/Em seem too incestuous to me, likewise with E/J, E/A, E/Em and E/R... Cannon, people. Cannon.
100% team Edward. BE=Forever.
Stories where E never comes back really bother me. in NM he was on the verge of going back to her when R called him, it was only a matter of time. He was just as miserable without her as she was without him.
Stories where E is the teacher and B is the student are overdone. Seriously folks. There are hundreds out there and its all the same. There are only a few I have read that actually have a decent plot line.
I know a lot of people are peeved with BD, but I say it was sheer genius. Seriously folks. Edward as a dad? How awesome is that?
As much as anyone else I would love to see Midnight Sun completed, but harassing and calling Stephenie names and whatnot are not going to get it done sooner. That is where FF comes in; write your own version of MS.

Miscellaneous Peeves:

The harassment and subsequent story pulls from some of my favorite authors really irritates me. Take the FGB auction. Those cheeka's totally rock and what they were raising money for a wonderful cause and because their stories were rated MA; shit happened. Get over it. Seriously people. I thought the Fandom was a community... I suppose not. Because of it, hundreds of people who supported these gals and the gals themselves suffer. You don't like what they have to write? DON'T READ IT.

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