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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto, and Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.

First of all, hey. How's it going?

Pretty good? Cool.

Secondly, welcome.

This is my profile, call me Resolve.

Don't let the name fool you, Resolve is not some secret codename, and I'm not some highly trained badass martial artist/assassin/ninja dude.

I'm a highly trained badass...who doesn't eat healthy and is addicted to coffee and videogames.

Also I'm lazy. And slightly antisocial. And afraid of heights.

And I don't know any more martial arts than what I learned from Power Rangers. Basically all I can do in a fight is fake falling down.

I enjoy comics, manga, videogames, all that jazz.

If it's well written, I'll give it a chance. No exceptions.

Opinions of shit:

The Naruto series went in the wrong direction. I've already seen DragonBall Z, thanks. Less powering up in one place, more strategy please.
I love DBZ, I grew up on it, but that shit just doesn't cut it with ninjas.

Out of the Big 3, One Piece is the only one that's actually gotten better. Bleach and Naruto have both gotten worse as time went by.

Megas XLR was awesome. Great parody/tribute of anime, mecha, and videogames. Awesome action. Memorable characters. Alien curse words. Many, many explosions. So Cartoon Network decided to get rid of it. Their logic escapes me.

Although CN has gained a few points back with Adventure Time and Regular Show, they disappointed me yet again by canceling Sym-Bionic Titan

Emoticons are stupid and frustrating, yet their pull on me is strong. I can feel...myself...the battle...losing...the...I feel... :)

4chan is a terrible, terrible place, yet I'm there all the time. Why? It's like cigarettes, except you don't look cool doing it, and it doesn't relieve stress.

Tomatoes ain't fruit. If they were, they wouldn't go in vegetable soup.

Enough of this. I could bitch and moan all day. It's kinda my thing.

Cool shit: Items and forms of entertainment that provide amusement, knowledge, and various other positive stimuli.

Song of Fire and Ice series
Catch 22
A Prayer for Owen Meany
Stephen King's Cell
The Dark Tower series
Grapes of Wrath
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Graphic Novels
V for Vendetta
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Batman: The Long Halloween
Kingdom Come
The Death of Superman

Yu Yu Hakusho
Trigun Maximum
Beserk (god I'm so behind)

Anime (including films)
Cromartie High School
Cowboy Bebop (;_; Spike...)
DragonBall/Z (No GT, I refuse to acknowledge its existence.)
One Piece
Death Note
Lupin the 3rd
Ghost in The Shell (movie and series)
Ninja Scroll
Fooly Cooly (Furi Curi)
08th MS Team (best Gundam ever)
Princess Mononoke (Anything else directed by Miyazaki)

Samurai Jack (;_; Lulu, sweet thing...)
Megas XLR
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Dexter's Lab
Teen Titans
Justice League Unlimited
Home Movies
Veture Brothers
Hey Arnold
Sym-Bionic Titan
Adventure Time
Regular Show

How It's Made
Scrubs (Everyone's an ass. I love it.)
Myth Busters
Conan O' Brien (I feel bad for Jimmy, as he lacks amazing hair.)
Saturday Night Live
30 Rock
Game of Thrones
Ricky Gervais Show

Hard Boiled
The Professional
Ghost Town
Legend of The Drunken Master
Hellboy 1 & 2
Green Mile
Shaun of the Dead
Monty Python films
Austin Powers

Oh hell no. I'm not typing all this out. Assume that I like the same games as you, k?
I have an Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Gamecube, and Playstation 2.
Right now I'm playing with my Wii. (Insert childish but still funny penis joke.)

Jazz- The Seatbelts, B.B. King, Chet Baker, Miles Davis
Metal- Heavy stuff, like Arch Enemy, Tool, 36 Crazyfists, etc.
Rap- Del la Soul, Danger DOOM and Cunninglynguists
No Country- Exception made for Mr. Johnny Cash

The dark nectar of the bean. My fuel. And also my urine.

Dumb shit: Shit that's like, totally dumb and stuff.

Always hating.

Horrible, especially all those generic World War II shooters. Oh yeah, the death and suffering is bad too.

I hate racists. Everything about them sickens me. I hate their religion, their culture, their food. Filthy animals.

The morning sun, as it peeks over the horizon, feeding light to a new day, and giving millions of people the hope of a better future.
Sorry, don't like it.

And now...
Something completely different!

Current stories

My first piece of fiction is a Naruto story called Keeping These Chains. It's a slight AU, with Kakashi being more reclusive and less social then he was in the anime/manga. He still hasn't completely gotten over losing his first team, and the only thing that can save him is the power of love! What a novel concept. Basically, Kakashi needs Team 7 as much as they need him. I'm putting a lot of focus on relationships and character interaction. There will be absolutely no humor at all in this story.

Edit: There totally will be.

Another Edit: It's been a while, but I plan to update soon.

My second story is Awesome Supercool Tales of Destiny. It's Adventure Time. Probably the best thing you ever read in your life, but whatever.

A Thousand Summers is a oneshot. It's also Adventure Time. Also probably the best thing etc, etc, and whatever.

I write when the mood strikes me. If I'm not having fun, I don't write. But don't fret, I'll never leave a story in the air. Some updates might be within weeks of each other, others might be months.

Future Stories

Okay, so there's this guy, right? And he's all "I'm gonna kill Naruto." but Naruto's all like, "Hell no you ain't, I'm gonna eat this devil fruit!" Then he gets stretchy arms like Luffy from One Piece. However, the bad guy is all BOOOOM!! POOOW!! and shit, and Naruto loses one of his arms. Then, for some poorly written reason, the bad guy doesn't kill him, he just leaves after about half an hour of inner monologue. Luckily for Naruto, Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist is right around the corner at the time, and after meeting Naruto for like five minutes, agrees to make a highly dangerous, highly expensive, and highly improbable auto-mail arm, that can stretch like Luffy's arms and still channel chakra. Better yet, the arm creates self-sustaining chakra that can control gravity! Because why the fuck not, right?

Well the bad guy turns up again, and Naruto is shocked to discover that the bad guy is his uncle, and his name is...Piccolo! Did I mention that this bad guy was green, had a foul disposition, and was a total badass? Well, after a hard fought battle, in which Naruto should have lost but never gave up, and in which there were many shocked faces and eyes widening, Naruto was victorious!

Piccolo revealed in his dying breath the true meaning of his battle.

"I wanted you to be strong, because you are the last hope of my world. Only you can stop Liquid Snake from taking control of Planet Namek. Take this gift...*cough* ... and use it wisely...bleh." Because people say "bleh" before they die.

Then Piccolo explodes, and Naruto is revealed wearing a black and crimson uniform with a bunch of zippers and bandages or something like that. Also he has some blade that eats darkness or blood, I'm not sure which...hmm...GOT IT! It eats Darkness blood.


Sasuke stops by to say something, but Naruto kicks his ass for some reason or other, and everyone cheers, then Naruto leaves the village to explore the universe and get to Namek to stop Liquid Snake from seizing control of the planet's nuclear facilities. But in order to get there, Naruto must first master high speed travel, and there is only one person he can learn it from... and that person... is a hedgehog... Shadow the Hedgehog...

This summer...

Naruto, the Super Fast Titan Ninja of Rubber and Metal Powers

Coming soon...

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Tales From The Enchiridion reviews
There are many tales. Some awesome. Others not so much. But every single one of them is ripe with destiny. Yes, every single one. Even that weird one with the squirrel and the hot air balloon.
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A Thousand Summers reviews
"I swear Finn, you're never gonna grow up." Jake would laugh, and then dog-pile Finn to give him a wet-willie. And as Finn catches Jake in a headlock, he replies the same way he always does. "Growin' up is for suckers!"
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These three children need a leader who can see underneath the surface. A leader who can see through their silent pleas for help. It just might be him if he pulls his nose out of his erotic novel.
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